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oh, jeez

Fake meds draw concerns from online pharmacy users

WCPO - 20 Jun 2018
And Dawson said that made her question her meds, "I was thinking 'oh jeez if I've been paying for placebos or something worse these past years.'" According to the indictment in this case, Canada Drugs and some of its subsidiaries misled customers about ...
oh, jeez

Bill Proposed to Require Women on Corporate Boards

Santa Barbara Edhat - 02 Jun 2018
This is the standard misprepresentation of those who intentionally disregard the significant and well documented systemic disadvantages of minorities, and their own privilege resulting from no effort of their own, but only the fortunes of their birth ...
oh, jeez

10 best DJ mixes of 2018... so far

Red Bull - 19 Jun 2018
Oh jeez, where did the year go? We're just about getting into the second half of the year already and that means it's time to reflect on the best of 2018 so far. The electronic scene has been flourishing for a while now and this year has been no ...
oh, jeez

The Case of the Car and the Not So Itsy-Bitsy Spider

TAPinto.net - 30 May 2018
Oh, jeez, Mom,” he said. “Just grab the thread and toss it out the window.” My son is not afraid of big, hairy things. At one point in his youth he even wanted a tarantula as a pet. I, of course, threatened to quit my job as his mother if he did this ...
oh, jeez

Get to know Seth Grossman, the South Jersey GOP nominee for Congress

Press of Atlantic City - 06 Jun 2018
“I'm not going to get to Washington and say, 'Oh jeez, this is more complicated than I thought.' I've studied these issues, I know these issues and I know how to make changes.” Grossman, a 1967 graduate of Atlantic City High School, went on to graduate ...
oh, jeez

An illustrative guide to common words people tend to misuse

Ladders - 07 Jun 2018
We've all been there. There are just certain words that sound so much alike even though they have completely different meanings. And sometimes, when we are required to spell them, it is a STRUGGLE. That is why we are so grateful for illustrator Bruce ...
oh, jeez

Q&A with Pittsburgh's premier poet, Billie Nardozzi

PGH City Paper - 30 May 2018
The night will include poem readings, music, pantomime, storytelling and a Q&A session. City Paper caught up with Nardozzi to discuss the show, the billboards, the clothes and his favorite poem. What was your first time on stage? Oh jeez. I was 7 years ...
oh, jeez

GODSMACK Drummer Is 'Grateful' For Band's 20-Year Career

Shannon: "That was the one we spent, actually, the most time on on the new record, because there's just such a thin line between it being cheesy. And make it this rock ballad, and everybody's gonna go, 'Oh, jeez, here they go.' So we spent a lot of ...

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