NBA 2K15 review: The best gets better -
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NBA 2K15 review: The best gets better

USA TODAY - 07 Oct 2014
With NBA 2K15, developer Visual Concepts and 2K Games have delivered the full package. 2K15 is the richest game in the series to date, and its greatness lies in its versatility. There's a game mode for everyone in 2K15, the hardest part might just be ...
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'NBA 2K18' Preview: 10 Predictions For This Year's Game

Forbes - 18 Jul 2017
As I do each year, I wrote my wishlist for the game in February. Soon, we'll find out how many of those features and enhancements made it into NBA 2K18. I have compiled a list of features that I predict will make their way into this year's game. Based ...
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'NBA 2K' has a cover curse, and it's about players leaving

SB Nation - 22 Jul 2017
Sports have a history of curses: the Curse of the Billy Goat, the Curse of Lil B, the Curse of Colonel Sanders (no, really). The most notable curse for sports video game fans is the Madden curse, where an NFL player becomes a cover star for a Madden ...
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NBA 2K15 Review: Putting you in the NBA story like never before - 08 Oct 2014
In NBA 2K14, we were introduced to the first real story mode in MyCareer mode in which your self-designed MyPlayer goes through his own NBA career from start to whenever you're done playing it. 2K Sports introduced a story in which your agent was a ...
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Player ratings for every team in NBA 2K15 - 03 Oct 2014
With NBA 2K15 looking to hit stores at midnight on October 7, here are the player ratings for each team and some free agents out of the box. Zach Harper mugshot; by Zach Harper · @talkhoops; Oct 3, 2014 • 11 min read. No surprise that LeBron and Durant ...
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NBA 2K15 on PC will match the game's PS4 and Xbox One versions

Polygon - 14 Aug 2014
NBA 2K15 developer Visual Concepts is bringing its full new-generation basketball game to Windows PC this year, publisher 2K Sports announced today. "The complete NBA 2K15 experience found on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles," said 2K Sports, "will ...
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NBA 2K15 simulation: Can LeBron lead the worst in East to Finals? - 01 Jun 2015
This season thanks to LeBron (and coaching and roster changes), the Cavs were second in the East with a 53-29 record. But the question remains, can LeBron have a similar effect on other teams in the East? Thankfully there is NBA 2K15 to help us answer ...
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NBA 2K15 review: technical foul

Polygon - 23 Oct 2014
The NBA 2K series has always had strong, appealing career modes, but this is the year when playing as a single superstar overtakes the bread-and-butter franchise mode for accessibility and appeal. Straight-up novices can, after about five warm-up games ...
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NBA 2K15 Players Report Widespread Problems, Lost Progress

Kotaku - 09 Oct 2014
Last year's NBA 2K14 also suffered a bit of a rocky launch, so server outages and faulty online connections aren't surprising for some veteran fans of the popular basketball series. But part of the issue that NBA 2K15 players conveyed to me today is ...
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Meet the Brains Behind the NBA 2K18 Player Ratings

Bleacher Report - 16 Aug 2017
Stauffer, who says he "lived" on Basketball Reference as a base to create the player ratings that made up his own rosters, has been constantly tweaking his secret formula since he arrived at 2K ahead of the release of NBA 2K15. Pre-Stauffer, 2K used 20 ...

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