Noah Is Wrong About Environmentalism And Wrong About Human Progress -
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Noah Is Wrong About Environmentalism And Wrong About Human Progress

Slate Magazine (blog) - 28 Mar 2014
Despite its awkward special effects, humorlessness, and oddly unimpressive animal and flood scenes, Noah walloped me. It's a beautiful, wrenching little family film hidden inside a CGI monster. But undergirding the movie is a vile message condemning ...
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This Is The Essential Scene To Watch To Understand Mother!

Refinery29 - 15 Sep 2017
But love it or hate it (this is not the kind of film that offers a middle ground option), mother! is certainly a movie that contains a multitude of layers, each offering lengthy discussion fodder for the scarf-enthusiasts in your friend group ...
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The Verge's TIFF 2017 Awards

The Verge - 22 Sep 2017
(Aronofsky recently told Vanity Fair there are more visual effects in the movie than in Noah, his film where giant rock monsters, a worldwide flood, and an endless stream of digital animals all play large roles.) As Jennifer Lawrence's unnamed ...
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Movie Review: Brad's Status

The Young Folks - 22 Sep 2017
Mike White's Brad's Status is a Noah Baumbach movie where everybody is stupid. Instead of dealing with the borderline perverse anxieties of upper middle-class white intellectuals, we have a story about an upper middle-class man tethered to his own ...
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'Shot': Film Review

Hollywood Reporter - 21 Sep 2017
Noah Wyle finds himself back in an ER — only as a patient, not a doctor — in Jeremy Kagan's drama illustrating that getting shot really, really hurts. Terrifically effective when vividly illustrating the emergency medical procedures necessary to keep ...
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Noah Baumbach interview: 'I love Lionel Richie' - 19 Sep 2017
Think of Noah Baumbach and one might reach lazily for the term "hipster". His last film, 2013's joyful Frances Ha, about a capricious 27-year-old woman living in New York, was shot in crisp black and white and revels in the iconography of the French ...
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Noah Wyle turns patient in the timely gun drama 'Shot'

Los Angeles Times - 21 Sep 2017
A strong, empathetic turn by Noah Wyle as a chance shooting victim anchors the absorbing and authentic “Shot,” helmed by veteran film and TV director Jeremy Kagan from a script by Will Lamborn and Anneke Campbell (story by Kagan). This vital tale ...
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10 Must-Watch Movie Trailers Of The Week [23.09.17]

D'Marge - 23 Sep 2017
From writer/director Noah Baumbach, The Meyerowitz Stories is the emotional and comic intergenerational tale of adult siblings (Adam Sandler, Ben Stiller, and Elizabeth Marvel) contending with the long shadow their strong-willed father (Dustin Hoffman ...
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Mother!: Has Darren Aronofsky gone too far?

The Independent - 12 Sep 2017
As its first scene makes clear, Mother is also a dream-like metaphor for creation and creativity from a director who has begun two previous films, The Fountain (2006) and Noah (2014), with quotes from the Book of Genesis. ...
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Nollywood's Ramsey Noah makes case for cinemas

Vanguard - 18 Sep 2017
On piracy, the Nollywood star said that pirates were encroaching into the industry and that it was affecting film makers, producers and actors in many ways. Noah who also spoke on his achievements in the movie industry said, “ it is great and ...
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Noah Centineo's New Flick 'SPF-18' Is The Ultimate Summer Movie

Just Jared Jr. - 30 Aug 2017
Noah Centineo looks really worried right here in the new trailer for his upcoming movie, SPF-18. The Fosters actor stars as Johnny Sanders, Jr. in the flick and has always been everyone's crush, even Penny Cooper's (Carson Meyer). Just when they're ...
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God Help You: Noah, mother! and Aronofsky's Mythic Domestic Horrors

Audiences Everywhere (press release) (blog) - 18 Sep 2017
Before the premiere of mother! at the Toronto Film Festival, Darren Aronofsky handed out prayer cards, entitled “mother's prayer,” a variation on the Lord's Prayer. It was a move that was deemed by many to be a stunt, a gimmicky attempt to stir up buzz.
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Movie Review: “Shot” Takes Aim at Gun Violence - 15 Sep 2017
The film features Noah Wyle, co-star on the TV medical drama ER, as Mark Newman, who is accidentally shot by Miguel (Jorge Lendeborg Jr. of Spiderman). Kagan deploys multiple screen imagery to show us the trajectories of Mark and Miguel in parallel ...

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