The myth of the flat Earth is the modern misconception that the... -
myth of the flat earth

GROWING OLD UNGRACEFULLY: The Myth of the Myth of the Flat Earth

Lost Coast Outpost - 18 Mar 2018
So what's with the flat Earth myth? Following Washington Irving's fable (and a couple of other lesser-known writers), the myth took hold in the years following publication of Charles Darwin's Origin of Species—that is, when there was a very real ...
myth of the flat earth

Flat Earth Theory: Neil deGrasse Tyson debunked Flat Earthers - 11 Mar 2018
Neil deGrasse Tyson, famed astrophysicist and television host, has confirmed the long held belief Earth is indeed round and not flat. Appearing online in a YouTube video posted on the StarTalk channel, Mr Tyson vented his outrage and debunked the Flat ...
myth of the flat earth

Shattering The Myth Of The 'Addicted Baby'

Above the Law - 09 Mar 2018
The other day I caught the headline about a class-action against 20 pharmaceutical companies. Nothing earth shaking there. These lawsuits are well-publicized. What caught my eye was the first nine words of the story. Words that when I see them used in ...
myth of the flat earth

Will Electric Dreams return for series two on Channel 4?

Radio Times - 19 Mar 2018
From a critical perspective, it's not too hard to see why some episodes fell flat with viewers. For every functional story (like tonight's Kill All Others) or genuinely intriguing emotional journey (like Thorne's The Commuter), there were misses like ...
myth of the flat earth

Can Christians Believe in Science and Still Believe in God?

Beliefnet - 16 Mar 2018
Another myth is that the Bible says that the sun revolves around the earth. In Ecclesiastes 1:5 it says “The sun rises, and the sun sets; then it hurries back to the place where it rises again.” The statement simply describes the motion of the sun as ...
myth of the flat earth

Christopher Columbus Never Set Out to Prove the Earth was Round

History - 06 Oct 2017
In 1492, Christopher Columbus was shocked when his ship made landfall in a land Europeans had never explored. Along the way, he proved that Earth isn't flat after all. Right? Wrong: Despite a persistent legend, neither Columbus nor his Spanish patrons ...
myth of the flat earth

'PROOF Earth is FLAT': Shock film to explode globe myth

Daily Star - 02 Dec 2017
Robbie Davidson is founder of the Flat Earth International Conference, and told Daily Star Online he wants his film Scientism Exposed 2 to make people question everything. He also explained why he thinks one piece of evidence will blow apart the globe ...
myth of the flat earth

Flat Earth Fanatic BoB Thinks Slave Ships Are A Myth Too

Hip-Hop Wired - 03 Nov 2017
B.o.B has already turned plenty of heads with his insistence and campaign that the earth is indeed flat, but now he's moved on to other conspiracy theories. Now, the Atlanta rapper is questioning the validity of slave ships by way of a new Instagram ...
myth of the flat earth

A Natural History of Flat Earthers

JSTOR Daily - 07 Dec 2017
In the Nevada desert, limousine driver and amateur rocket enthusiast “Mad” Mike Hughes has built a homemade rocket in an attempt to launch himself approximately 2000 feet in the air. Why? To prove that the Earth is flat. Leaving aside how a 2000 foot ...

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