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Obsidian (real name Todd James Rice) is a fictional supe...

wikipedia - 11 Nov 2016
Obsidian (real name Todd James Rice) is a fictional superhero published by DC Comics. He first appeared in All-Star Squadron #25 (September 1983), and was created by Roy Thomas and Jerry Ordway. According to an Infinity, Inc. letter page, Obsidian was named "Todd" after a friend of Thomas.
obsidian (comics)

Father's Day Special: Five DC Dads

ComicsVerse - 17 Jun 2018
Father's Day is almost here and that means everyone is looking for some way to honor the men that shaped them. Comic books are no different. Readers see tales of men who save innocents daily. Many of those same men also work to protect their own ...
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Marvel's Spider-Man Video Game Star is Coming to Marvel Comics

Marvel (press release) (blog) - 20 Jun 2018
This September, the star of an epic blockbuster video game will make his way to the pages of a comic book, when the new web slinger from Marvel's Spider-Man makes his Marvel Comics in-continuity debut in Spidergeddon #0! On top of that, to celebrate ...
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'Avengers: Infinity War' really let down the Children of Thanos

Mashable - 01 May 2018
Cull Obsidian's comic book name is Black Dwarf. The comics also establish that Corvus and Proxima are married. But those two have their space staves. Comic book Ebony Maw is still this creepy, gaunt mad scientist from space. Black Dwarf is probably the ...
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Avengers: Infinity War — Who are the Children of Thanos?

Polygon - 26 Apr 2018
Cull Obsidian was known as Black Dwarf in the comics, but, as previously mentioned, Infinity War has prompted a name change — presumably because Disney understandably didn't want a character named Black Dwarf, despite the space etymology. In the ...
obsidian (comics)

Cull Obsidian: The Powerhouse of Thanos' Black Order, Explained

CBR - 22 Apr 2018
Marvel Comics fans might know Cull Obsidian by another name: Black Dwarf. Cull Obsidian is actually the original name for Thanos' Black Order. According to Corvus Glaive, the group's name means Midnight Slaughter, but they changed it to the Black Order ...
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Where Were These Characters During AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR?

ComicsVerse - 27 May 2018
However, against Ebony Maw or Cull Obsidian, Danny would get wrecked. The latter two members of the Children of Thanos were the ones to visit New York, so really, the best thing for Danny to do would be to keep clear of the action for once. Basically ...
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Marvel's TV shows won't reference the end of Avengers: Infinity War

Flickering Myth - 13 Jun 2018
I remember in the comics, one of my favorite stories was the KREE-SKRULL war… which was universal, but in X-Men, no mention. Huh. And it all worked out in the end.” With his comment about “for the most part”, Loeb is presumably referring to the ...
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What Solo's Big KOTOR Reference Really Means

Screen Rant - 06 Jun 2018
"The stone base, that Dryden has plundered from the Sith temple of Exar Kun, is made from polished obsidian and decorated with carved hieroglyphs representing spells that protected its former home." Related: Solo: Early Designs & Story Ideas That Could ...
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All Infinity War Black Order Actors Revealed - Cosmic Book News

Comics - 16 Apr 2018
"He played a character we called Cull Obsidian. In the [comic] books, he was known as Black Dwarf. It's an all-star cast of baddies." The Russo's also recently revealed that Michael James Shaw (Limitless TV series, Papa Midnite in the Constantine ...

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