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Eliminated from the NCAA Tournament, Then Off to the NHL

New York Times - 03 Apr 2018
The N.C.A.A. men's hockey tournament was whittled down to the final four teams last week, but some of most furious action occurred after teams were eliminated. Within 48 hours of losing in the Northeast Regional, the junior forwards Adam Gaudette of ...
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NKU an NCAA Tournament bracket buster? CBS Sports thinks so

Cincinnati.com - 20 Oct 2018
If Northern Kentucky returns to the NCAA Tournament, the Norse could be a bracket buster, according to CBS Sports. In a story published Friday by CBS' Kyle Boone, he listed "11 potential Cinderella squads who could surprise in 2019 NCAA Tournament.".
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The 44 teams that have never made the NCAA tournament

NCAA.com - 17 Oct 2018
Since the NCAA tournament started in 1939, there have been 3,293 total spots available. But of the 353 teams currently in Division I, 44 have never made the field. Two of those teams have a pretty valid excuse. Both North Alabama (ASUN) and California ...
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The best NCAA tournament runs by a First Four team

NCAA.com - 10 Oct 2018
In each year of the First Four's existence, one team from the First Four — and one team only — has advanced past the first round of the NCAA tournament. To be fair, half of the teams that make it out of the First Four are 16-seeds, but as UMBC showed ...
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CBS: Arizona won't make it back to NCAA Tournament in 2019

Arizona Desert Swarm - 12 Oct 2018
Arizona and Wichita State were the two highest seeds in the NCAA Tournament last season to garner the distinction, both claiming No. 4 seeds in 2018. Arizona was picked to finish fourth in the Pac-12, its lowest preseason conference ranking since 2009-10.
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The best conferences in NCAA tournament play since 1985

NCAA.com - 05 Oct 2018
It's the only guaranteed way to play in the NCAA tournament: Win your conference, and you're in. But once March Madness starts, very rarely do we see intra-conference matchups. Instead, we get the best teams from each conference squaring off. So, which ...
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The NCAA tournament First Four | The ultimate guide

NCAA.com - 10 Oct 2018
In 1999, the Mountain West Conference was added to Division I. In its second season, 2000-2001, the conference received an automatic bid for the first time, bumping the total number of automatic qualifiers in the NCAA tournament to 31, and the total ...
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'Set the tone': How Nebraska plans to make the NCAA Tournament

The Athletic - 12 Oct 2018
ROSEMONT, Ill. — The ankle sprain, suffered during a workout in Chicago, was altogether not that big of a deal. It was, however, bad enough and poorly timed enough to prevent Glynn Watson Jr. from doing much on the court once he returned to Nebraska's ...
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Gonzaga's Final Hurdle To Cross

The Slipper Still Fits - 20 Oct 2018
Barring some really ugly losses, a top-3 seed in the NCAA Tournament seems pretty realistic considering that Gonzaga will likely start the season ranked in the Top-5, with plenty of opportunities to boost its tournament resume. With the hype already ...

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