NBA 2K15 review: The best gets better -
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NBA 2K15 review: The best gets better

USA TODAY - 07 Oct 2014
With NBA 2K15, developer Visual Concepts and 2K Games have delivered the full package. 2K15 is the richest game in the series to date, and its greatness lies in its versatility. There's a game mode for everyone in 2K15, the hardest part might just be ...
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Prettyboyfredo Net Worth 2018

Gazette Review - 14 Jul 2018
Over the next few months, his popularity increased steadily as he continued to upload new videos—most of which were NBA 2K15 related. Before long, he had earned himself a sizeable fan base on the site. In the end, it wasn't until 2016 that he started ...
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ΛεΜπρον: Rating που αγγίζει το τέλειο στο 2K19 (photo)

Eurohoops Greece - 16 Jul 2018
NBA 2K10 – Κόμπι Μπράιαντ 97. NBA 2K11 – ΛεΜπρον Τζέιμς, Ντουέιν Ουέιντ, Κόμπι Μπράιαντ 97. NBA 2K12 – ΛεΜπρον Τζέιμς 98. NBA 2K13 – ΛεΜπρον Τζέιμς 98. NBA 2K14 – ΛεΜπρον Τζέιμς 99. NBA 2K15 – ΛεΜπρον Τζέιμς 98. NBA 2K16 – ΛεΜπρον ...
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'NBA 2K15' face scans create mutant horrors

CNN - 07 Oct 2014
(CNN) -- With Halloween just a few weeks away, "NBA 2K15" is here with a whole new set of mutant horrors to populate your nightmares. On Tuesday, the latest entry in 2K's massively popular pro basketball video-game series was released to rave reviews ...
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NBA 2K15 Review

IGN - 10 Oct 2014
Just like in the real NBA, Tim Duncan will hug the ball before each game, Dwayne Wade will do pull ups on the rim, and Kobe will complain when he thinks he got fouled. 2K has paid great attention to detail, and it pays off. 2K15 reuses last year's ...
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NBA 2K15 Players Report Widespread Problems, Lost Progress

Kotaku - 09 Oct 2014
NBA 2K15 has gotten off to a shaky start. Since the game launched two days ago, players have been reporting ongoing problems with many different aspects of the game's performance—everything from the stability of its online multiplayer to losing ...
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Player ratings for every team in NBA 2K15 - 03 Oct 2014
One of the biggest parts of basketball culture is the NBA 2K series from 2K Sports. You can create your own player and take him through a career, take the reins of the general manager position of any team and build a dynasty, play against historical ...
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The NBA2K Evolution of Rudy Gobert

SLC Dunk - 25 Aug 2017
Every summer the NBA 2K franchise updates their player profiles and ratings. And every summer Utah Jazz players are underrated. Perhaps no one understands this better than All-NBA center Rudy Gobert. Since his first year in the league, the 2K version ...
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NBA 2K15 review: technical foul

Polygon - 23 Oct 2014
When it comes alive, NBA 2K15 is the new frontier of sports video gaming, developing role-playing elements and an online competitive/co-operative mode in ways no other licensed sports title does today. Yet that also exposes the game's greatest weakness ...
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NBA 2K15 simulation: Can LeBron lead the worst in East to Finals? - 01 Jun 2015
Thankfully there is NBA 2K15 to help us answer this question. Yes, a video game is not a very scientific method to predict actual results but the intelligent play that games like 2K15 have, make the game quite believable and a good source to test this ...

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