All Eyes on Madison Beer -

All Eyes on Madison Beer

Papermag - 15 Nov 2018
Co-written by Charli XCX, the track features Offset seconding Beer's response to the too-late lament of a sneaking, cheating ex who she's banished to the realm of regretful former intimates, now spectators. Now, the wrongdoer has no choice but to watch ...

The next wave in carbon offset?

Albuquerque Journal - 30 Nov 2018
SANTA FE, N.M. — Santa Fe entrepreneur Philip Kithil of Atmocean, Inc. believes he's found a way to put a dent in global warming – and turn the idea into a ...

Intelligence offsets

San Angelo LIVE! - 26 Nov 2018
OPINION — Martin Luther is credited with starting what is commonly known as the Reformation movement, 501 years ago. On 31 October 1517 Luther nailed his ...

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