Senior Treasury employee charged with leaking documents related to Russia probe -
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Top New York Cases To Watch In 2019

Law360 - 01 Jan 2019
Law360 (January 1, 2019, 12:03 PM EST) -- Big cases often find their home in New York, and the coming year will be no different. President Donald Trump's ...
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How Serious is SAR Confidentiality?

Banking Exchange - 25 Oct 2018
U.S. Treasury Department Senior Advisor Faces Jail Time for Leak It's not too often that SARs advance from the BSA department to the mainstream media,...
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Blessed be the Christmas tie that binds

Jamestown Sun - 24 Dec 2018
“We're having this sales meeting to discuss the future of Ties, Inc.,” Sales Vice President Buck Stopp announced as he looked over his 8-member sales staff.
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Codebook - October 18, 2018

Axios - 18 Oct 2018
Welcome to Codebook, the cybersecurity newsletter that will withhold good *content* unless you watch Axios' new HBO show Sundays in November. Tips?
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Midterm coverage beyond Trump

Columbia Journalism Review - 19 Oct 2018
After the 2016 contest for the presidency, when many media outlets missed the rise of Donald Trump, they were left grasping for explanations. There had been ...
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Thursday, October 18, 2018

TALKERS magazine - 18 Oct 2018
Hannity to Have Limbaugh on FNC Program for Full Hour. This evening (10/18), FOX News Channel star Sean Hannity will have fellow Premiere Networks ...
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FDA approves first generic version of EpiPen

Duluth News Tribune - 16 Aug 2018
The Food and Drug Administration approved the first generic version of EpiPen on Thursday, August 16, a move that will bring new competition for the lifesaving ...
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Two people rescued after falling through ice

Duluth News Tribune - 28 Apr 2018
The St. Louis County Sheriff's Office is reminding the public to avoid walking on ice on Lake Superior, rivers and inland lakes following two incidents Saturday of ...
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WE Fest campers have varying views on fun

Duluth News Tribune - 03 Aug 2018
It was a chilly start to this year's festival but the weather gave way to a picture perfect day at WE Fest, until thunderstorms began to roll in towards dusk.
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Redskins prevail in long fight over name

Duluth News Tribune - 30 Jun 2017
The fight began nearly 25 years ago, an epic legal tussle over a single word: Redskins. But on Thursday, after protests outside NFL stadiums, vows by sports ...
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Opioid shortages afflict hospitals

Duluth News Tribune - 22 Mar 2018
Northland hospitals have been scrambling to cope with a nationwide shortage of injectable opioid painkillers. "The supply is just inconsistent," said Gina Lemke, ...
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Condo liability law loosened

Duluth News Tribune - 25 Jun 2017
A homeowners association is suing the developer, builder and manager of the Superior Vista condominiums, among others, claiming the Mesaba Avenue ...

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