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occupy unmasked

Trump's Minister of Propaganda and His 'Occupy' Film

The Washington Spectator (blog) - 30 Jan 2017
That might have been for the best, I wrote at the time, because “the distinguishing feature of Occupy Unmasked's soundtrack was an unceasing, loud, dull, dissonant . . . well, you couldn't call it music. It was more like a deep rumble, the aural ...
occupy unmasked

'Occupy Unmasked'—Unmasked

The Nation. - 09 Oct 2012
It's not that Occupy Wall Street, on principle, is undeserving of criticism. Theoretically, some conservative opponent could make a sensible film pointing out its various shortcomings. But Occupy Unmasked, a “documentary” starring the late Andrew ...
occupy unmasked

Russian Spies Hide in Plain Sight

Voice of America - 24 Jul 2018
Maria Butina, the latest Russian female alleged spy who U.S. prosecutors believe they have unmasked, is an object lesson in how social media can assist covert influence operations — and not solely as propaganda platforms aimed at swaying or warping ...
occupy unmasked

Breitbart film bares roots of 'Occupy' movement

Fox News - 07 Sep 2012
They had no idea what was behind this movement,” said Stephen Bannon, Director of 'Occupy Unmasked'. “This was not done spontaneously. This was community organized,” Breitbart intones as the film opens; citing emails he said show the powerful ...
occupy unmasked

'Occupy Unmasked' Review: Shredding the Lies of the Movement

Big Hollywood - 20 Sep 2012
The late Andrew Breitbart, with his close friend Stephen K. Bannon, producer of the hit documentary “The Undefeated,” teamed up to make “Occupy Unmasked.” Breitbart's last work rips away the façade from the Occupy movement and lays bare for all the ...
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Andrew Lloyd Webber sings a happy tune in his memoir, 'Unmasked'

Washington Post - 01 Mar 2018
The sound of Andrew Lloyd Webber's new memoir, “Unmasked,” is the sound of history's most successful musical theater composer laughing his way to the bank. The tone is bright, the jokes are mischievous, and, to borrow a song from “Evita,” the money ...
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French police scandal exposes Mélenchon's ties to the police state

World Socialist Web Site - 31 Jul 2018
Mélenchon also relies on a considerable layer of trade union executives who occupy top positions in the police and domestic intelligence agencies, and who according to Mélenchon's blog helped work out his security policies. They include: • Georges ...
occupy unmasked

Mark Cuban Company to Release Andrew Breitbart Film

Hollywood Reporter - 06 Aug 2012
Occupy Unmasked, a negative take on the Occupy Wall Street movement, will be distributed next month by Magnet Releasing. In February, billionaire sports and media mogul Mark Cuban was seen hugging Barack Obama at a $30,000-a-plate fundraiser for ...
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Unmasking the leftist Antifa movement

CNN - 18 Aug 2017
Large numbers of Antifa activists first appeared in the United States at anti-World Trade Organization protests in 1999 in Seattle, and then more recently during the Occupy Wall Street movement. But their profile has been rising. Antifa demonstrators ...
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What I Learned Binge-Watching Steve Bannon's Documentaries

POLITICO Magazine - 02 Dec 2016
Before he directed Breitbart News, before he directed Donald Trump's insurgent campaign to a surprising victory in November, and before he directed the president-elect's nascent administration as a senior adviser and consigliere, Steve Bannon directed ...
occupy unmasked

Young housewife unmasked as French 'dark web' boss

South China Morning Post - 19 Jun 2018
A 28-year-old housewife with no criminal record has been unmasked as the woman behind a major French “dark web” site which sold drugs and guns until it was shut down last week. The woman was among four people arrested last Tuesday when ...
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Watch 'Occupy Unmasked' Instantly: Now Available on VOD, Mobile

Big Hollywood - 25 Sep 2012
Occupy Unmasked” is now available to watch instantly, both on cable and satellite video on demand services as well as computers and mobile devices. Audiences everywhere now have a chance to see Andrew Breitbart's last major project after it played to ...
occupy unmasked

You can learn a lot about Steve Bannon by watching the films he made

Washington Post - 02 Feb 2017
In the 2012 film “Occupy Unmasked,” the late Andrew Breitbart — whose website, Breitbart News, Bannon took over that year — debunks the Occupy Wall Street movement as the cynical product of an organized Left “hellbent on the nihilistic destruction of ...

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