Nintendo Unveils New 3DS Handheld in Japan With Second Analog Stick -
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Get your Mario Kart nostalgia on with the 3DS XL Super NES Edition

Digital Trends - 09 Aug 2018
The Nintendo New 3DS XL SNES Edition is currently available for $150 from Amazon, or $50 off its normal $200 MSRP. This is the same price as the standard 2DS XL (which lacks stereoscopic 3D functionality), so this limited-time offer is the best way to ...
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The Great Super NES New Nintendo 3DS XL Deal Is Back at Amazon

IGN - 07 Aug 2018
One of the best deals of Amazon Prime Day 2018 was the $149 Super NES New Nintendo 3DS XL. Not only did it have a great price for (arguably) the best handheld system of all time, it also has that excellent Super NES design, and comes with a download ...
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Nintendo Switch discounts, VR sales and more gaming deals

Polygon - 19 Aug 2018
Nintendo Switch + Labo bundle at Walmart starting at $339 (usually $369). New Nintendo 3DS XL SNES Edition at Amazon for $149.99 (usually $199.99). Marvel Powers United VR Special Edition Oculus Rift + Touch at Best Buy for $349 (usually $399).
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Releasing Cool New Games On 3DS Is Such A Waste

Kotaku - 06 Aug 2018
There's no finicky clamshell or crevasses full of dust, and there's no need to worry whether you have the 2DS or New 3DS or New Mega-3DS Plus—it's just a Switch. That's not to mention the bulging library, which is already full of incredible ...
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Persona Q2 Gets 3DS Release Date in Japan, New Details

IGN - 05 Aug 2018
The original Persona Q came to 3DS in 2014. In addition to featuring the Persona 3 and Persona 4 casts and brand-new characters, it used Etrian Odyssey-style dungeon exploration as well as turn-based battles. For more, read IGN's Persona Q: Shadow of ...
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Get out your Nintendo 3DS for this week's Nintendo eShop update

Polygon - 02 Aug 2018
But the Nintendo 3DS is still out there, scratching and surviving, and this week's set of new releases is a reminder of the handheld's persistence. WarioWare Gold is the first entry in the series since 2013's lackluster Game and Wario for Wii U. It's ...
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The Best Nintendo Switch And 3DS Eshop Deals This Week (US Only)

GameSpot - 16 Aug 2018
Unlike Sony and Microsoft, Nintendo has no official weekly sale that begins and ends at pre-determined times. That said, Thursdays tend to be when the most game deals appear for Nintendo Switch and 3DS. This week finds a few new notable discounts, plus ...
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The 25 best Nintendo 3DS games

WKOW - 23 Jul 2018
You can totally play as a cat, with special gear and quest lines only available to the four-legged, furry creatures in “Prowler” mode. Should you own the “New 3DS” with a built-in C-stick and extra shoulder buttons, you'll be able to control the action ...
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New releases and eShop discounts (week 33)

N-Europe - 19 Aug 2018
Game description: 2064: Read Only Memories INTEGRAL fuses old and new: a classic-style adventure game with lush pixel art and catchy electronic soundtrack, but which explores modern-day issues of individuality, freedom, and identity. Explore a colorful ...
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The Top 10 Best-Selling Nintendo 3DS Games (As Of June 2018)

Nintendo Life - 01 Aug 2018
And, I didn't really expect the remakes of Zelda games to top the biggest new first party games on 3DS, but it would have been nice if A Link Between Worlds had made the list. Although I expect the kind fugly art style put off quite a lot of people. If ...

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