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olivier giroud

Olivier Giroud Savours World Cup Glory Despite Criticism

News18 - 17 Jul 2018
France striker Olivier Giroud says criticism has always motivated him to do better and the 31-year-old is pleased to silence his detractors with his stellar work rate in his team's World Cup triumph in Russia. Reuters. Updated:July 17, 2018, 3:02 PM IST.
olivier giroud

Humiliating statistic haunts World Cup star

NEWS.com.au - 11 Jul 2018
This morning France beat Belgium in the duel of the chocolate dessert paradises. It did so, as is often but not always the case in football, by scoring a goal. You know who didn't score that goal? Olivier Giroud. Monsieur Giroud is an undeniably ...
olivier giroud

France showing Chelsea what else they can do with Olivier Giroud

The Pride of London - 07 Jul 2018
Chelsea bought Olivier Giroud so they could have a true striker to focus their offence and score goals. France, on the other hand, use him to create openings for their other, even more potent goal-scorers. France's embarassment of riches has taken them ...

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