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Giveaway: Only the Brave

Moviehole - 22 Nov 2017
To celebrate the release of “Only the Brave” in Australia on 30 November, we have five double passes to giveaway! “Only the Brave” is an American high action drama based on the elite crew of firefighters who battled the Yarnell Hill Fire, a wildfire in ...
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'Only the Brave' resonates more following this past fire season

Great Falls Tribune - 01 Nov 2017
Only the Brave” is a true story about some small-town firefighters in Prescott, Arizona. After making some good calls in fighting fires that were not always popular, they eventually were rewarded by getting certified as official hot shots in 2008, and ...
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Movie review: 'Only the Brave'

taosnews - 29 Oct 2017
In fact, one of them, titled “No Exit” by journalist Sean Flynn published in GQ magazine (gq.com/story/granite-mountain-hotshots-firefighters-only-the-brave), was so vivid it became a basis for the just-released film about the tragedy that day that ...
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REVIEW: 'Only the Brave' adds unnecessary fuel to fire

Sioux City Journal - 27 Oct 2017
In “Only the Brave,” he sounds – and moves – so much like the veteran actor you'd swear Jones is the film's star. Once he comes out of the shadows, Brolin becomes his own man, the superintendent of the Granite Mountain Hotshots, a group of elite ...
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Santa Fe's wildland firefighters tied to 'Only the Brave' heroes

taosnews - 25 Oct 2017
Actor Josh Brolin, playing 'Supe' Eric Marsh, leads fellow actors playing Granite Mountain Hotshots during filming in New Mexico for the movie Only the Brave. The film is being shown Saturday at Violet Crown and will be followed by a question-and ...
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Only the Brave movie review: the men who tame wildfires

Flick Filosopher - 14 Nov 2017
Only the Brave may be familiar in its overall storytelling arcs about risktaking and redemption for men trying to make better, more productive lives for themselves and their families, though it is also effortlessly engaging and entertaining as it tells ...
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'Only the Brave' – An epic story of courage

Fallbrook / Bonsall Villlage News - 18 Nov 2017
Based on a harrowing true story, and set in beautiful Prescott, Ariz., “Only the Brave” is a gritty and deeply moving film. With jaw-dropping performances by the main stars – Josh Brolin, Miles Teller (Whiplash), Jennifer Connolly and Jeff Bridges ...
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Review: 'Only The Brave' aims for the heart and hits hard

KSDK - 02 Nov 2017
We don't hear enough about their efforts, only reading about their efforts in the headlines when they happen to perish in their pursuits. Only The Brave, Joseph Kosinski's film detailing the true story of the Granite Mountain Hotshots, is about one of ...
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Reel Reviews: Only the Brave

Kern Valley Sun - 08 Nov 2017
Respect and gratitude are among the subjects addressed in Joseph Kosinski (TRON: Legacy; Oblivion) and Columbia Pictures' latest film Only the Brave—starring Josh Brolin (Hail, Caesar!), Miles Teller (Bleed for This), and Forrest Fyre (War on Everyone).
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'Only the Brave' stars want to honor fallen firefighters

Record Bee - 03 Nov 2017
Only the Brave” serves as a timely reminder of the courage of those who protect others and of the sacrifices their own families make. Opening tonight in Lakeport, the movie stars Josh Brolin and Jeff Bridges. The two, who previously worked together on ...
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Locals attend premier of 'Only the Brave' Friday

Los Alamos Monitor - 25 Oct 2017
Only six of those 20 members were full-time employees and given benefits and considered career. The rest were only part-time people, so when they perished they had little support. Fortunately, you, Los Alamos County, stepped up and raised $27,000.
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Reality is Never Fair - A Review of Only the Brave Date

Vinton County Courier - 27 Oct 2017
And to the makers of Only the Brave, thank you to you, too. You've put together a film that is as beautiful and terrible as the bear that Eric Marsh describes in the film. It's a fitting and very poignant tribute to the Granite Mountain Hotshots and ...
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Arts & Entertainment

Noozhawk - 04 Nov 2017
In Only the Brave, powerfully told by director Joseph Kosinski, we walk with these men as they become the first municipal fire department crew to become certified as wildfire hotshots. We not only come to care about these men as individuals, but also ...
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Only The Brave review

Den of Geek UK - 10 Nov 2017
Following the template of sorts set by Peter Berg's films Deepwater Horizon and Patriots Day, Only The Brave is another true story of genuine American heroes. It's not clear from the start it's a true story if you're unfamiliar with the real life ...

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