Box office update: 'No Good Deed' outpaces 'Dolphin Tale 2' -
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Box office update: 'No Good Deed' outpaces 'Dolphin Tale 2'

Entertainment Weekly - 11 Sep 2014
A heartfelt tale about a dolphin and the humans who cared for it proved no match for Idris Elba at the box office Friday—even if he's playing a psychotic escaped con out to terrorize Taraji P. Henson. Of course, No Good Deed and Dolphin Tale 2 aren't ...
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No good deed … Region of Peel water/sewer line repair

Brampton Guardian - 17 Aug 2017
Some folks like to quip “no good deed goes unpunished" because it reflects their sardonic and cynical approach to good works. They see unintended dire results coming from good works. For others, the phrase means something different … that beneficial ...
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No Good Deed by John Niven review – friends reunited

The Guardian - 20 Jul 2017
He's a funny writer, John Niven. Not funny peculiar: funny ha ha. Properly funny, in a scabrous and scatological sort of way, and in his latest book he doesn't disappoint. It's a big, comic tableau, painted in bright, broad shades with plenty of ...
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Book review: No Good Deed, by John Niven

The Scotsman - 03 Aug 2017
About a third of the way through this book, in the middle of a scene of snort-in-public comic excellence, I realised I was going to have a hard time trying to enjoy what was coming next. By this point in the story, John Niven's flawed but likeable ...
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My epic quest to find solar eclipse glasses - 17 Aug 2017
The bad news was there were no glasses to be had. I was starting to feel concerned that I was going to be that sad person watching the solar eclipse live streaming on TV when I decided to call my optical store. They had ordered 50 pairs. Using my “I'm ...
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Men's social club does 'two-fer' good deed

Sonoma West - 15 Aug 2017
An informal but decades-old mens' social group has done a double-whammy good deed, passing the hat and benefiting two local needs with a donation. The Chip Lyeth Paper Group ...
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Taraji P. Henson: Fighting the Good Fight for What Is Right

Black Press USA - 14 Aug 2017
Other movies Henson is known for include “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button,” “Hustle & Flow” and “No Good Deed.” As impressive as she is in her field, Henson is just as respected for the moves she is making when she is not on camera. In 2016 Henson ...
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Female stunt driver dies on Vancouver set of 'Deadpool 2'

Malay Mail Online - 15 Aug 2017
Video screenshot of 'Deadpool: No Good Deed'. — AFP pic VANCOUVER, Aug 15 — A female stunt driver has died on the set of 20th Century Fox's superhero movie Deadpool 2 in downtown Vancouver during the filming of a stunt on a motorcycle, police ...
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Can Silicon Valley Disrupt Its Neo-Nazi Problem?

Vanity Fair - 17 Aug 2017
No one should have that power.” Now before you go and give Prince credit for what seems like a good deed, in May ProPublica wrote about Cloudflare, and found that it not only helped protect neo-Nazi sites online for months, but that it also passed ...
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Burnsville Police Officer's Good Deed Caught On Camera

CBS Minnesota / WCCO - 14 Aug 2017
Burnsville Police Officer's Good Deed Caught On Camera. Normally security cameras are installed to catch bad or illegal acts. But a couple in Burnsville caught something else on their camera, Molly Rosenblatt reports (1:43). WCCO 4 News At 6 – Aug.
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Deadpool 2 Director Plays Coy About Spider-Man Fan Theory

Screen Rant - 28 Jul 2017
We don't know what effects “No Good Deed” will have on Deadpool 2 – if any at all – but expect to find out when the Merc with a Mouth returns to theaters next year. With Deadpool and Spider-Man sharing a long and complicated friendship over their ...
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Police investigating good deed gone wrong

The North Bay Nugget - 15 Aug 2017
Nicole Driscoll, an investigator with the OSPCA, said there is an ongoing investigation and they are working with the owner of the business and his family to resolve the issue. “From our observations, (the two cats) appear to be in good body condition ...

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