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Mnuchin says he regrets foreclosing on ... the Octomom

CNBC - 19 Jan 2017
Steven Mnuchin had a highly unusual name-drop during his confirmation hearing Thursday: the Octomom. Grilled about foreclosure practices while he headed OneWest Bank, the Treasury secretary nominee said he regretted some of the mistakes the bank ...

Your Holiday Wake Up Call

The Spectator - 16 Nov 2017
But, real talk, consider me the Doctor Phil to your Octomom, the J-Low to your Snooki. I'm here to tell you it's time to stop spending your holiday season through your Instagram feed, and rather, on the live feed right in front of you. Ring Ring. Who's ...

'Octomom' Reveals the Moment She Decided to Change for Her Kids

ABC News - 22 Nov 2016
Natalie Suleman, the infamous mother known around the world as "Octomom," sat down exclusively with ABC News to discuss her search for a new beginning, and the moment she realized it was time to turn her life around. Suleman's initial notoriety began ...

Octomom is no more, says Natalie Suleman

The Mercury News - 15 Sep 2016
Natalie Suleman, who became famous in 2009 by having octuplets via IVF treatment — despite already having six children — has stayed out of the spotlight for some time. She told the Daily Mail she had to “kill off” her Octomom persona in 2013, which ...

8 facts about 'Octomom' Nadya Suleman

USA TODAY - 24 Jan 2014
LOS ANGELES (AP) — Much has transpired since Nadya Suleman became "Octomom" by giving birth to eight premature but otherwise healthy children on Jan. 26, 2009. She's gone from medical marvel — hers are the only known full set of octuplets to live ...

National Bat Week: 5 Surprising Facts About Bats

Patch.com - 26 Oct 2017
Once the bats do their deed, the female bat will hold onto the male bats sperm in her reproductive tract until spring. Then, the ladybat becomes pregnant. Unlike rodents, other small mammals, and Octo-mom, bats often only have one pup per litter ...

'This Is Us': Rebecca Pearson Was Almost An Octomom

The Inquisitr - 25 May 2017
This Is Us could have been Eight is Enough. The hit NBC drama came this close to being a big screen movie about —wait for it! — a family of octuplets. That's right, a year before This Is Us creator Dan Fogelman's heartwarming family drama about the ...

Octomom Charged With Welfare Fraud

Huffington Post - 13 Jan 2014
Suleman, who gained notoriety and the nickname Octomom after she gave birth to octuplets in 2009, has been charged with one count of aid by misrepresentation, and two counts of perjury by false application for aid for failing to report nearly $30,000 ...

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