The myth of the flat Earth is the modern misconception that the... -
myth of the flat earth

GROWING OLD UNGRACEFULLY: The Myth of the Myth of the Flat Earth

Lost Coast Outpost - 18 Mar 2018
The myth, of course, is that the spherical planet on which we live isn't. Instead it's a disk, sitting underneath a dome of sky. Beneath it's a bit of a mish-mash. The first, the very first record—ten-inch shellac—that I owned was Christopher ...
myth of the flat earth

Ocean Of Thought - 28 Jun 2018
I used to wonder about what we were taught in school, that people used to think the Earth was flat. I doubted it, actually. Why would people in the past be so much stupider than in the present? Sure, there were lots of things they hadn't learned or ...
myth of the flat earth

Christopher Columbus Never Set Out to Prove the Earth was Round

History - 06 Oct 2017
The myth of Columbus' supposed flat earth theory is tempting: It casts the explorer's intrepid journey in an even more daring light. Problem is, it's completely untrue. The legend doesn't even date from Columbus' own lifetime. Rather, it was invented ...
myth of the flat earth

Objects in Space seen on Steam and GOG

Flickering Myth - 22 Jun 2018
Indie developer Flat Earth Games have announced that their retro open world stealth action space game, Objects in Space, is now available as early access on Steam and GOG. Inspired by Cold War era submarines and their operation, Objects in Space will ...
myth of the flat earth

'PROOF Earth is FLAT': Shock film to explode globe myth

Daily Star - 02 Dec 2017
Robbie Davidson is founder of the Flat Earth International Conference, and told Daily Star Online he wants his film Scientism Exposed 2 to make people question everything. He also explained why he thinks one piece of evidence will blow apart the globe ...
myth of the flat earth

A Natural History of Flat Earthers

JSTOR Daily - 07 Dec 2017
The myth is widely held that scholars of the Renaissance believed that the Earth was flat and Columbus had to prove them wrong by sailing west to “India.” Makes a great story, except that it's categorically false. Since the dawn of recorded history ...
myth of the flat earth

What's the deal with Flat Earthers?

Pickle - 03 May 2018
The flat earth myth myth. Pythagoras gets much of the credit in the sixth century BC for concluding the Earth was a sphere. Greek philosophers Plato and Aristotle also wrote about it, as did Indian astronomers Brahmagupta and Varahamihira. So why did ...
myth of the flat earth

Flat Earth Fanatic BoB Thinks Slave Ships Are A Myth Too

Hip-Hop Wired - 03 Nov 2017
B.o.B has already turned plenty of heads with his insistence and campaign that the earth is indeed flat, but now he's moved on to other conspiracy theories. Now, the Atlanta rapper is questioning the validity of slave ships by way of a new Instagram post.
myth of the flat earth

Do You Have to Pick Between Religion or Science?

Patheos (blog) - 11 Feb 2018
Now back to the myth that “Scriptures/Religion are anti-science”. It is very true that the Christian church in the past acted against scientists (“Earth is flat” or ” the sun revolves around the earth” rather than the other way around). However the ...
myth of the flat earth

Flat wrong: the misunderstood history of flat Earth theories

The Conversation AU - 28 Jan 2016
But, if the flat Earth serves as a kind if myth or fantasy for those who believe in it, there are also myths about the flat Earth that are just as widespread. One of the most widely propagated myths in the contemporary world is the belief that Columbus ...

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