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The Guardian - 21 Apr 2018
Moore is a good shout, but I think Dyche would ultimately prevail using the Mountain's finishing move on Oberyn Martell in Game of Thrones. Conte would bring a big knife and complain it isn't sharp enough.” Facebook Twitter Google plus · 3d ago 08:12 ...
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Is Sam Tarly the ultimate hero in Game of Thrones season 8?

Radio Times - 18 Apr 2018
In both the books and the TV series, Rhaegar and Elia's children were said to be killed by The Mountain, a fact that you may remember poor old Oberyn Martell (Pedro Pascal) getting annoyed about pre-squishing in season four. However, this theory posits ...
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And your Game of Thrones March Madness Champion is…

Winter Is Coming - 03 Apr 2018
Outside of our two finalists, Missandei and Samwell Tarly had perhaps the strongest showings. Before being ousted by her bff, Missandei eliminated Catelyn Stark and Joffrey Baratheonwhereas Sam took out a trio of fan favorites in Oberyn Martell, Cersei ...
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On t'a vu : Pedro Pascal entrer à la fac avec Buffy

Konbini France - 24 Apr 2018
C'est dans les couloirs du campus qu'elle fait la connaissance d'Eddie, un petit nouveau (comme elle) complètement paumé (comme elle). À l'époque, personne ne connaissait son visage, mais rétrospectivement, on se dit qu'on a déjà vu cette trogne ...
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'Wonder Woman 2' Spoilers, Cast Rumor: Who Will Pedro Pascal Play?

Christian Post - 01 Apr 2018
Pascal has become quite the hot commodity at the moment after making a name for himself in the world of pop culture by embodying Oberyn Martell in "Game of Thrones" with a memorable performance. He then went on to star in Netflix's hit series "Narcos ...
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'Game of Thrones' 101: Who's Left in House Martell?

TheWrap - 24 Jul 2017
With Doran, Trystane, and Oberyn all dead, there are no male to legally continue the Martell family line. Even though the Sand Snakes all technically have Martell blood, they're not legally recognized as members of the familiy. With Doran and Trystane ...
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Wonder Woman 2 henter Game of Thrones-kjekkas

Filmweb - 05 Apr 2018
Pascal er best kjent for rollen som Oberyn Martell i suksesserien «Game of Thrones». Oberyn var en dyktig slåsskjempe og en sjarmør av rang. Hvorvidt Pascals karakter får lignende trekk i Patty Jenkins oppfølger er ukjent. Pascal hadde også en ...

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