One of Us is a British drama television miniseries created and ... -
one of us (2016 tv series)

One of Us is a British drama television miniseries created and ...

wikipedia - 14 Sep 2016
One of Us is a British drama television miniseries created and written by Harry and Jack Williams. The story starts with childhood sweethearts Adam Elliot and Grace Douglas who have returned home from their honeymoon and are found brutally murdered. Their families and neighbours in the remote Scottish Highland village of Braeston are devastated, but things take an even darker turn when a badly injured man arrives at their doorstep after his car comes off the road – a man who seems to be the killer.
one of us (2016 tv series)

Nearly Two-Thirds Of US Homes Have Devices That Can Stream To TVs

MediaPost Communications - 17 Nov 2017
Nearly two-thirds -- 58.7% -- of U.S. TV households now have at least one device in their homes capable of streaming video to their TV sets, including smart TVs, video game consoles and streaming boxes like the Roku or Apple TV, according to the Q2 ...
one of us (2016 tv series)

Ore Oduba: I'm living every moment of Strictly this year

Radio Times - 17 Nov 2017
I'm living every single moment. I barely sat down last weekend while it was on. If there's a slight mistake, my heart sinks and beats unhealthily fast. Even before the titles run, I can feel what the dancers are feeling. What would be funny is if ...
one of us (2016 tv series)

'Nashville' TV series to end after six seasons

WJLA - 17 Nov 2017
The hit TV drama 'Nashville' is going to be canceled after airing for six seasons. The musical series about life behind the scenes of the country music industry survived a cancellation by bosses at ABC and the departure of leading lady Connie Britton ...
one of us (2016 tv series)

Life in the shadow of Grenfell: the tower next door

The Guardian - 18 Nov 2017
In a series of memorable television interviews, he was one of the first locals to suggest that Grenfell's new cladding – added to the tower in 2016 – had been done on the cheap and largely for cosmetic reasons. "There needs to be more care for ...
one of us (2016 tv series)

Why has RT registered as a foreign agent with the US?

BBC News - 15 Nov 2017
"In case of car accidents, their hearts must be buried or burnt and never used to save someone's life," he told Russian TV show in 2012. A few American media personalities, the most prominent being Larry King, have presented programmes on RT America's ...
one of us (2016 tv series)

New 'Star Trek' Series Makes Massive Science Blunder

Forbes - 30 Oct 2017
Those of us who have followed Star Trek through its many TV series and movies, including the excellent trio of recent moves (2016's Star Trek Beyond is the latest), were eager to jump on board the newest show, Star Trek: Discovery. Despite some rather ...
one of us (2016 tv series)

How Trump walked into Putin's web

The Guardian - 15 Nov 2017
One of those the KGB routinely surveilled was a 27-year-old diplomat, newly married to his wife, Laura, on his first foreign posting, and working as a second secretary in the chancery division. In this case ...
one of us (2016 tv series)

AP Interview: Russia must be more tolerant, candidate says

Torrington Register Citizen - 17 Nov 2017
MOSCOW (AP) — A celebrity Russian TV host who intends to run for president in next March's election said Friday that she hopes to make the nations' tightly-controlled political system more inclusive and democratic. ...

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