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Ondol (Hangul: 온돌; Hanja: 溫突), also called gudeul...

wikipedia - 19 Mar 2018
Ondol (Hangul: 온돌; Hanja: 溫突), also called gudeul (Hangul: 구들), in Korean traditional architecture, is underfloor heating that uses direct heat transfer from wood smoke to heat the underside of a thick masonry floor. In modern usage it refers to any type of underfloor heating, or to a hotel or a sleeping room in Korean (as opposed to Western) style.

Why South Korea has so much to offer for incentive travel

Conference and Meetings World (press release) - 16 Oct 2018
BI WORLDWIDE's event design manager Heidi Williams and project executive Michael Pollard share their thoughts on why South Korea shouldn't be overlooked as an emerging small group incentive event destination.

Best Stays: Healing Stay KOSMOS in South Korea

LYFSTYL - 29 Oct 2018
Villa Terre offers classic hotel-style bedrooms of various sizes, as well as traditional Korean ondol rooms. For those who want to take it one step further, Villa Kosmos suites offer a single detached pool villa. Every room, however, is equipped with ...

Death of Korea's villages

Korea Times - 26 Oct 2018
Hanok is the Korean word for a traditional house, usually with a tile roof and ondol (heated-floor) rooms. Sacheon is as great an example of a traditional village as is Hahoe Village and Yangdong Village, the two villages that are better-known and have ...

Ondol the floor

City Pulse - 23 Jun 2010
Ondol dates back to the Bronze Age. It is essentially a floor above a fireplace. A fire on the outside of the home directs heat beneath the floor to a chimney on the other side. Charcoal, glass bottles and soil collect and retain the heat as it moves ...

Skiing in South Korea

Ski Club of Great Britain - 26 Jan 2018
We check-in here, but exhausted from the 12-hour flight, and with the nine-hour time difference catching up on me, I eschew the chance to stay in a traditional Korean 'ondol' room, where you sleep on a heated floor with just a thin blanket and yoga ...

How cold noodles turned from wintertime treat to a year-round dish

South China Morning Post - 19 May 2018
Due to the cold weather, the broth takes the form of slush as kimchi storage jars were put outside the home and endured cold weather during the winter. People feel freezing as they finish a bowl of noodles. They rush to a heated ondol room to warm up.

Korean Train Line Launched with Heated Carriage Floors

BusinessKorea - 11 Feb 2015
The Korea Railroad Corporation (KORAIL) has launched the “West Gold Train,” which has cars with an underfloor heating system similar to Korean “ondol.” Ondol is a traditional Korean floor heating system for houses. These train cars are the first of ...

PyeongChang: Your guide to South Korea's ski culture

CNN - 08 Feb 2017
After you've let out your inner K-pop star, you can stumble back to your condo, lay out your mattress and let the heated ondol floors lull you to sleep. This is skiing, South Korean-style. Originally published in January 2017, updated in February 2018 ...

Exploring Korea: Top things to do on the ROK

Stripes Korea - 08 Aug 2018
Korea has been good to our family both times we've been stationed here. We have enjoyed the small town feel of Osan Air Base; running into friends at the BX and Post Office daily, biking and walking everywhere and having a squadron full of people to ...

Negative ions

동아일보 - 18 May 2018
A wide variety of products that were claimed to be healthy, including massage machines, hot bathing tools, necklaces, panties, soaps, fragrance, bathing soap, yellow earth ondol (floor heating system), floor paper and wall paper, would hit the market ...

Korea, China Squabble Over Underfloor Heating

The Chosun Ilbo - 19 Mar 2014
Korea's plan to put traditional underfloor heating or ondol on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage list has provoked anger from Chinese people who believe the technology originated in China. The cultural heritage office in China's Shanxi Province said ...

In search of serenity? Retreat into a Buddhist temple

Asia Times - 21 Feb 2018
Bedding is provided but blankets are barely needed since the ondol heating system under the floors keeps rooms warm even on cold nights. There are electrical outlets to recharge cell phones but don't bother asking for a WiFi password. At 9 pm guests ...

Where North Koreans really live

NK News - 01 Jul 2014
Heating, which is vital in North Korea's harsh winters, is usually done by the ondol (Korean-style floor heating). The ondol is fueled by briquettes made from pressed coal dust mixed with a gluing agent. Such coal briquettes, first invented in Japan in ...

Seoul District Bus Stops Keep Riders Warm

The Korea Bizwire - 12 Feb 2018
Incorporating “nanocarbon surface heating”, these benches – called ondol chairs – keep bottoms warm by maintaining temperatures from 40 to 42 degrees Celsius. Thanks to its 203cm length, around five people can share the bench while waiting for the bus.

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