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our lady of victory church (inuvik)

Our Lady of Victory Church, often called the Igloo Church...

wikipedia - 14 Sep 2016
Our Lady of Victory Church, often called the Igloo Church, is located on Mackenzie Road in downtown Inuvik, Northwest Territories, Canada. It serves a Catholic parish of the Diocese of Mackenzie-Fort Smith. It was established in the mid-1950s, around the time Inuvik was being built; the church was opened and consecrated in 1960 after two years of construction.
our lady of victory church (inuvik)

Inuvik Community Greenhouse

Atlas Obscura - 21 Aug 2017
The town of Inuvik is located 120 miles above the Arctic Circle. Farming is difficult in such frozen terrain and importing fresh fruits and vegetables is an expensive endeavor. In 1988, the Community Garden Society of Inuvik launched an initiative to ...
our lady of victory church (inuvik)

A whirlwind tour of Inuvik in the Northwest Territories

TheRecord.com - 08 Dec 2017
I luck into a tour of the iconic Igloo Church (Our Lady of Victory Parish) with Father Jon Hansen. Volunteers lead five tours a week, which are by donation and usually attract a half dozen people. "We're the No. 1 tourist attraction in Inuvik on ...
our lady of victory church (inuvik)

St. Hallvard's Church and Monastery

Atlas Obscura - 27 Sep 2017
According to the church, the downward-facing dome symbolizes God bending toward his creation, rather than reaching toward the Heavens. From the outside, the building itself looks rather more mundane. It appears as a blend of burnt brick and concrete ...
our lady of victory church (inuvik)


Atlas Obscura - 01 Sep 2017
The extremely thick waterproof and heat resistant walls were made of a special mixture of sand, clay, egg whites, lime, goat hair, and ash called sarooj. Many of these monuments to ancient Persian ingenuity are still around today, hundreds of years ...
our lady of victory church (inuvik)

Great Bear Lake

Atlas Obscura - 06 Apr 2017
Our Lady of Victory Church. This house of worship in the Arctic Circle is shaped like an igloo. 68.3579, -133.7225 · Added by Erin Everywhere. Add Our Lady of Victory Church to a New List. The Inuvik community greenhouse was converted from an old ...
our lady of victory church (inuvik)

Time for some serious thought about Inuvik's future

CBC.ca - 12 Nov 2014
The condition of Inuvik's Our Lady of Victory, commonly known as the “Igloo Church” because of its design, raises a troubling question: When a community icon starts to fade, can the rest be far behind? Inuvik has always been different, a town designed ...
our lady of victory church (inuvik)


Atlas Obscura - 22 Feb 2017
Breckenridge Snow Sculptures. Each year, teams of the world's best snow sculptors have 65 hours to create their frozen masterpieces. 39.4797, -106.0472 · Added by cyccommute. Add Breckenridge Snow Sculptures to a New List. The Igloo Church. Inuvik ...
our lady of victory church (inuvik)


Atlas Obscura - 09 Jun 2013
Living in the French countryside conjures idyllic images of a small cottage, good wines and a relaxing schedule. Eric Wasser kept the last two options open when he built his new home, the Heliodome, but traded in the wooden cottage for a futuristic ...
our lady of victory church (inuvik)

Long John Jamboree

Atlas Obscura - 08 Jan 2016
Know Before You Go. Drive down to Old Town and drive onto one of Yellowknife Bay's iceroads, you can't miss it, the huge parking lot is atop Great Slave Lake! Sign up for our newsletter and get the best of Atlas Obscura in your inbox. Thanks for ...

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