Review: Mudbound Tells a Purely American Story, With Our Painful History of ... -

'Mudbound' deemed top film of the year

The Columbus Dispatch - 17 Dec 2017
The health of our current film culture might best be described in terms of balance: Whereas the industry as a whole in 2017 was kept afloat by family films, superheroes and horror, critics and fans alike are searching for excellence across a wide ...

'Mudbound' tops Mark Olsen's 10 best films of 2017 - LA Times

Los Angeles Times - 15 Dec 2017
It's as if the movies answered our call. In a year that has seemed long and confusing, movies became an unexpected centering point, a beacon. As the era of “Peak TV” has toppled over on itself, cinema at least partly took back the reins of cultural ...

Mudbound Is a Stirring Epic About America's Sins

The Atlantic - 22 Nov 2017
Dee Rees's Mudbound opens in media res: Two sparring brothers, Jamie (Garrett Hedlund) and Henry McAllan (Jason Clarke), are trying to bury their father on their Mississippi farm by digging a grave during a rainstorm. The entire endeavor is tinged with ...

Mudbound: Folklore versus Phony-lore

National Review - 24 Nov 2017
'Hey, honey, let's go see that movie called 'Mudbound,'” said nobody ever. Following a predictably lauded premiere at last January's Sundance Film Festival, where indie films that take trendy social positions receive sanction, this 1940s-set drama ...

Review: Mudbound is a cinematic tour de force

Metro Weekly - 14 Dec 2017
In adapting Hillary Jordan's 2008 prize-winning novel Mudbound for the screen, Dee Rees has created a timeless piece of cinematic art. Her third feature-length film — following the semi-autobiographical debut Pariah, and the Queen Latifah HBO biopic ...

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