North Korean Defector Watches American Action Movies to Help with Recovery ... -
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North Korean Defector Speaks Out After China Repatriates Family

Voice of America - 16 Jan 2018
North Korean defector Lee Tae-won is still plagued with guilt over his failed efforts to bring his wife and child to South Korea, which resulted in their forced repatriation and the likely prospect of imprisonment and possible execution in North Korea ...
north korean defector

What It Took to Save a North Korean Defector's Life

The Atlantic - 12 Jan 2018
How did you end up examining the North Korean defector? Cook Jong Lee: This trauma center was designed by American surgeons. I have been working with them as a part of their team since 2003. This is the only American-style trauma bay in South Korea ...
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South Korea refuses to send back 12 North Korean defectors - 16 Jan 2018
Seoul's Unification Ministry said Tuesday that the defectors cannot be sent back to the North as they came of their own free will and have adjusted well to life in South Korea. The women worked in a North Korean restaurant in China before they defected ...
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North Korean Defectors Targeted in Mobile Espionage Campaign

Infosecurity Magazine - 11 Jan 2018
Malicious APK files are being used to attack North Korean defectors and journalists with the KakaoTalk chat app, a popular mobile communication method in South Korea. According to the McAfee Mobile Research team, threat actors are sending malicious ...
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Tales of two defectors divide just like the Korean peninsula

The Australian - 09 Jan 2018
As delegates met in the no man's land of Panmunjom yesterday, raising anew the prospect of reunification for families separated by the Korean War, two North Korean defectors — one fearful of reunification, the other desperate to return — illustrate ...
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North Korean defectors' take on '#MeToo' campaign

Korea Times - 15 Jan 2018
If "me-too" starts in Korea, then there would endless complaints. The workplace is terrible for women here. An organized campaign would result in so many confessions that business in Korea would probably have to shut down and the entire economy might ...
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Of public executions in North korea

The Hindu - 20 Jan 2018
Hyeonseo Lee, author of the bestselling memoir The Girl With Seven Names about her escape from North Korea and making her way in the world thereafter, is used to explaining what life is like in her native country and the demands of the dictatorial ...

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