Box office update: 'No Good Deed' outpaces 'Dolphin Tale 2' -
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Box office update: 'No Good Deed' outpaces 'Dolphin Tale 2'

Entertainment Weekly - 11 Sep 2014
A heartfelt tale about a dolphin and the humans who cared for it proved no match for Idris Elba at the box office Friday—even if he's playing a psychotic escaped con out to terrorize Taraji P. Henson. Of course, No Good Deed and Dolphin Tale 2 aren't ...
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No Good Deed: Vandals Target SoMa Mural

Hoodline - 19 Apr 2018
Nancy Ellen just wanted to do something positive for her neighborhood. A Rincon Hill resident since 1989, Ellen has long rallied to beautify and improve the area. So when she met a woman at an event in February who offered to paint a mural worth $10 ...
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No good deed goes unpunished

Computerworld - 11 Apr 2018
Pilot fish handles anything that has to do with computers for this family-run business, which provides business services for large public events -- one of which has a large problem. "Days before a big ticketed event, I got a memo from a co-worker that ...
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No good deed: Punishing Apple's Battery Health indicator

Macworld - 03 Apr 2018
Good to know. You know, they don't let the Macalope write about the thing he obsessively worries about. He keeps asking but they say, no, it's not good policy to have someone who is so obsessively worried about something write about it because the ...
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Laid-back and upbeat: Is the Jensen's era about to end?

Florida Weekly - 25 Apr 2018
“They are really fine men who have done incredible good work.” “The Jensens just add so much local flavor,” said Captiva businesswoman Sandy Stilwell, who owns an inn and several restaurants on the island. “They're just fun people. They're casual and ...
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The Terror plays a song of ice and fire

AV Club - 24 Apr 2018
The thrust of his knife saves nearly every man left alive, but it kills Dr. McDonald, who was pressed against the canvas on the other side McDonald was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time, and there's guilt and sadness as well as fear of ...
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Romney heckles Russell Westbrook at NBA playoffs

CNN - 24 Apr 2018
Westbrook ultimately did not foul out, but the Thunder lost the game and now face elimination as Utah leads the series three games to one. The former Massachusetts governor and GOP presidential nominee sported a No. 5 Jazz jersey with his name atop his ...
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[EWB Interview] Pusić: Croatia part of the region, cooperation important

European Western Balkans (press release) - 24 Apr 2018
However, according to the well-known saying “no good deed goes unpunished”, a good idea will not pass without great, powerful and serious enemies. So this idea of cooperation at the European level also has a whole range of enemies, including in its own ...
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The Simpsons Responds to Apu Criticism: "Don't Have a Cow"

TV Guide - 09 Apr 2018
The Simpsons has finally addressed the controversy surrounding one of its most iconic characters. Hari Kondabolu's 2017 documentary The Problem With Apu criticized the show for perpetuating negative stereotypes of South Asians through Apu ...
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God's word on Sunday: We can always count on Good Shepherd

The Catholic Register - 21 Apr 2018
As the saying goes, no good deed goes unpunished. Peter had been arrested for healing a crippled man in the name of Jesus. The temple authorities demanded to know by what power he worked healing miracles. They were not satisfied that a good deed had ...
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Good Deed: Care of hospital staff makes overnight stay easier to bear

The State Journal-Register - 21 Apr 2018
Smiling, happy-to-be-at-work guards who got me water, brought medicine and often asked how I was feeling. No amount of detaching of tiny monitors, pressing call buttons by accident, demands of cooler or warmer temperatures or pleas of starvation to ...
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Mark Primack: Housing option No. 1, The good lasting deed

Santa Cruz Sentinel - 03 Apr 2018
I had intended to take my time to set the stage before proposing several housing initiatives. But after years of enduring a civic culture as polarizing as it is patronizing and as ineffectual as it is self-congratulatory, I think we're all anxious to ...
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Craig Wright Moves to Dismiss 'Shakedown' Bitcoin Lawsuit

CoinDesk - 18 Apr 2018
"No good deed goes unpunished," it adds. Wright went on to claim that, when Ira Kleiman was unable to access his brother's bitcoin holdings, he "trained his sights on Dr. Wright's bitcoins" and "mined Australian tabloids for the raw materials needed to ...

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