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WWII Glider Pilots Return To The Skies Of Arnhem

Forces Network - 19 Sep 2017
Three veteran WWII Glider Pilots, all in their 90s, have returned to skies above Arnhem to land on the same landing zone they did 73 years ago. Frank Ashleigh, Roy Roberts and Denzil Cooper all last flew together for Operation Market Garden. The ...
operation market garden

Son visits father's gravesite in the Netherlands

United States Army (press release) - 08 Sep 2017
The operation started Sunday. Among the airborne troops from the 101st Airborne Division, known as the Screaming Eagles, which comprised of about 650 American Soldiers from the 1st Battalion, 501st Parachute Infantry Regiment, who jumped and landed ...
operation market garden

Sunday Bird Droppings: Where the Orioles are going down in flames

Camden Chat - 17 Sep 2017
Later on in the war, in 1944, the Allied Operation Market Garden, an invasion of the Netherlands that aimed to end the war before Christmas of that year, kicked off with the “Market” half - an airborne operation involving more than 40,000 troops trying ...
operation market garden

William Loney: Rededication after WWII paratrooper identified

BBC News - 13 Sep 2017
A service has been held to rededicate the grave of a World War Two British paratrooper, 73 years after his death. L/Cpl William 'Ginger' Loney from Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, died aged 26 and lay in an unmarked grave until he was identified by military ...
operation market garden

Battle of Arnhem 'flying' chicken remembered

BBC News - 04 Sep 2017
A beer has been brewed in honour of a chicken that "flew" into battle with a battalion of the Parachute Regiment during World War Two. Myrtle was acquired following a debate by soldiers based in Leicestershire in 1944 about whether chickens could fly.
operation market garden

What's happening in the District, Sept. 14-20, 2017

Washington Post - 13 Sep 2017
Ranger talk: “Market Garden” After liberating Paris and driving the Germans back to their border, the Allies launched an operation to end the war quickly. Why did Operation Market Garden fail? How did it affect the overall plans of the Allies? 2-3 p.m ...
operation market garden

D-Day paratrooper John Cipolla of Greece dies at 95

Rochester Democrat and Chronicle - 14 Sep 2017
Mr. Cipolla parachuted into combat on D-Day, 16 miles beyond enemy lines. He and his fellow paratroopers returned to England following the invasion of Normandy. Mr. Cipolla jumped into places such as the Netherlands (Operation Market Garden) and the ...
operation market garden

Veteran, 95, parachutes over former battlefield

ITV News - 15 Sep 2017
The 95-year-old veteran from Richmond, North Yorkshire, today recreated the parachute jump he made in 1944 during Operation Market Garden - better known as the battle of Arnhem. John Jeffries said he wanted to commemorate the sacrifices made by ...
operation market garden

Town square becomes a battlefield for Liberation of New Oxford

The Evening Sun - 12 Sep 2017
The Liberation of Nieuwe Oxford transformed New Oxford into a recreation of German occupied Europe as the Allies advance in Operation Market Garden. Note: Video depicts some scenes of re-enacted gunfire and injury. Shane Dunlap - The Evening Sun.
operation market garden

6 Jewish Soldiers Who Haunted the Nazis

Atlanta Jewish Times - 18 Sep 2017
The second, the bulk of the book, covers the Ritchie Boys' training, their ocean voyage to the war zone, and such major engagements as D-Day, Operation Market Garden and the Battle of the Bulge. The last section addresses the final days of the war, the ...
operation market garden

Brigadier Mike Dauncey, DSO at Battle of Arnhem – obituary

Telegraph.co.uk - 13 Sep 2017
On September 17 1944, the first day of Operation Market Garden, Dauncey, then a lieutenant serving with the Glider Pilot Regiment (GPR), flew a Horsa glider to Arnhem. It carried a jeep, an ammunition trailer and six gunners of the Airlanding Light ...
operation market garden

First Battle of WWII Featured One of the Last Calvary Charges

Scout - 05 Sep 2017
Polish troops would later return to help liberate Europe, taking part in such famous battles as Operation Market-Garden. Unfortunately, Poland would never regain most of the territory seized by the Soviet Union during 1939, greatly reducing the land ...
operation market garden

Paras pay homage to Kirklees soldier killed in World War Two

Huddersfield Examiner - 14 Sep 2017
He was parachuted in on September 17, 1944, as part of Operation Market Garden – the disastrous Allied attempt to capture crossings over the Rhine which inspired the 1977 movie A Bridge Too Far. L Cpl Loney – nicknamed “Ginger” – was mowed down in ...
operation market garden

Giving Garden grows thousands of pounds of food sustainably

Brentwood Home Page - 25 Sep 2017
The main campus of Franklin First United Methodist Church located inside the Mack Hatcher north loop at 120 Aldersgate Way in Franklin is host to an amazingly large garden operation, The Giving Garden. What started as a pumpkin patch for the kids on ...

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