Rescue crews search for bodies in Mount Everest avalanche -
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Rescue crews search for bodies in Mount Everest avalanche

Fox News - 18 Apr 2014
KATMANDU, Nepal – Search teams recovered a 13th body Saturday from the snow and ice covering a dangerous climbing pass on Mount Everest, where an avalanche a day earlier swept over a group of Sherpa guides in the deadliest disaster on the world's ...
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Jon Krakauer Climbs Aboard With Gersh

Deadline - 11 Dec 2018
EXCLUSIVE: Bestselling writer and mountaineer Jon Krakauer, whose 1996 book Into the Wild became the two-time Oscar-nominated film directed by Sean ...
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How Much Trash Is on Mount Everest?

Live Science - 15 Jul 2018
Mount Everest has a mountain of a problem: human waste. And not just leftover camping meals, beer and fuel cans, but human poo, too. So, how much poopy ...
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5 Secrets Of Climbing Mt. Everest

Forbes Now - 11 May 2018
Two-time Everest climber and CEO of direct-to-consumer athletic wear brand LiveOutThere, Jamie Clarke, reveals five things you never knew about climbing Mt.
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Making adventure accessible

The Kathmandu Post - 12 Dec 2018
Dec 12, 2018-. Tourism is continually promoted and generally understood as a terrain for able bodied-people. This is especially true in Nepal, where ...
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Re-measuring Mt Everest

Nepali times - 01 Aug 2018
Photo: Mark Aiston The New Zealand government is working with the Nepal government to find out if Mt Everest shrank after the 2015 earthquake, and if so by ...
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Vintage Photos of Mount Everest Climbs

National Geographic - 31 May 2018
Decades after two climbers first summited Mount Everest, mountaineers from across the globe continue to set their sights on the world's tallest peak.
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Solving Everest's mounting poop problem

CNN - 05 Aug 2018
This year, porters working on Everest schlepped 28000 pounds of human waste down to a nearby dumping site, according to the Sagarmatha Pollution Control ...
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15 amazing records set on Mount Everest

Red Bull - 22 Mar 2018
The summit of Mount Everest has been reached 8,306 times since it was first climbed 65 years ago. Here are the stories behind some of the most amazing ...

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