Noah Is Wrong About Environmentalism And Wrong About Human Progress -
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Noah Is Wrong About Environmentalism And Wrong About Human Progress

Slate Magazine (blog) - 28 Mar 2014
Despite its awkward special effects, humorlessness, and oddly unimpressive animal and flood scenes, Noah walloped me. It's a beautiful, wrenching little family film hidden inside a CGI monster. But undergirding the movie is a vile message condemning ...
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Noah Hawley is developing a Doctor Doom movie at Fox

A.V. Club - 21 Jul 2017
Fargo and Legion creator Noah Hawley was at San Diego Comic-Con today, helping to fuel the enthusiasm for his psychedelic X-Men spin-off's upcoming second season. Hawley dropped a hype bomb of a whole other order of magnitude on his way out the ...
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“The Meyerowitz Stories” Teaser: Adam Sandler's New Movie

TVOvermind - 18 Aug 2017
Adam Sandler has a new movie coming out under the direction of Noah Baumbach. “The Meyerowitz Stories” is neither a tragic type of film, nor is it a compilation of happy events in the “perfect family” scenario. A must see for Adam Sandler fans, this is ...
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'Patti Cake$' Marks the Arrival of a Major New Screen Actor

Backstage - 19 Aug 2017
“My producer, Noah [Stahl], has a brain like the independent film IMDb, he just remembers everybody. He can recall any actor, DP, he's incredible. So we were looking for Patti, and we couldn't really find [anyone]. Nobody felt right. Nobody felt like ...
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'Logan Lucky': The Six Things You Need to Make a Perfect Heist Film - 18 Aug 2017
As Logan Lucky demonstrates, a heist works best if you have a Noah's Ark of different types of bandits working together. The movie's core team consists of the Logan siblings – brothers Jimmy (Tatum) and Clyde (Driver), and lil' sis Mellie (Riley Keough ...
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Casting a Noah Hawley Doctor Doom Movie

TVOvermind - 24 Jul 2017
Right off the bat you would need to stick to the source material with this movie. The last Fantastic Four wasn't bad for the special effects, but the representation of Dr. Doom was simply horrendous. In the comics he's a ruler of his own little country ...
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WATCH: SA girls are just tough, Charlize Theron tells Trevor Noah

Citizen - 27 Jul 2017
South African-born actor Charlize Theron caught up with Trevor Noah on The Daily Show and spoke about her new movie. Noah told Theron that he cried when she won an Academy Award for best actress for her role in Monster. “I was like 'she's so good' and ...

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