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Nightcrawler (2014)

Entertainment Weekly - 31 Oct 2014
He decides then and there to become a ''nightcrawler.'' The first half of the film chronicles Lou's baptism into the profession—how he goes from an ambulance-chasing wannabe to a fearless camcorder-wielding Weegee. Gilroy's ace cinematographer, Robert ...
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'Venom' Review: This Mess of a Marvel Supervillain Movie Bites

Rolling Stone - 03 Oct 2018
If that doesn't send you into a snooze, wait till to see what this movie does to Ahmed. This brilliant actor (Nightcrawler, The Night Of) can't do a thing with the villainous Carlton Drake, a billionaire entrepreneur who's obsessed with melding aliens ...
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20 actors you know who star in Heartland movies

Indianapolis Star - 12 Oct 2018
Among more than 100 independent movies that make up this year's Heartland Film Festival, it's easy to find household names in on-screen roles. Scheduled Oct. 11-21, the 27th annual event will ...
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Review: 'Sisters Brothers' is a slow but worthwhile western

Houston Chronicle - 26 Sep 2018
Gyllenhaal and Ahmed are no strangers to being in the same movie — they starred in the hauntingly creepy “Nightcrawler” back in 2014 — and they work well together again as cat and mouse on horseback. And Phoenix can do the brooding hothead better ...
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Riz Ahmed explores grey area in Marvel film Venom

The West Australian - 09 Oct 2018
For Ahmed, this is the second big action movie for him, but he also has worked on small films like Nightcrawler. He says the size of the production does not change how he approaches each role. “Each character belongs in their own world with their own ...
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A Venomous Review of Venom

The Chicago Maroon - 16 Oct 2018
Tom Hardy (Mad Max: Fury Road, The Revenant) plays reporter Eddie Brock, who loses his job, fiancée (Michelle Williams, Manchester by the Sea), and apartment after digging too deep in an interview with big-bad businessman Carlton Drake (Riz Ahmed ...
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Venom Is Proof Not Every Comic Book Character Deserves a Movie - 05 Oct 2018
Eddie Brock is an unsympathetic gotcha journalist who seemingly aspires to be a Jake-Gyllenhaal-in-Nightcrawler type, but he's more like a SoCal TMZ bro with a camera than an investigative reporter. He has some unknown grudge against the Life ...
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9 scary movies that are surprisingly sexy

Mashable - 16 Oct 2018
From Laura Dern monologuing about birds to Dennis Hopper crying like a baby, the various character portrayals of Blue Velvet do not seem like they could possibly come from the same movie. But they ...
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20 X-Men Fan Castings Better Than What We Got

Screen Rant - 06 Oct 2018
Even in the current comic book movie climate, the X-Men franchise is unique, as it is the only major franchise of this type to have never done a complete reboot. These reboots are common, after all. The Amazing ...
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'Dark Phoenix': Is Mystique Going to Die? - 28 Sep 2018
The just-released Dark Phoenix first trailer seems to mark Jennifer Lawrence's blue-skinned X-Man for death. As telepathic mutant Jean Grey (Sophie Turner) finds herself seduced and corrupted by the all-powerful Phoenix Force, she makes herself an ...
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Nightcrawler Director's Netflix Movie Casts John Malkovich & More

Screen Rant - 12 Mar 2018
The streaming network will be expecting big things, as writer/director Gilroy's previous collaboration on 2014's Nightcrawler with Gyllenhaal and Russo earned him an Oscar nomination for Best Original Screenplay. His script for monster movie reboot ...

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