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/Filmcast Ep. 493 – Overlord

/FILM - 14 Nov 2018
Jeff stays strong amid the wildfire raging near his house. The cast discuss Girl in the Spider's Web, Midnight Diner, Bodyguard and end with an in-depth review of the war-horror film Overlord. David and Jeff challenge Liev Schreiber's Michael Barbaro ...

Overlord Is Too Synthetic to Be Horrifying — or Fun

Vulture - 09 Nov 2018
I'm barely a gamer at all, especially in the most contemporary sense, but even I can be suddenly seized by the vague impression that what I am watching bears the aesthetic and narrative sensibility of a third-person shooter. In Overlord, a World War II ...

Overlord Could Have Been 2018's Get Out

Refinery29 - 12 Nov 2018
But perhaps if I had the same discernment of some of my more selective peers, I would have known what to expect from Overlord, the new film directed by Julius Avery starring Jovan Adepo. Billed as a “war horror” movie, the nearly two-hour feature ...

'Overlord': An excellent World War II zombie adventure

Duke Chronicle - 14 Nov 2018
The day is June 6, 1944 and groups of American battleships and troop transport planes approach the European shore. Operation Overlord has begun and, as the first stage of the offensive, the aerial division has been tasked with disabling a German radar ...

'Overlord' Star Wyatt Russell on Embracing the "Moral Gray Area"

Hollywood Reporter - 09 Nov 2018
There's a moment in Overlord where things get ugly, and star Wyatt Russell is at the center of it. The film is billed as a World War II zombie movie, but as with most good zombie stories, the true monsters are the humans (but yes, there are plenty of ...

No Nazi Zombie Movie Should Be as Boring as 'Overlord' Is

War Is Boring - 13 Nov 2018
Overlord starts, like so many other World War II flicks do, during D-Day. The story follows a squad of American paratroopers flying out on the eve of the invasion to clear the way for the seaborne assault. They need to land in the French countryside ...

Overlord review – nasty second world war action-horror fantasy

The Guardian - 07 Nov 2018
It is a bizarre, and weirdly humourless and explicit action-horror fantasy set during the second world war – specifically just before the D-day landings, hence the title, derived from Operation Overlord, you see. It is written by Billy Ray (who ...

Overlord Review

Geeks World Wide (press release) (blog) - 12 Nov 2018
For me, 'Overlord' definitely falls into this second category. Based upon the previews I kept seeing, I thought I'd be getting a “Wolfenstein” style, World War II era zombie flick. This movie had all that and then some. The story follows a group of ...

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