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olympic charter

Olympic Charter gets a colorful (and political) Google doodle

Christian Science Monitor - 06 Feb 2014
On Friday, the day of the opening ceremonies of the 2014 winter Olympics in Sochi, Google waved the rainbow flag in the form of a colorful Google doodle adorned with various sports and a pointed quote from the Olympic charter. But this isn't the first ...
olympic charter

Report on Rio ticketing to be sent to Olympic ethics body

The Times - 18 Aug 2017
The Olympic ethics commission will ultimately decide if Mr Hickey can return to his international roles after it considers his actions in light of the Olympic charter. There are specific mentions of good governance in the charter, including that ...
olympic charter

Joint Letter to the President of the Olympic Council of Asia

Human Rights Watch (press release) - 08 Aug 2017
The authorities' campaign against RFE/RL, in turn, is but one example of the government's poor press freedom and human rights record that cannot be reconciled with the Olympic Charter's principles on press freedoms and on human dignity. The Olympic ...
olympic charter

Balancing different sponsors the real task

The Straits Times - 20 Aug 2017
These sponsors are, by and large, protected under Rule 40 in the Olympic Charter, which requires athletes not to allow their image to be used for advertising purposes during a limited period either side of a Games. This is meant to prevent the value of ...
olympic charter

LGBT hospitality venue eyed for 2020 Tokyo Olympics

Kyodo News Plus - 16 Aug 2017
Discrimination based on sexual orientation is prohibited under the International Olympic Committee's Olympic Charter. In Japan, companies have begun actively supporting lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people, with some lawmakers trying to enact ...
olympic charter

A Pride House Wins Its Place at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games

Nonprofit Quarterly (registration) - 18 Aug 2017
Also, the International Olympic Committee's Olympic Charter prohibits discrimination based on sexual orientation. Some say the International Olympic Committee should resist countries that have anti-LGBT laws the same way it excluded South Africa during ...
olympic charter

On BCCI-CoA agenda: Olympics, pay hike & selecting commentators

The Indian Express - 08 Aug 2017
One BCCI official also spoke about the “contradiction” between the Olympic Charter and the Lodha Committee recommendations. “To participate in the Olympics, the BCCI will have to sign the Olympic Charter and accept its rules and by-laws. The Olympic ...
olympic charter

Rule 40: The Debate Resurfaces in Singapore

The National Law Review - 16 Aug 2017
The second tool the IOC uses is Rule 40 (and the Bye-law to Rule 40) of the Olympic Charter, which requires athletes not to allow their image to be used for advertising purposes during a limited period either side of the Games. This effectively ...
olympic charter

Vicente: Far-fetched Olympic dream | SunStar

Sun.Star - 10 Aug 2017
Once an IF has presented its petition, many rules and regulations control whether the sport will become part of the Olympic Games. The Olympic Charter indicates that in order to be accepted, a sport must be widely practiced by men in at least 75 ...
olympic charter

IOC impose conditions for lifting of Kuwaiti Olympic suspension

Insidethegames.biz - 12 Aug 2017
Miró reportedly insisted that all laws should be change to be in line with Olympic Charter and all Board changes imposed on bodies such as the Kuwait Olympic Committee (KOC) should be revoked. All ongoing legal cases inside and outside of Kuwait ...
olympic charter

Rio Olympics planners wanted to memorialize A-bomb attack

Asahi Shimbun - 06 Aug 2017
However, the plan was canceled the day before the opening ceremony after the suggestion of the IOC, which felt that such an announcement could correspond to political utilization of the Olympics, which is banned by the Olympic Charter. In an interview ...
olympic charter

Refugee athletes make history at IAAF World Championships

Pioneers Post (press release) (registration) (blog) - 14 Aug 2017
The International Olympic Committee made the decision to create the first ever refugee team in an unprecedented political statement, breaking chapter five of the Olympic Charter which states that no 'political, religious or racial propaganda is ...
olympic charter

Lacrosse In The 2028 LA Olympics? Not Now

College Crosse (blog) - 03 Aug 2017
But will Olympic lacrosse happen for 2028? I don't think so. And there's a few reasons why. An obvious one is the amount of Americans and Canadians on rosters other than the United States and Canada. Former Princeton Tigers defenseman Alistair Berven ...

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