OhMiBod is a company name used as a collective reference to the... - dofaq.com

OhMiBod is a company name used as a collective reference to the...

wikipedia - 16 Sep 2016
OhMiBod is a company name used as a collective reference to the whole family of remote controlled and/or musically-powered, today (2017) chiefly Bluetooth driven vibrating sex toys. The device originally translated an electronic music output into vibrations. The volume and beat of the music determines the strength of the vibrations. The latest "blueMotion NEX│1 wearable" or "NEX│2 g-spot" receive favorite and most enjoyable sound profiles (ping, fanfare, coin fall, glass break, terrifying scream) com

Vibromasseur sans fil chez OhMiBod avec le CLUB VIBE 3.OH HERO.

Planet Sans Fil - 20 Sep 2017
L'année passée, nous avions eu l'opportunité de tester un vibromasseur un peu spécial de la société OhMiBod. En effet, cette société nous avait proposé de tester son vibromasseur connecté Bluetooth. C'est avec plaisir que Clara, notre testeur ...

OhMiBod releases a smaller, more versatile wearable vibrator

TechCrunch - 29 Nov 2016
Just in time for holidays, OhMiBod is releasing the latest version of its “wearable massager.” Half a decade after the release of the Club Vibe 2.OH, the sex toy innovator is back with a new version of its discreet vibrator. Version 3.OH is smaller ...

How OhMiBod revolutionized the connected sex industry

Wareable - 29 Sep 2016
Christmas 2004 was a pivotal time for Suki and Brian Dunham. That Christmas, Brian gave Suki a new vibrator and iPod setting forth a chain of events that would lead to OhMiBod, one of the best known names in the vibrator and pleasure device industry.

Soon your Tinder matches could be able to control your vibrator

Metro - 07 Jan 2017
Of course, this sexy tech will only happen if dating apps agree to integrate OhMiBod's wizardry with their apps. Which might not happen, considering Tinder keeps trying to move away from their 'hookup app' reputation and cement themselves as a place to ...

Would You Let Your Next Tinder Match Control Your Vibrator?

Glamour - 18 Jan 2017
"It's an interactive way to connect—not just visually or emotionally but haptically [through touch] as well, for a more immersive experience," OhMiBod cofounder Brian Dunham told Glamour. "There is an extraordinary pool of creative, talented ...

OhMiBod spreading good vibrations

CNBC - 18 Jun 2015
Each week on CNBC's "The Pitch" series, an entrepreneur gets an opportunity to blind pitch his or her company to a secret investor. The investor doesn't know anything about the business being pitched, so it's the entrepreneur's one shot to sell it.

OhMiBod's smart kegel exerciser doubles as a sex toy

Engadget - 09 Jan 2016
Though there were plenty of fitness devices here at CES 2016, OhMiBod's Lovelife Krush beat out all of them to win our Best of CES award in the Digital Health and Fitness category. That's because the smart kegel exerciser offers a unique take on the ...

OhMiBod Releases New Products To Improve Sexual Health

TechCrunch - 05 Jan 2016
Sexual health hardware startup, OhMiBod, unveiled their new product, Lovelife Krush, a smart Kegal exerciser that uses haptic feedback and voice-guided training programs to help women keep their pelvic floor muscles strong. TechCrunch's Sarah Lane met ...

OhMiBod launches its own smart kegel exerciser

Engadget - 05 Jan 2016
Kegels seem to be everywhere these days, and as soon as a body part gets popular, people start making gadgets for it. Sex-tech pioneers OhMiBod is the latest to follow in the footsteps of kGoal, Skea and Elvie by creating its very own smartphone ...

9 Sex Toys To Try This Week

Bustle - 27 Feb 2017
If you're nervous about trying a vibrator for the first time, it's totally understandable, but I would recommend giving it a go. Partially because they're so much fun, but also because for a lot of women, they're necessary for reaching orgasm. And ...

The future of intimacy is remote-controlled orgasms

USA TODAY - 06 Jan 2017
It's not that CES doesn't typically host women's health innovations—there are devices like breast pumps to be found among the noise—but even though it's smart sex toy company OhMiBod's seventh year at the show, its presence feels like something to ...

The Best 2016 Sex Toy Gifts For The Gadget Lover In Your Life

Bustle - 21 Dec 2016
If the best stocking stuffers you can find usually revolve around socks and stale candy, it's time to pick it up a notch. There are so many cool, nifty gifts that you can get for someone special in your life — and if you have a gadget lover, even ...

A new Kegel vibrator mixes exercise with excitement

The Daily Dot - 07 Jan 2016
Suki and Brian Dunham know a thing or two about love. The couple, married for 28 years and the parents of teenage children, are the creators of OhMiBod, the popular connected sex toys that let partners pleasure each other whether they're in the same ...

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