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oscar nominations 2014

Oscars 2014: How the nominees stack up at the box office

Los Angeles Times - 02 Mar 2014
For example, Warner Bros. bumped up the theater count for the space thriller "Gravity" by nearly 800% after the announcement of its 10 nominations, according to data compiled by Rentrak. PHOTOS: Oscars 2014 Top nominees and winners | Presenters and ...
oscar nominations 2014

'Take It or Leave It' ('Vota voi jata'): Film Review

Hollywood Reporter - 22 Oct 2018
It is the third time Allfilm producer Ivo Felt has had one of his titles selected to represent the country in the last five years, with his Tangerines scoring Oscar and Golden Globe nominations in 2014 and The Fencer nominated for a Globe and making ...
oscar nominations 2014

In profile: the 87 best foreign language Oscar 2019 contenders

Screen International - 12 Oct 2018
This is Ceylan's fifth submission to the foreign-language film Oscar consideration, after Distant (2003), Three Monkeys (2008), Once Upon A Time In Anatolia (2011) and Winter Sleep (2014). Turkey has never had a nomination from 24 previous submissions, ...
oscar nominations 2014


Birth.Movies.Death. - 01 Oct 2018
You may remember Two Days, One Night from its Oscar nomination at the 2015 Academy Awards. It had infamously shown in only five United States theaters when the nominations were announced, making the film a favorite example among Academy ...
oscar nominations 2014

Win double tickets to an early screening of First Man

Critical Hit - 19 Oct 2018
Filmmaker Damien Chazelle shot to fully-deserved superstardom in 2014 with his masterpiece musical drama/thriller Whiplash, which earned itself five Oscar nominations. Clearly not content with just one bout of awesomeness, Chazelle would return in 2016 ...
oscar nominations 2014

Sikkim to Get '100% Organic State' UN Award in Rome

The Weather Channel - 15 Oct 2018
Sikkim, the world's first 100% organic state, will receive the Future Policy Award 2018 at a UN ceremony in Rome. The award will be presented at the headquarters of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) on Monday. Sikkim's organic farming policy ...
oscar nominations 2014

Edgar Wright Predicted Baby Driver's Oscar Nominations In 2014

Screen Rant - 23 Jan 2018
Baby Driver writer/director Edgar Wright predicted his film would receive an Oscar nomination in at least one of the sound categories back in 2014. The crime flick was one of the biggest hits this past summer, earning raves for its stylish presentation ...
oscar nominations 2014

15 Women Horror Directors Jason Blum Can Add to His List

Variety - 18 Oct 2018
It's hard to tell that 2014's “Honeymoon” was Janiak's first feature film, as her confident direction made the intimate horror come alive, letting dread creep into full-blown nightmare as new bride Bea (Rose Leslie) exhibits increasingly erratic ...

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