NBA 2K15 review: The best gets better -
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NBA 2K15 review: The best gets better

USA TODAY - 07 Oct 2014
With NBA 2K15, developer Visual Concepts and 2K Games have delivered the full package. 2K15 is the richest game in the series to date, and its greatness lies in its versatility. There's a game mode for everyone in 2K15, the hardest part might just be ...
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NBA 2K18 Producer Rob Jones Debunks NBA 2K Free Agency Curse

The Source - 18 Sep 2017
It all started in NBA 2K14 when LeBron James left the Miami Heat to return to the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2014. The following year Kevin Durant graces NBA 2K15 and goes to the Golden State Warriors in 2016. Paul George lands on NBA 2K17's cover and ...
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NBA 2K Memories

The Carolinian - 13 Sep 2017
My ratings were off the chart, and at this point I ended up playing like the man on the cover of NBA 2k15, Kevin Durant himself. I was playing against the Golden State Warriors and found myself with 50 points by the end of the game as we ended ...
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'NBA 2K18' Preview: 10 Predictions For This Year's Game

Forbes - 18 Jul 2017
Thus we saw insane shooting percentages in NBA 2K15 and 16. After an update to NBA 2K17, the numbers were more realistic, but doing away with green releases is a better solution. It appears as though that could be on the way. This video from Underrated ...
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NBA 2K15 Review: Putting you in the NBA story like never before - 08 Oct 2014
Thanks to 2K Sports, I've been able to play the game over the last few days to be able to give my thoughts on NBA 2K15 and what's stood out to me is the efforts made in order to not just give you a mode to try out but to give you a story to follow. Let ...
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'NBA 2K' has a cover curse, and it's about players leaving

SB Nation - 22 Jul 2017
Sports have a history of curses: the Curse of the Billy Goat, the Curse of Lil B, the Curse of Colonel Sanders (no, really). The most notable curse for sports video game fans is the Madden curse, where an NFL player becomes a cover star for a Madden ...
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NBA 2K15

IGN - 10 Oct 2014
By Mike Mitchell NBA 2K15 steps onto the court as the reigning champion of basketball sims, but it's a champion with an asterisk next to its name due to the extended server debacle of last year. Some of those online issues are repeated this year, which ...
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You Can Scan Your Face Into 'NBA 2K17' With Your Phone

Motherboard - 23 Sep 2016
Yes, NBA 2K15 and NBA 2K16 both had scanning options, but a player was limited to using either the Kinect camera on the Xbox One or the PlayStation camera on the PlayStation 4. Mobile devices are the new equalizer—now, everybody who purchases ...
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NBA 2K15 review: technical foul

Polygon - 23 Oct 2014
When it comes alive, NBA 2K15 is the new frontier of sports video gaming, developing role-playing elements and an online competitive/co-operative mode in ways no other licensed sports title does today. Yet that also exposes the game's greatest weakness ...
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Player ratings for every team in NBA 2K15 - 03 Oct 2014
Player ratings for every team in NBA 2K15. With NBA 2K15 looking to hit stores at midnight on October 7, here are the player ratings for each team and some free agents out of the box. Zach Harper mugshot; by Zach Harper · @talkhoops; Oct 3, 2014 • 5 ...
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NBA 2K15 simulation: Can LeBron lead the worst in East to Finals? - 01 Jun 2015
Thankfully there is NBA 2K15 to help us answer this question. Yes, a video game is not a very scientific method to predict actual results but the intelligent play that games like 2K15 have, make the game quite believable and a good source to test this ...
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Kyrie Irving and NBA 2K video game curse - 24 Jul 2017
2013: LeBron James appears on the cover of NBA 2K14, gets blown out in the Finals and leaves to go back to Cleveland. 2014: Kevin Durant appears on the cover of NBA 2K15 and, two years later, goes off to chase a ring with the Thunder's arch rival, the ...
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NBA2K Maker Gets Win In Face Scan Suit

Law360 (subscription) - 30 Jan 2017
Plaintiffs Vanessa Vigil and Roberto Vigil accused Take-Two of violating the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act, or BIPA, by capturing and storing 3-D scans of their faces for two video games, NBA 2K15 and NBA 2K16, and making their likenesses ...

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