Nuclear marine propulsion is propulsion of a ship or submarine ... -
nuclear marine propulsion

Nuclear marine propulsion is propulsion of a ship or submarine ...

wikipedia - 13 Sep 2016
Nuclear marine propulsion is propulsion of a ship or submarine with heat provided by a nuclear power plant. The power plant heats water to produce steam and it is this steam that powers the steam turbines and turbo generators. The power is then transferred to a gearbox that reduces the ratio by around 50 to 1 and this powers the propulsor. Naval nuclear propulsion is used specifically within naval warships (see Nuclear navy). Very few experimental civil nuclear ships have been built.
nuclear marine propulsion

Murray Rosetnthal-One of ORNL's best cheerleaders

Oak Ridger - 21 Sep 2017
At ORNL he initially conducted research on heat transfer in nuclear reactors, mainly for tasks associated with the Aircraft Nuclear Propulsion (ANP) project. “During that time, I came to two conclusions,” he said. “First, the ANP was never ...
nuclear marine propulsion

Is the Ohio-Class Submarine America's Ultimate Weapon?

Scout - 16 Sep 2017
The Ohio class was initially meant to be a simple upgrade of the Lafayette-class submarines, but the Navy was anxious to include advances in nuclear propulsion quieting learned from the USS Narwhal submarine [3]and its Natural Circulation Technology ...
nuclear marine propulsion

Largest uranium producing countries in the world

Energy Business Review - 08 Sep 2017
Nuclear power is a result of heat generated through the fission process of atoms. The most common fuel used in conventional nuclear fission power stations is uranium, a silvery-white radioactive metal in the actinide series of the periodic table ...
nuclear marine propulsion

Waseda Farms plugs into new energy source with solar power

Wisconsin State Farmer - 12 Sep 2017
He worked in the aerospace propulsion program at Honeywell and then had a 12-year stint of coordinating programs and initiatives for the U.S. Navy and U.S. Department of Energy. He trained Navy sailors, tested reactor plant safety systems and managed ...
nuclear marine propulsion

USS George Washington Carrier Overhaul Brings New Weapons & F-35

Scout - 20 Sep 2017
The Navy and Huntington Ingalls Industries are beginning a massive upgrade and technical adjustment to its USS George Washington Nimitz-Class aircraft carrier -- to enable the ship to operate the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter aircraft and serve for 25-more ...
nuclear marine propulsion

France's Nuclear Arsenal Could Kill Millions of People in Minutes

The National Interest Online (blog) - 26 Aug 2017
France began working on its own naval nuclear propulsion program in 1955, under what was known as Project Coelacanth. The first effort to build a nuclear-powered submarine, Q.244, was to be the first of five nuclear ballistic missile submarines. The ...
nuclear marine propulsion

Report: North Korea completing work on new SLBM submarines - 14 Sep 2017
The new submarines are capable of staying submerged for longer periods of time because of air-independent propulsion technology that would allow the non-nuclear submarine to operate without access to atmospheric oxygen. The engine of the submarine ...
nuclear marine propulsion

Tug industry has faith in hybrid solutions

Tug Technology and Business - 20 Sep 2017
Perhaps surprising is that the 7% who voted for nuclear eclipsed the 2% who opted for diesel mechanical. The key barriers to quicker uptake of hybrid and electric propulsion ...
nuclear marine propulsion

South Korea moving to build nuclear-powered submarines

Korea Times - 04 Sep 2017
The Type 214 sub, an improved version of the Type 209, uses air-independent propulsion that allows a non-nuclear sub to operate without access to the air. This sub is capable of continuing underwater operations for a ...
nuclear marine propulsion


NW Evening Mail - 14 Sep 2017
The Barrow-built nuclear submarine HMS Talent suffered a major propulsion breakdown off the Cornish coast. British Nuclear Fuels computer experts found 2,400 faults in the software which was to monitor and control the Thorp nuclear reprocessing plant ...
nuclear marine propulsion

Ocean life inspires new Royal Navy submarine concepts

The Engineer - 29 Aug 2017
The concepts were created by UK scientists and engineers aged between 16 and 34 as part of the Nautilus 100 competition, celebrating the the world's first nuclear-powered submarine, the USS Nautilus. “It's predicted that in 50 years' time there will be ...

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