Atoms trapped in the optical lattice may move due to quantum tunneling... -
optical lattice

Atoms trapped in the optical lattice may move due to quantum tunneling...

wikipedia - 07 Nov 2016
Atoms trapped in the optical lattice may move due to quantum tunneling, even if the potential well depth of the lattice points exceeds the kinetic energy of the atoms, which is similar to the electrons in a conductor. However, a superfluid–Mott insulator transition may occur, if the interaction energy between the atoms becomes larger than the hopping energy when the well depth is very large. In the Mott insulator phase, atoms will be trapped in the potential minima and cannot move freely, which is similar t
optical lattice

Synopsis: Atoms Put On a Bloch Party

Physics - 24 May 2018
Physicists have managed to observe this phenomenon in other systems, such as semiconductor heterostructures and optical lattices containing ultracold atoms. However, previous optical lattice studies have only been able to infer the oscillations from ...
optical lattice

Quantum non-locality in ultra-cold atomic gases

Phys.Org - 21 Jun 2018
The scattering scheme shown with the optical lattice formed by the two counter-propagating laser beams. The gas is represented by a black dot and atoms scatter into the separate regions A and B, which correspond to the two distant shoe boxes. Credit ...
optical lattice

Chameleons inspire mechanochromic nanolaser - 21 Jun 2018
The new device, which is inspired by panther chameleons, might be used to make flexible, full-colour optical displays and multi-channel optical communications. Researchers recently discovered that certain species of chameleon change the colour of their ...
optical lattice

Viewpoint: Sharpening the Features of Optical Lattices

Physics - 20 Feb 2018
The physical mechanism underlying most optical lattices is the ac-Stark effect, in which laser light causes shifts in an atom's ground-state energy. In the standing-wave pattern created from two or more laser beams, this ac-Stark shift will vary with ...
optical lattice

Molecules enhanced by electromagnetic fields

SciTech Europa - 08 Jun 2018
The non-resonant optical field can be also used to trap molecules via the attractive induced dipole interaction in a spatial array called an optical lattice. It was recognised by David DeMille in 2003 that an array of trapped polar molecules could be ...
optical lattice

Viewpoint: Atoms Oscillate Collectively in Large Optical Lattice

Physics - 14 Feb 2018
Optical lattices are key elements in the effort to use ultracold atoms for quantum simulation, quantum computing, and atomic clocks. These lattices rely on light forces to precisely hold atoms in space and to individually control their internal states [1].
optical lattice

A Fermi-degenerate three-dimensional optical lattice clock

Science Magazine - 05 Oct 2017
Some of today's most advanced clocks are made up of large numbers of atoms lined up in a one-dimensional (1D) optical lattice. The numbers improve clock stability, but atomic interactions can limit accuracy. Campbell et al. loaded their fermionic ...
optical lattice

Optical lattice clock shatters precision record - 19 Mar 2018
The new clock is located at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in Boulder, Colorado and uses thousands of strontium atoms confined in a 3D optical lattice. A laser is used to excite an extremely stable, high-frequency transition ...
optical lattice

Portable optical lattice clock measures elevation - 27 Feb 2018
A portable optical lattice clock on a trailer has been used to measure elevation deep inside a mountain near the France-Italy border. Although this elevation measurement is not as precise as conventional geodetic methods, the experiment marks an ...
optical lattice

Higher-order topological insulators

Science Advances - 01 Jun 2018
For both cases, we show the topological bulk-surface-hinge correspondence, provide concrete lattice-model realizations, and provide expressions for the bulk topological invariants. The latter are ...
optical lattice

Quantum simulations with ultracold atoms in optical lattices

Science Magazine - 07 Sep 2017
Quantum simulation, a subdiscipline of quantum computation, can provide valuable insight into difficult quantum problems in physics or chemistry. Ultracold atoms in optical lattices represent an ideal platform for simulations of quantum many-body problems.
optical lattice

Nanolaser Changes Colors Like a Chameleon - 22 Jun 2018
The nanolaser preserves its high mode quality by using hybrid quadrupole plasmons as an optical feedback mechanism. By increasing the size of the metal nanoparticles in the array, researchers from Northwestern University introduced ultrasharp lattice ...
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Designing molecular materials for sustainable applications

SciTech Europa - 10 Jun 2018
At the Research Priority Area Sustainable Chemistry of the University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Dr Stefania Grecea develops synthetic strategies to assemble well-designed molecular building blocks to combine in the same crystal lattice a set of ...
optical lattice

Viewpoint: A Boost in Precision for Optical Atomic Clocks

Physics - 05 Mar 2018
Their device, which is based on thousands of ultracold Sr atoms confined in a 3D optical lattice, surpasses the previous “best” optical clock [3] by a factor of 1.4 in precision. Given that clocks already have such astonishingly high levels of ...
optical lattice

Deconvolution of optical multidimensional coherent spectra

Science Advances - 01 Jun 2018
Optical coherent multidimensional spectroscopy is a powerful technique for unraveling complex and congested spectra by spreading them across multiple dimensions, removing the effects of inhomogeneity, and revealing underlying correlations. ...
optical lattice

Going 3-D Yields Super-Precise Optical Clock

Optics & Photonics News (blog) - 09 Oct 2017
The team achieved the trick by engineering a 3-D optical lattice that packs in a dense array of strontium atoms, cooled to become a degenerate Fermi gas. The configuration, according to the researchers, suppresses the atom–atom interactions that have ...
optical lattice

Capturing light in a waveguide array

Science Daily - 04 Jun 2018
Microscope image of a cross-section of waveguide array in a topological crystalline insulator lattice geometry. New research shows that this configuration allows light to be confined in a way that is ...

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