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Was your ballot even counted? Here's how to find out

The San Luis Obispo Tribune - 17 Nov 2018
You filled out your ballot and dropped it in the mail or delivered it yourself, but are you sure it was counted? It's possible that your ballot didn't make it to the elections office. Or, maybe there's a problem with the signature on the back of the ...
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Breaking down my AP Top 25 basketball ballot

Lynchburg News and Advance (blog) - 12 Nov 2018
11 in my ballot after the 34-point loss to Duke in Indianapolis, and then needing to rally at home to defeat the pesky Salukis from Southern Illinois. The Wildcats' schedule gets a bit easier with the next six games at home (including a matchup with ...
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Here's how to check if your vote counted in Florida

WPTV.com - 14 Nov 2018
The local canvassing board will simply compare your signature on the provisional ballot certificate with the signature on your voter registration record. If the signatures match, your provisional ballot will be counted. How do I find out if my ...
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Explaining my National League ROY ballot

NBCSports.com - 13 Nov 2018
Sympathies are relayed to those who have an extremely tight choice, as I did this season and last when I voted for MVP (I'm big in Cincinnati thanks to my Joey Votto selection). I outline specific categories, talk to opposing players and managers and ...
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Iowa election 2018: Where do I vote and what's on my ballot?

DesMoinesRegister.com - 05 Nov 2018
Now that you know where to go, see what's on your ballot before you show up. The races on the ballots vary slightly depending on where you live. Polk and Story counties provide separate sample ballots for each precinct. For Dallas and Warren counties ...
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Future Tense Newsletter: “Alexa, Cast My Ballot for Me.”

Slate Magazine - 07 Nov 2018
For the first time, users in the U.S. could get details in response to questions like “Alexa, where is my polling station?” or “Alexa, who's ahead in the Georgia governor's race?” and other key information regarding candidates, ballot measures, race ...
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BOZICH | My weekly AP college basketball Top 25 ballot

WDRB - 12 Nov 2018
Here is my Week Two ballot in the Associated Press college basketball Top 25, with minor tweaking and shuffling. 1. Duke (2-0) — If you're already tired of the Duke hype machine, I'd suggest investing your time in following esports. 2. Kansas (1-0 ...
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Who's on my ballot? Find out in three easy steps

WKBW-TV - 29 Oct 2018
BUFFALO, N.Y. (WKBW) - Ok, who else has dealt with this frustration, trying to find out the specific races and candidates appearing on your ballot? Well, fret no longer, there is now a resource that helps you figure this all out in three easy steps ...
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My AP Top 25 ballot (Week 12)

247Sports - 11 Nov 2018
I had a couple of shakeups on my ballot entering Week 12. More importantly, one thing is abundantly clear: there's not much room between the No. 12 team in the nation and the No. 25 team — and the parity outside the top 10 is abundant. The leaders ...

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