This encapsulation is used in Fibre Channel and SAS, and is also supp... -
organizationally unique identifier

How IoT Device Discovery and Activity Detection can Work

Infosecurity Magazine - 13 Jul 2017
For devices that use very specific, organizationally-unique identifiers (OUIs) – a practice more common among brands that only make one type of devices – successful profiling is usually completed after less than a minute of the device appearing on the ...
organizationally unique identifier

MAC address randomization: Understanding the security benefits

TechTarget - 26 Oct 2016
The organizationally unique identifier of globally unique addresses -- b1 bit set to "0" -- identifies the manufacturer of the underlying network interface card. OUIs are assigned by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers -- the ...
organizationally unique identifier

IPv6 Security Myth #5: Privacy Addresses Fix Everything!

CircleID - 17 Feb 2015
Traditionally SLAAC uses modified EUI-64 format interface identifiers, which basically takes the interface's MAC address and stuffs the hexadecimal word "0xfffe" in between the OUI (Organizationally Unique Identifier) and the second half of the MAC ...
organizationally unique identifier

This tool detects then ATTACKS evil twin access points

The Register - 04 Apr 2015
It presently paints access points as evil based on BSSIDs and attributes including channels, ciphers, protocols, Organizationally Unique Identifiers, and authentication. Admins can put the tool in learning mode so that it can identify friendly networks ...
organizationally unique identifier

Malware analysis: How some strains 'adapt' to virtual machines

TechTarget - 03 Jun 2015
For starters, VMware has four Organizationally Unique Identifiers (OUIs) registered with the Institute of Electronics and Electronics Engineers. If the network adapters have MAC addresses starting with 00-05-69, 00-0c-29, 00-1c-14 or 00-50-56, all ...
organizationally unique identifier

IPv6 addressing requires special attention to ensure security

TechTarget - 20 Jun 2013
Since these interface identifiers are also typically globally unique (because the underlying MAC addresses are typically globally unique), it is not difficult to correlate the activities of a node across different networks. The 64-bit IID, then ...
organizationally unique identifier

iBeacon basics

O'Reilly Radar - 21 Mar 2014
Periodic “beacon” transmissions contain three numbers: (1) a UUID, which is typically used for an organizationally unique identifier, such as a company, (2) a major number, and (3) a minor number. Major and minor numbers are assigned in whatever way ...
organizationally unique identifier

Detecting mobile devices on your network after the holiday season

Computerworld (blog) - 27 Dec 2012
Every wired and wireless device is configured with one or more unique MAC addresses. The first three octets (in transmission order) identify the organization that issued the identifier. This is known as the Organizationally Unique Identifier (OUI ...
organizationally unique identifier

Verschleiern der MAC-Adresse bei WLAN ist fast nutzlos - 14 Mar 2017
Zur Erinnerung: Die ersten drei Bytes der MAC-Adressen können aus einem Organizationally Unique Identifiers (OUI) bestehen, der die Hardware einem Hersteller zuordnet. Solche OUIs können beim Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) ...
organizationally unique identifier

Feds: You Need to Fix Your TSP Passwords This Weekend

Nextgov - 08 May 2014
The website of the Thrift Savings Plan, the retirement program for 4.6 million federal employees and retirees, gives identity thieves clues about how to crack users passwords, some security analysts say. As it happens, TSP plans to change its password ...
organizationally unique identifier

Counterfeiting: The Rising Threat To Electronics Manufacturers

Manufacturing Business Technology - 09 Sep 2015
Enterprise-wide labeling, or organizationally aligned labeling solutions that increase visibility and collaboration across the entire supply chain can better enable electronics manufacturers, suppliers, and vendors to meet performance and scalability ...
organizationally unique identifier

To Operationalize Cyber, Humanize the Design

smallwarsjournal - 21 Nov 2016
However, what makes Herbert Simon so singularly unique, was his unshakable focus on the centrality of humans, their decisions, and interactions, in whatever field he examined. Exploring how ...
organizationally unique identifier

Virtualization 101: Best practices for securing virtual machines - 01 Mar 2011
Second, verifying running virtual machines from a network perspective can be done using well known network scanners such as Nmap and others--all virtualization vendors have a defined set of organizationally unique identifiers (OUIs) in place for the ...
organizationally unique identifier


ITpro - 19 Feb 2014
このMACアドレスの前半24ビット(先頭6文字)をOUI(Organizationally Unique Identifier)と呼びます。LAN技術の標準化などを行っているIEEE(米国電気電子技術者協会)がOUIを管理し、ネットワーク機器ベンダーに割り当てています。そして、そのベンダーが後半の24ビットを ...
organizationally unique identifier

O que é endereço MAC? Saiba como encontrar - 03 Nov 2014
O endereço MAC pode ser desconhecido para muitos, mas, na prática, é utilizado por todos os internautas que, de alguma forma, tem acesso a tecnologia. O código é uma informação essencial para o funcionamento das redes atuais. Entenda o porquê e ...

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