NASA Orion Launch Test: Live Updates -
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NASA Orion Launch Test: Live Updates

ABC News - 04 Dec 2014
NASA's Orion spacecraft lifted off this morning from Cape Canaveral to the delight of NASA engineers, who had been forced to scrub the launch on Thursday after a trio of problems. The Orion space capsule is seen as crucial step toward the dream on one ...
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Orion Capsule Turns Heads on White House Lawn (Photos) - 23 Jul 2018
The capsule can hold four crewmembers and is designed to fly on the Space Launch System (SLS), a giant NASA rocket also still in development. The capsule and rocket make up the foundation of the agency's plan to return humans to space: first to the ...
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Image: The Orion test crew capsule

Phys.Org - 03 Aug 2018
In the Ascent Abort-2 test, NASA will verify that the Orion spacecraft's launch abort system can steer the capsule and astronauts inside it to safety in the event of an issue with the Space Launch System rocket when the spacecraft is under the highest ...
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Digging into the details of Orion's EM-1 test flight - 13 Aug 2018
Flying on this flight integrated with a Service Module making its debut, this Orion will be carried into orbit by the Space Launch System (SLS) rocket on its first launch. Orion and SLS will also liftoff on EM-1 in the first launch from Exploration ...
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NASA performs another test of Orion's parachute system

SpaceFlight Insider - 21 Jul 2018
At about 16 feet (five meters) in diameter and 11 feet (3.3 meters) tall, the Orion capsule is being designed to send people beyond low-Earth orbit for the first time since 1972. It's first test flight was in December of 2014. Launched atop a Delta IV ...
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Team Powers On AA-2 Orion Module, Preps for Flight Test Simulation

Space Daily - 21 Jul 2018
Ascent Abort-2 is a full-stress test of Orion's Launch Abort System (LAS) planned for April 2019. It is the only remaining flight test of the active LAS before flying crew on Orion beginning with Exploration Mission-2, and it is essential for a system ...
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Lockheed Martin designs astronauts' living space

Butler Eagle - 18 Aug 2018
Astronauts would launch on the deep-space designed, still-in-progress Orion spacecraft - with the help of the Space Launch System, which NASA bills as the “most powerful rocket” it's ever built. The Gateway would be considerably smaller than the 450 ...
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Telescope money pit will drain other NASA programs

Politico - 27 Jul 2018
The company estimates the Orion program, the Space Launch System rocket and the related ground components that make up NASA's Deep Space Exploration System rely on over 3,200 suppliers in 50 states plus Puerto Rico — with 25 percent of the ...
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AP FACT CHECK: Trump overlooks Europe's role in NASA capsule

SFGate - 25 Jul 2018
"Orion's service module is the powerhouse of the spacecraft, supplying it with the electricity, propulsion, thermal control, air and water it needs in space," NASA says. "After the Space Launch System rocket gives Orion the push it needs to venture ...
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NASA Spruces Up Astronauts' Digs Ahead of Commercial Launches - 02 Aug 2018
If all goes well, astronauts will soon launch from the U.S. for the first time in seven years — so NASA gave their departure lounge an upgrade. Wrapping up shortly, the renovations represent the first makeover of the facility, located at Kennedy Space ...
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Guest column: Road to Mars travels through Louisiana

The Advocate - 12 Aug 2018
NASA understands that it is critical to have a thriving industrial base for space launch across all 50 states, which is why SLS and Orion have suppliers across the country. With at least one SLS launch anticipated each year to deep space, Michoud will ...
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AP FACT CHECK: Trump's made-in-US (and Europe) spacecraft

New Jersey Herald - 26 Jul 2018
"After the Space Launch System rocket gives Orion the push it needs to venture toward deep space and detaches from it, the service module will propel the uncrewed spacecraft on its mission 40,000 miles (64,000 kilometers) beyond the moon and help it ...
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SpaceX Falcon 9 sets new record with Telstar 19V launch from SLC-40 - 22 Jul 2018
Loral Skynet acquired Orion Network Systems in 1998, absorbing its fleet of Orion satellites. Orion 1 – which had been launched in November 1994 – was renamed Telstar 11, while Orion 2 became Telstar 12 shortly after its launch in October 1999. A third ...

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