ScHoolboy Q, 'Oxymoron': Track-By-Track Review -

ScHoolboy Q, 'Oxymoron': Track-By-Track Review

Billboard - 25 Feb 2014
A lot of the highlights of ScHoolboy Q's debut album "Oxymoron" tread the line between paradise and poison, with the bleary-eyed MC equating life with crushed-up pills and a bleak existence with fits of assonance that one has to hear again and again.

The Oxymoron of Commercial Wildflowers

The Atlantic - 24 Jul 2017
The Oxymoron of Commercial Wildflowers. Are the blooms sold by florists ever truly “wild”? An assortment of wildflowers growing. The wildflowers that Rachel draws from are sometimes curated by her helping hand, but often left untouched. Rachel Andre ...

Luxury Student Housing Should Be an Oxymoron

State College News - 19 Jul 2017
During my last semester as an undergraduate I rented a big room in an old farmhouse for – brace yourselves, young readers -- $45 per month. Or was it $54 per month? We're talking 40 years ago, which explains why I can't remember exactly what I paid and ...

Southern Vegan Cuisine? For Tephra, That's No Oxymoron

Paste Magazine - 19 Jul 2017
When Chef Shawn Harrison of Tephra Vegan received the call to help open a vegan cafe in Savannah, the Charlotte native wasn't entirely sure that the quirky Georgian city could provide enough business. Harrison decided to stage a small pop-up dinner at ...

Social media automation: Oxymoron or godsend?

MarTech Today - 29 Jun 2017
When it comes to engaging with consumers on social, automation can save you both time and money. Contributor Seth Price outlines four things to consider when automating your social media content. Seth Price on June 29, 2017 at 9:50 am. More. As social ...

Professional Paradise: Oxymoron or Business Imperative?

ATD (blog) - 29 Jun 2017
Professional paradise. A lot of leaders I talk with say it must be an oxymoron. Even those who readily believe it is possible to achieve a constant state of paradise or bliss at work might think that finding or creating professional paradise in today's ...

A 'fascist' democracy: the oxymoron we live with

National Herald - 18 Jul 2017
It's no longer the individual or the people but chants of 'one nation, one state, one leader' that have come to mark our tryst with destiny. You cannot speak of workers' rights or anti-labour policies. On May 2, the present ruling dispensation ...

Why "Free Tax Preparation" Is Usually An Oxymoron (blog) - 06 Jul 2017
Every tax season, the general public is presented with the option of having a professional prepare their taxes, or going it alone with one of the available brands of tax prep software online. Advertisement. A quick web search reveals that almost 34 ...

“Rural Progressives”: It's Not an Oxymoron

Blue Virginia (press release) (blog) - 07 Jul 2017
For the past several years, as most of rural Virginia has become increasingly “red,” a number of us have been arguing that this shift is as much about a lack of real alternatives as it is about a genuine change in values. As someone who has lived in ...

The Oxymoron Of Kenny Blaq : Tickets for show now selling!

Pulse Nigeria - 13 Jul 2017
The Oxymoron of Kenny Blaq, powered by Unicmade Entertainment & Records Packaged by Lanre Makun Events and Yaw naija entertainment. And proudly supported by Domino's pizza, cold stone creamery, fero mobile, nobel carpets and rug, Federal ...

Alibaba, Seyi Law, others for Oxymoron of Kenny Blaq

TheNewsGuru - 19 Jul 2017
Otolorin Kehinde, aka Kennyblaq, has gradually warmed his way into the heart of the Nigerian entertainment industry with his unique style of comedy. The talented comedian is set for his much-anticipated comedy show tagged Oxymoron of Kenny Blaq.

Beautiful public toilets: not an oxymoron any more

The Hindu - 25 Jun 2017
Public toilets in the city are notorious for being unattractive places, poorly maintained and filthy at worst, and even at best despoiled with paan stains and graffiti. A new set of prefabricated toilets with artistic paintings on their exterior walls ...

Honolulu mayor to sign expanded plastic bag ban bill for Oahu

KHON2 - 23 Jul 2017
It's kind of an oxymoron, there is no such thing,” said 808 Cleanups Assistant Director Fawn Liebengood. “Just this last week I saw a bird eating a plastic bag that was floating through the park, so we definitely need to have an all out ban.” There ...

Music comedian's maiden event set for July 23rd

Pulse Nigeria - 21 Jul 2017
Then make a date to be at 'The Oxymoron of Kenny Blaq' happening at Eko Hotel. Seeing how he has set other events on fire, imagine what he has planned for his maiden concert. Come watch the Musicomedian 'Kenny Blaq' in all his elements and at his ...

Saving neoliberalism in the age of Trump

Washington Examiner - 21 Jul 2017
Recognizing these trends, a small cohort of moderate libertarians - no, that's not an oxymoron - have also been attempting to reclaim neoliberalism, defined as managed capitalism with a welfare state. In the United Kingdom, the Adam Smith Institute ...

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