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my lai massacre

A phone call on October 22, 1969, answered by freelance investigative ...

wikipedia - 19 Mar 2018
A phone call on October 22, 1969, answered by freelance investigative journalist, Seymour Hersh, and his subsequent independent inquiry, broke the wall of silence that was surrounding the My Lai massacre. Hersh initially tried to sell the story to Life and Look magazines; both turned it down. Hersh then went to the small Washington-based Dispatch News Service, which sent it to fifty major American newspapers; thirty of them accepted it for publication. New York Times reporter Henry Kamm investigated further
my lai massacre

Tim Rowland: Scars remain from Vietnam War

Herald-Mail Media - 20 Aug 2018
But when word of the My Lai massacre leaked out in 1969, opinion on American shores probably ran 50-50. War is hell, and the North Vietnamese, we were told, were no strangers to atrocities themselves, and even used their own civilians as human bombs.
my lai massacre

'People didn't want to believe me on My Lai'

gulfnews.com - 01 Aug 2018
He made his name in 1969, with his expose of the My Lai massacre — where between 347 and 504 unarmed women, children and old men were killed, and women and girls were raped, by American troops — and the military's subsequent cover-up.
my lai massacre

Read All About It

Santa Barbara Independent - 16 Aug 2018
In this issue, find out where our Little Free Libraries are located and how to be part of that program, learn about how the Pulitzer Prize–winning reporter Seymour Hersh broke his My Lai Massacre story with the help of Santa Barbara resident and ...
my lai massacre

Can the church turn shame to hope?

Lewiston Sun Journal - 19 Aug 2018
Who took the heat for the My Lai massacre? Not the commanders in Vietnam, but Lt. William Calley and Capt. Ernest Medina. Middle managers, if you will. Who went to jail for wrecking the economy in 2007-'08 by peddling worthless documents? A handful of ...
my lai massacre

Seymour Hersh: 'The government can keep secrets'

Martha's Vineyard Times - 23 Jul 2018
Among his many accolades, Hersh won the Pulitzer Prize for international reporting in 1970 for exposing the My Lai massacre and its cover-up during the Vietnam War. Hersh ran through his career in journalism, which he began as a copy boy in Chicago.
my lai massacre

50 Years On, My Lai Massacre Remains A Gaping Wound

NPR - 16 Mar 2018
My Lai Massacre survivor Do Ba, 48, left, of Ho Chi Minh City, meets with former U.S. Army officer Lawrence Colburn, 58, right, of Canton, Ga., on the 40th anniversary of the massacre. Colburn and his fellow helicopter crew members rescued Do Ba during ...
my lai massacre

Survivors recall US massacre in My Lai

Aljazeera.com - 12 Mar 2018
As the 50th anniversary of the My Lai massacre approaches, survivors of the 1968 massacre spoke to the dpa news agency about the deaths of up to 504 civilians at the hands of US soldiers during the war in Vietnam. Although 26 US soldiers were charged ...
my lai massacre

Ernest Medina, key figure in My Lai Massacre, dies at 81

Fox News - 14 May 2018
Lt. William L. Calley Jr., who led the first platoon into My Lai, was the only one convicted of the 25 men originally charged in the massacre. In a 1988 interview with The Associated Press, Medina looked back on My Lai as a "horrendous thing" that ...
my lai massacre

The Ghosts of My Lai

Smithsonian - 05 Jan 2018
The red-haired Miami native known to friends as Rusty became the face of the massacre, which was named after one of the sub-hamlets where the killings took place, My Lai 4. His story dominated headlines, along with the Apollo 12 moon landing and the ...
my lai massacre

50 Years After The My Lai Massacre, An Opera Confronts The Past

NPR - 17 Mar 2018
One of the most horrible events of the Vietnam War took place 50 years ago this week. The story of Hugh Thompson, Jr., the American soldier who tried to stop the My Lai Massacre, has been made into an opera being performed all over the country, most ...

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