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obsidian (comics)

Obsidian (real name Todd James Rice) is a fictional supe...

wikipedia - 11 Nov 2016
Obsidian (real name Todd James Rice) is a fictional superhero published by DC Comics. He first appeared in All-Star Squadron #25 (September 1983), and was created by Roy Thomas and Jerry Ordway. According to an Infinity, Inc. letter page, Obsidian was named "Todd" after a friend of Thomas.
obsidian (comics)

Busan Film Review: 'Illang: The Wolf Brigade'

Variety - 08 Oct 2018
An obsidian-black sci-fi thriller all but consumed with corruption of the state and of the soul, the film opens stunningly enough, reminiscent of such late-'80s comics-to-screen transfers as Tim Burton's “Batman” and the original “RoboCop” in its ...
obsidian (comics)

Highest House #5 Review: Obsidian Revealed and Alliances Restored

Bleeding Cool News - 08 Jul 2018
Highest House #5 continues the comic's streak of mixing eldritch relationships and Game of Thrones-style political intrigue. The tension between Moth and Obsidian is cast well against the sudden changes afflicting Highest House. Shu is pushed a bit to ...
obsidian (comics)

Avengers: Infinity War — Who are the Children of Thanos?

Polygon - 26 Apr 2018
Cull Obsidian was known as Black Dwarf in the comics, but, as previously mentioned, Infinity War has prompted a name change — presumably because Disney understandably didn't want a character named Black Dwarf, despite the space etymology. In the ...
obsidian (comics)

'Avengers: Infinity War' really let down the Children of Thanos

Mashable - 01 May 2018
Cull Obsidian's comic book name is Black Dwarf. The comics also establish that Corvus and Proxima are married. But those two have their space staves. Comic book Ebony Maw is still this creepy, gaunt mad scientist from space. Black Dwarf is probably the ...
obsidian (comics)

Cull Obsidian: The Powerhouse of Thanos' Black Order, Explained

CBR - 22 Apr 2018
Marvel Comics fans might know Cull Obsidian by another name: Black Dwarf. Cull Obsidian is actually the original name for Thanos' Black Order. According to Corvus Glaive, the group's name means Midnight Slaughter, but they changed it to the Black Order ...
obsidian (comics)

Obsidian May Be Hinting at an Alpha Protocol Remaster

Bleeding Cool News - 04 Sep 2018
It was seemingly a bit of fun from someone who liked the game, but things got kicked into overdrive last night when Obsidian, who originally developed the game, picked up the tweet. They didn't say anything except retweet the poll with the 'eyes' emojis.
obsidian (comics)

25 Star Trek Characters Reimagined As Villains

Screen Rant - 21 Sep 2018
In television canon, the Enterprise D never got that pleasure, but in the non-canon novels and comic books, we get a great look at what it might have been like. This devilishly dapper version of Picard is sporting a snow-white villain goatee and two ...
obsidian (comics)

'Avengers: Infinity War' Villains to Star in Own Comic Book Series

Hollywood Reporter - 16 Aug 2018
They might have met their match in Avengers: Infinity War, but Thanos' right-hand monsters from that movie aren't staying down. The Cull Obsidian returns this November in its own comic book series, and this time, there's no gauntlet-obsessed titan to ...

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