Sony's Project Morpheus 'Validated' By Facebook's Oculus Purchase -

Sony's Project Morpheus 'Validated' By Facebook's Oculus Purchase

Forbes - 11 Apr 2014
The Oculus Rift has grown into a formidable technological force, even before it's publicly released, now that it's been acquired by Facebook. It will probably be a direct competitor to Sony's recently announced “Project Morpheus” VR system, and you ...

Become a Virtual Reality DJ with new Oculus Rift App, Reality Decks

Magnetic Magazine (blog) - 21 Feb 2018
Reality Decks is an all-new Oculus Rift application that was programmed and designed from the ground up for virtual reality DJing. From a personalized avatar to elements that a DJ just isn't capable of achieving in the real world, Reality Decks opens ...

​Oculus Rift reveals a new VR DJ app, Reality Decks - News ...

Mixmag - 21 Feb 2018
Designed and programed by Oculus Rift, the application Reality Decks is the latest addition to the new world virtual reality DJing. Focusing on creating an app that allows for a real world feel of DJing with “precision mixing”, users can create their ...

BBC launches Oculus VR app for Nile documentary

Broadband TV News - 21 Feb 2018
The BBC is launching a two-part virtual reality news documentary series exploring the water politics of the river Nile. Damming the Nile has been produced by BBC VR Hub and BBC News and is available through the Oculus Gear VR store. Viewers are taken ...

Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 ready for standalone VR headsets

CNET - 21 Feb 2018
The Snapdragon 845 processor that ubiquitous mobile chip manufacturer Qualcomm announced back in December 2017 generated a bit of buzz with supervised performance tests on phones earlier this month. Following that path, the chip manufacturer now has a ...

Wrongful death lawsuit filed in woman's fatal fall at Oculus - 12 Feb 2018
The mother of a beloved rowing coach has filed a wrongful death lawsuit one year after the 29-year-old fell from an escalator at the World Trade Center Oculus. In the lawsuit filed in New York on Feb. 7, Maria Santos accuses the Port Authority, Allied ...

How Oculus Plans To Fund And Inspire Great VR Content This Year

Fast Company - 26 Jan 2018
Oculus, like every other company in consumer VR, is well aware of the industry's chicken-and-egg problem: If there's not enough good content, consumers won't get on board, but if they're not sure consumers are going to buy hardware, content creators ...

Brass Tactics Review: VR Finally Gets Its AAA-Quality RTS

UploadVR - 21 Feb 2018
When the Oculus Rift first launched back in 2016 there was a little game named AirMech Command. It was quite good for the time, especially considering it was played with just a gamepad initially, and it let us experience a more immersive way to play a ...

Oculus Go vs Samsung Gear VR

Android Central - 08 Feb 2018
Oculus and Samsung have been working together for years on a portable, powerful VR solution using some of the most popular phones on the planet. In doing so, the Gear VR has become one of the most vibrant and active VR headsets available today. For all ...

Full SteamVR Update Integrates Oculus Dash And More

UploadVR - 14 Feb 2018
Valve has gathered its latest round of SteamVR beta updates into one big official release for everyone, adding some key new features to the platform. The full changelog is too extensive to go over everything, but there are some big highlights. The most ...

The Oculus Go might be coming very, very soon

Mashable - 05 Feb 2018
Neither did we — until we saw two photos shared to Reddit by user "bekris" (spotted by Upload VR) of what Bekris claims is the Oculus Go's developer kit. We'll be honest, this doesn't look like developer kit packaging; it totally looks like retail ...

Oculus Go leak suggests launch with over 1000 VR apps

VentureBeat - 04 Feb 2018
An image leaked on Reddit shows a convincing look at what might end up being the retail packaging for Oculus Go, the standalone VR headset coming soon from Facebook. The image shows the box for the $200 device with available apps listed including ...

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