How did Nelson Mandela survive 27 years in prison? A new collection of letters ... -
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Notes from Underground | by Howard W. French

The New York Review of Books - 17 Jan 2019
In a speech he gave after his release from prison in 1990, Nelson Mandela described the triumph of the South African anti-apartheid struggle he had done so ...
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Nelson Mandela musical comes to Auckland - 13 Jan 2019
A former Aucklander and ex-pat South African will star in a musical celebration of Nelson Mandela's life, on its way to Auckland this month. Mandela's life is a ...
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Job cuts at Nelson Mandela Bay Tourism

Algoa FM - 18 Jan 2019
Nelson Mandela Bay Tourism is set to retrench the majority of its staff members. The tourism agency's chairperson, Buli Ngomane, said on Friday that after ...
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Nelson Mandela's Lasting Image

JSTOR Daily - 22 Dec 2018
Since his death in 2013, Nelson Mandela has achieved icon status. Why is his image so ubiquitous, reproduced everywhere from tourist kitsch to high art?
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WANTED | Do you know these people?

HeraldLIVE - 18 Jan 2019
Nelson Mandela Bay police are appealing to you to keep your eyes peeled for a number of suspected criminals, some of whom have evaded police for years.
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Leaders must be exemplary to motivate youth

Kathorus Mail - 20 Jan 2019
But I have since changed my mind and I don't want to have anything to do with politics anymore because I fear I will change from the person I am into someone ...
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Tracy Chapman: Tracy Chapman | Review

Pitchfork - 20 Jan 2019
Each Sunday, Pitchfork takes an in-depth look at a significant album from the past, and any record not in our archives is eligible. Today, we revisit a folk classic ...
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Exhibiting versatility of visual arts

The Herald - 21 Jan 2019
Kundai Marunya Arts Correspondent Visual art has always been part of our story as a people. Dating back to rock painting, stone sculptures of the famous ...
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The costly lie - 20 Jan 2019
The biggest lie last week was that the violence in urban areas were protests over fuel prices in particular and living costs in general, when in fact the protests ...
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What Mandela Lost

The New York Times - 06 Jul 2018
The South African freedom fighter's letters from prison remind us that the separation of families is the ultimate expression of state power.
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40 Keys to Personal Success

Thrive Global - 20 Jan 2019
Here are my thoughts on how to become more successful and enjoy life. There are 40 keys I have identified and we all do well in some areas and we can ...
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Nelson Mandela’s Stolen Spoon

The New York Times - 27 Jul 2018
Thank you, Madiba, for pardoning my family, me, the whites of South Africa. You're 100, so let's celebrate your example.
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How to Store Data Along Memory Lane

The Wall Street Journal - 18 Jan 2019
Inspired by a relative's Alzheimer's, Nelson Dellis learned 10000 digits of pi and found ways of making memorization creative and entertaining.
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Frustrated goalkeeper quits football

Citizen - 18 Jan 2019
Harold Ndlovu of Polokwane City during the Absa Premiership match between Chippa United and Polokwane City at Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium on ...
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Laws and land dispossession

University of Cape Town News - 18 Jan 2019
On the first day of his five-day UCT Summer School course, Professor Lungisile Ntsebeza painted a grim picture of how laws were used to enable land ...

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