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olympic ring mishap

Rosa Bouglione, queen of the French big top, dies at 107

Washington Post - 01 Oct 2018
Rosa Bouglione, who danced with big cats as a teenager, was married inside a lion cage and formed a French circus dynasty that made her the queen of the big top for more than eight decades, died Aug. 26 at her home in Paris. She was 107 and lived ...
olympic ring mishap

Eric Armit's Weekly Boxing Results – October 9 - RN24

RingNews24 - 10 Oct 2018
Suddenly a short right from Roman saw McDonnell dip at the knees and Roman pounded him with head punches driving him across the ring and McDonnell went down on his hands and knees. In a confused way McDonnell got up and then dropped to his ...
olympic ring mishap

Spelling out the new NHL season

Toronto Sun - 03 Oct 2018
'Lose for Hughes' will have a nice ring to it for a cellar-dwelling team in the dead of winter. I is for international visits. The Bruins ...
olympic ring mishap

Brinks Truck Mishap Spews About $600000 in Cash on Highway

WSLS 10 - 03 May 2018
Thousands of $20 bills flew across eight lanes of traffic in Indianapolis after they fell out of a Brinks armored truck when the rear door accidentally flew open Wednesday. A highway camera shows traffic on I-70 in Indianapolis at a complete standstill ...
olympic ring mishap

A brief history of Olympic opening ceremony mishaps

Sports Illustrated - 05 Aug 2016
In 1988, Seoul released a flock of beautiful white doves to symbolize peace during the games' opening event. Unfortunately, those hopes for world peace immediately took a big hit when several of the birds landed on the Olympic cauldron right as it was ...
olympic ring mishap

Olympic rings mishap doctored by Russian TV - 08 Feb 2014
Smoke and mirrors? Russian state television aired footage Friday of five floating snowflakes turning into the Olympic rings and bursting into pyrotechnics at the Sochi Games opening ceremony. Problem is, that didn't happen. The opening ceremony at the ...

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