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oh, jeez

How the Media Disrespects Our First Lady

RushLimbaugh.com - 15 Nov 2018
RUSH: Oh, don't make me vomit! Oh, jeez. I've been trying to avoid that whole subject of this canonization, canonization of Michelle (My Belle) — oh, my gosh. It's sickening. It is sickening what they are doing here in canonizing that woman. More so ...
oh, jeez

Media unhinged

RT - 14 Nov 2018
oh jeez! peter is so focusing on CNN/MSNBC's problems (ignoring FOX's problems) just as how CNN/MSNBC are focusing on trump. peter loses his credibility because peter IS a BIG defender of trump...
oh, jeez

A 'Royal' Good Morning for Students at MMCRU

KDLT News - 09 Nov 2018
“Yeah, I have a test Friday, oh jeez,” said freshman Regan Peters. So sometimes, all you need is a little pick me up. That's where the royal greeter at MMCRU come in. “The idea was to bring in organizations, businesses, community members to ...
oh, jeez

Survivor of Malibu fires: 'The wind doesn't care who you are'

The Boston Globe - 14 Nov 2018
MALIBU, Calif. Much of the attention paid to the wildfires that blitzed through this high-profile coastal enclave has emphasized the misfortunes of the celebrities and millionaires who lost mansions and luxury cars. But like any city, Malibu has a good ...
oh, jeez

A life of giving back

Bend Bulletin - 17 Nov 2018
Oh jeez. That was the story of his life. You just got an (insight) into his character,” said Mary, admitting she'd seen him on that visit. “I recognized him. He drove off in a little blue Triumph convertible. You don't miss that.” Daryll's mother ...
oh, jeez

Lightning Fill In The Blank

KMUW - 10 Nov 2018
SAGAL: No she said, ew. POUNDSTONE: Oh, jeez. SAGAL: Not a fan. AUDIENCE: (Oohing). SAGAL: I know. BURBANK: Well, it had his grandma in there. SAGAL: Yeah. (LAUGHTER). SAGAL: So she tweeted - she found the ring. She's like, oh, my God.
oh, jeez

Sarah Silverman insecure about her age

Daijiworld.com - 15 Nov 2018
And I go oh jeez. You with the latest technologies'. "And I made fun of him. Then one day, I was listening to the radio. They said follow us on Twitter. And I wanted to hear more about that story. So you have to log on. Then that was it." How has been ...
oh, jeez

Handley school bus involved in fatal collision

Randolph Leader - 31 Oct 2018
Handley head coach Larry Strain was sitting in the front seat on the right-hand side of the bus immediately behind the stairwell at the bus's entrance. Strain: We're in the left-hand lane and coach McMurray makes a comment. 'Oh, jeez.' Which is not ...
oh, jeez

Q&A with the Pittsburgh Penguins

Rocky Mountain Outlook - 25 Oct 2018
Q: If you had to pick one member of the Penguins to wrestle a bear while in Banff, who would it be? A: Wrestle a bear? Oh jeez, I'd say Horny (Patric Hörnqvist). I just think he wouldn't quit. I like his chances. Riley Sheahan. Q: If you were to be ...
oh, jeez

The Strange Case of Infamous Bob

Florida Weekly - 25 Oct 2018
Word around the turkey farm is that you're in charge of the underground turkey railroad, otherwise known as Operation Relocate-A-Turkey. Word is that you help turkeys reinvent themselves.” Oh jeez, another one, I thought. I was stunned that word had ...

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