The "New Cult Awareness Network" (NCAN, often referred to as si... -
new cult awareness network

The "New Cult Awareness Network" (NCAN, often referred to as si...

wikipedia - 07 Nov 2016
The "New Cult Awareness Network" (NCAN, often referred to as simply the "Cult Awareness Network", though other than inheriting the name, it is unrelated to that older group) is an organization that provides information about cults, and is owned and operated by associates of the Church of Scientology, itself categorized in many countries as a cult. It was formed in 1996, with the name purchased from the now defunct Cult Awareness Network, an organization that provided information on groups it c
new cult awareness network

Feature: The Real Wizard: A Nintendo World Champion's Tale

Nintendo Life - 23 Jun 2018
It's like a story right out of Hollywood, and it's easy to draw parallels with the cult 1989 Fred Savage flick The Wizard, save for the fact that unlike the traumatised Jimmy Woods, Hansen's upbringing was – in comparison – relatively idyllic. "Much of ...
new cult awareness network

Can You Believe? An Oral History Of 'Queer Eye'

HuffPost - 20 Jun 2018
Sure, we've achieved LGBTQ milestones since “Queer Eye” first aired ― marriage equality, more gender-neutral bathrooms, the end of “don't ask, don't tell,” the rise in transgender awareness ― but that does not mean America standardizes equality. The ...
new cult awareness network

The 25 most innovative CMOs in the world in 2018

Business Insider - 18 Jun 2018
Today, chief marketing officers play a far more active role in the C-suite than ever before. They don business hats in the boardroom, chart out innovation strategies and ways to integrate technology at scale, and drive measurable results. With ...
new cult awareness network

Queer Eye's Fab 5: How the boys got to where they are

BBC News - 14 Jun 2018
He moved to New York in 2003 and built his profile within the homeware sector, working for outlets such as Bed Bath & Beyond and Portico Home + Spa. The designer created his own self-titled brand in 2006, which is described as "epitomizing hip ...
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Anthony Bourdain: He didn't set out to be a celebrity (blog) - 08 Jun 2018
In what he calls a “moment of marijuana-induced hubris,” he dashed off a short story — a dark and dishy insider's tale of the restaurant business — to the New Yorker, which published it under the headline, “Don't Eat Before Reading This. ” ...
new cult awareness network

Why LGBT-Centered TV Is Stuck in the Past

Vanity Fair - 30 May 2018
Showtime's Queer as Folk was an overlooked cult favorite that ended in 2005, while the network's The L Word (2004–2009) gradually became a love-to-hate pastiche of itself. The moribund Logo network had the ensemble series Noah's Arc, notably featuring ...
new cult awareness network

Where are the good new TV shows about theatre?

The Stage - 25 May 2018
That said, it aired on a fledgling cable network in the US and remains unknown to many more than a decade after it aired, despite slowly earning cult status in the theatre community, akin to that afforded to the film Waiting for Guffman. ...
new cult awareness network

Why the Idea of Building a Hindu Dham in Cambodia Is Problematic

The Wire - 16 Jun 2018
Its chief proponents perceive this enterprise as a 'cultural investment', an apt way to promote Hinduism beyond India, to revitalise historical links between South and Southeast Asian nations, and to encourage trans-Asian pilgrim networks. Ceremonious ...
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The Next Phase of the Blockchain Revolution

PR Newswire (press release) - 04 Jun 2018
With an in-house innovation incubator, BLOC intends to provide resources to maximize the potential of new blockchain technologies and propel their growth. This has the potential to put them at the very heart of the next blockchain revolution. And, they ...
new cult awareness network

Melbourne ISP launches NBN challenger in Queensland

ARNnet - 29 May 2018
The service was launched in April and it is planned to have extensions added to the New South Wales towns of Boggabilla, Mungindi, Boomi and Moree and the Queensland towns of Callandoon and Toobeah. Binary Networks CEO Michael Diamond has told ...
new cult awareness network

Inside a Secretive Group Where Women Are Branded

New York Times - 17 Oct 2017
In July, Ms. Edmondson filed a complaint with the New York State Department of Health against Danielle Roberts, a licensed osteopath and follower of Mr. Raniere, who performed the branding, according to Ms. Edmondson and another woman. In a letter, the ...
new cult awareness network

Lifetime Greenlights R. Kelly Abuse Cult Movie, Docu-Series

Variety - 07 May 2018
The projects are part of Lifetime's re-launched Stop Violence Against Women campaign, in which the network is partnering with organizations to spread awareness, empower women, provide healing tools and support for women in need of assistance. The ...

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