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Redskins history aside, 6-3 teams usually make the NFL playoffs

Washington Times - 14 Nov 2018
The math is on the Redskins' side. The NFL season is far from over. But at 6-3 with a full two-game lead in the NFC East heading into Week 11, there's an increasing consensus around the league that the Redskins will be in the playoffs. ABC's ...
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2018 NFL playoff picture through Week 10

Touchdown Wire - 12 Nov 2018
New Orleans, which drubbed the Bengals, 51-14, look like a juggernaut right now. The Saints could move up to the top spot in the playoff standings if they can beat Philadelphia this week and the Rams lose to the powerhouse Chiefs. 3. Chicago Bears (6-3).
nfl playoffs

'Skins scoop: NFL playoff picture through Week 10

wtkr.com - 13 Nov 2018
NEW YORK – Through 10 weeks of the 17-week NFL season, no team has been eliminated from playoff contention nor clinched a postseason berth. If the playoffs started tomorrow (spoiler alert: they don't), the Redskins – as NFC East division champions, ...
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Updated NFL playoff picture: Patriots lose, Steelers move up

FanSided - 11 Nov 2018
In back-to-back weeks, the New Orleans Saints have made a strong case for being the NFL's most dangerous team, even if they weren't able to get a boost from Dez Bryant, who suffered a tragic injury on the practice field before ever suiting up. After ...
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Targeting Defenses for the Fantasy Football Playoffs

Sports Illustrated - 14 Nov 2018
In other words, it's time to put those spots to use in ways that could pay big dividends in the playoffs. Specifically, it's time to hunt for defenses with weak schedules the rest of the way, especially in Weeks 14 through 16, the fantasy football ...

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