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This Prehistoric Sea Monster Was About to Be an Octomom

Live Science - 06 Apr 2018
An ichthyosaur that lived 180 million years ago had quite a brood — a passel of up to eight embryos tucked into her abdomen. A new fossil of this prehistoric mama-to-be was discovered in North Yorkshire, England, in 2010. It was in the private trove ...

Octomom's new life

New Idea - 14 Dec 2017
Natalie reveals that her life as Octomom saw her life take a dark turn. To make ends meat she started to work in porn and strip clubs, and claims she started taking drugs and self-medicating with alcohol. It's only now that the 42-year-old mother of 14 ...

Connect the Dolts: Donald Trump, Stormy Daniels and Octomom

OC Weekly - 16 Feb 2018
However, Suleman retired from the porn biz after the release of Octomom: Home Alone. Rodriguez is now working with Daniels on an announcement about how and when she will tell her Trump story publicly. In the meantime, Daniels has been booked for ...

Octomom: My Family's Not Poor! We're Minimalists!

The Hollywood Gossip - 22 Dec 2017
The sad, sad tale of Octomom may have technically come to an end -- because Suleman is a very different woman from who she once was. So different, in fact, that she's now going by Natalie, not Nadya. And, as you'll see in the video below, Natalie's ...

Double Dose Of Ichthyosaur Updates: Big Daddy and Octomom

Discover Magazine (blog) - 09 Apr 2018
Dinosaurs may hog the Mesozoic spotlight, but some of the neatest finds of recent note in paleontology come from under the sea: a very pregnant ichthyosaur and the partial remains of another that was a supersized specimen (think blue whale territory).

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