One of Us is a British drama television miniseries created and ... -
one of us (2016 tv series)

One of Us is a British drama television miniseries created and ...

wikipedia - 14 Sep 2016
One of Us is a British drama television miniseries created and written by Harry and Jack Williams. The story starts with childhood sweethearts Adam Elliot and Grace Douglas who have returned home from their honeymoon and are found brutally murdered. Their families and neighbours in the remote Scottish Highland village of Braeston are devastated, but things take an even darker turn when a badly injured man arrives at their doorstep after his car comes off the road – a man who seems to be the killer.
one of us (2016 tv series)

We are gun owners: Each of us has a story

Press Herald - 18 Mar 2018
Passmore, now 31, later took up rifle hunting, but she shot her first deer with a bow. She felt an adrenaline rush like never before. She felt sad for the animal. She felt grateful to nature. “It was the most mixed set of emotions,” she said. Passmore ...
one of us (2016 tv series)

From Paris with love: Depardieu votes in Russian election

New Straits Times Online - 18 Mar 2018
In this file photo taken on February 18, 2018 French actor Gerard Depardieu poses during a photocall for the second season of the French TV show "Marseille" broadcasted and co-produced by US streaming video giant Netflix, in Marseille, southern France ...
one of us (2016 tv series)

WGA Data: 87% Of All Scripted TV Shows Are Packaged

Deadline - 15 Mar 2018
In a review of the 2016-2017 television season, WGA West found that 87% of the more than 300 series produced that year were packaged by the agencies, and that “packaging is dominated by WME and CAA,” which accounted for 79% of all the packaged series ...
one of us (2016 tv series)

Exclusive: Amazon's internal numbers on Prime Video, revealed

Reuters - 15 Mar 2018
The documents also show that Amazon's U.S. audience for all video programming on Prime, including films and TV shows it licenses from other companies, was about 26 million customers. Amazon has never released figures for its total audience. The ...
one of us (2016 tv series)

Alex Tuch Was Once Ranked 12th In The World At Video Game NHL - 18 Mar 2018
Those buddies are Thatcher Demko, 36th overall pick in 2016 by Vancouver and starting goalie for the Utica Comets, and Austin Cangelosi, undrafted free agent currently in the New Jersey Devils system. They were two of the six top scorers and the ...
one of us (2016 tv series)

Kylie Minogue: 'I'm single but I'm not lonely'

Herald Sun - 18 Mar 2018
Tellingly, only one of her exes has ever sold a story about Minogue. Equally, she's never been the type to gush too much about her boyfriends. Until Sasse. The pair met in 2015 when she filmed a guest role in the actor's US musical fantasy TV show ...
one of us (2016 tv series)

Putin Will Win, But the Show Must Go On

The Atlantic - 18 Mar 2018
The overthrow, in 2014, of Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych—basically a Putin ally—coupled with the 2008 Bucharest Declaration that Ukraine (and Georgia) will one day join the alliance, prompted Putin to seize Ukraine's Crimean Peninsula in 2014 ...
one of us (2016 tv series)

Trump wildlife protection board defends trophy hunting

The Commercial Dispatch - 18 Mar 2018
The AP reported last month that the Trump sons were behind a limited-liability company that purchased a 171-acre private hunting range in the bucolic Hudson Valley in 2013, complete with a wooden tower from which owners and their guests shoot at ...
one of us (2016 tv series)

Why Irish America Is Not Evergreen

The New York Review of Books - 16 Mar 2018
(At the time, Sheridan had begun writing In America, a biopic about his family's immigrant experience in New York.) They were kind enough not to mind that I messed up their order in my rush to sell my rather slim credentials as an aspiring filmmaker. A ...
one of us (2016 tv series)

Donald Glover Can't Save You

The New Yorker - 26 Feb 2018
'And I say, 'Oh, you mean a show that toggles between painful drama and super-surrealist David Lynch moments to take on race in America?' That's not a genre—that's Donald.” Glover has always been told he doesn't sound black or Southern, loaded ...
one of us (2016 tv series)

Claire Foy Was Paid Less Than Matt Smith on 'The Crown'

Variety - 13 Mar 2018
JERUSALEM — With two critically acclaimed seasons of “The Crown” behind them, the drama's producers acknowledged that they face some hurdles for the third season. “It's called libel,” quipped Andy Harries, CEO of Left Bank, who was joined by Left Bank ...

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