The myth of the flat Earth is the modern misconception that the... -
myth of the flat earth

Christopher Columbus Never Set Out to Prove the Earth was Round

History - 06 Oct 2017
The myth of Columbus' supposed flat earth theory is tempting: It casts the explorer's intrepid journey in an even more daring light. Problem is, it's completely untrue. The legend doesn't even date from Columbus' own lifetime. Rather, it was invented ...
myth of the flat earth

Columbus Day Is D-Day for Flat-Earth Truthers

Inverse - 09 Oct 2017
Charles Johnson, the late, longtime president of the Flat Earth Research Society, thought that many historical men of stature shared his belief that Earth is disk-shaped, with the North Pole at its center, and a 150 feet wall around its edge. Moses was ...
myth of the flat earth

Columbus Day and the Myths that Make Us

Patheos (blog) - 09 Oct 2017
Some argue that Columbus' opponents held to the “flat earth” thesis, whereas in fact they held that the world was an exceedingly large globe. The reason why many opposed Columbus's expedition was not because he denounced a flat earth view, but that ...
myth of the flat earth

Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson Busts 5 Myths at Drew

Drew Today - 06 Oct 2017
Tyson, in a talk at Drew University that playfully skewered questionable media stories about science, debunked myths about everything from the moon and Pluto to body heat and the fate of the earth. Along the way, he projected slides on a big screen ...
myth of the flat earth

The sadness of

The Outline - 10 Oct 2017
This — the theory that Saturn is the devil incarnate — is something of a minority opinion, probably more widely believed than the flat-Earth theory, and less than the hypothesis that we're ruled by shape-shifting lizards from outer space. But it has ...
myth of the flat earth

Bill Nye Calls Kyrie Irving's Flat Earth Theory 'Heartbreaking'

EcoWatch - 21 Feb 2017
Nye and his band of correspondents aim to bust myths and refute anti-scientific claims that may be espoused by politicians, religious leaders or titans of industry, according to its IMBD description. Irving's Flat Earth beliefs have been lighting up ...
myth of the flat earth

Life Noggin Creates A Video To Debunk The Flat Earth Theory

GOOD Magazine - 23 May 2017
Gravity is caused by the Earth slowly accelerating upward, so when we drop something, the planet rises up to meet it. Many flat-earthers defend their beliefs by claiming that scientists, politicians, and religious leaders have perpetrated the “myth” of ...
myth of the flat earth

Letter: Collin Peterson foe is 'heartless' Republican

Detroit Lakes Online - 22 Sep 2017
He places himself squarely in the "flat earth" camp of trickle down economics, that has kept the GOP mesmerized for decades. Even the Chicago School of Economists, where supply side economics originated, has long since admitted that Milton Friedman's ...
myth of the flat earth

Discovering Columbus

Daily Item - 02 Oct 2017
Here's a look at Columbus: the man, the myth and his place in history. This is, as they say on those tabloid-like TV ...
myth of the flat earth

A Brief History of Flat Earth Truthers

Inverse - 17 Apr 2017
Let's cut right to the chase: How the hell are flat-Earthers still a thing? How did we get to a point in today's society where a rapper without a hit in years can light up social media with a screed about how Earth is a completely flat plane, then bait ...
myth of the flat earth

At the British Museum

London Review of Books - 11 Oct 2017
A quiver of arrows hangs from the tree. The leaves, horses' heads and quiver all droop downwards giving the impression that the whole scene is sinking into the earth, drawn by the gravity of death. But the mood of this piece ...
myth of the flat earth

Even in the Middle Ages, People Didn't Think the Earth Was Flat

Newsweek - 28 Jan 2016
Russell and Gould suggest the flat-earth myth was used to demonize Christians and religion in general, and to lionize scientists. “The falsehood about the spherical earth became a colorful and unforgettable part of a larger falsehood: the falsehood of ...
myth of the flat earth

Opinion: What is truth in a post-truth world?

The Pillar - 21 Sep 2017
The students added that the idea of objective truth “is a myth” and that “white supremacy, imperialism, coloni- zation, capitalism, and the Unit- ed States of America are all of its progeny. The idea that the truth is an entity for which we must search ...

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