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'Paranormal Activity: Marked Ones' grosses $1.2 million Thursday

Los Angeles Times - 03 Jan 2014
Not a sequel to 2012's "Paranormal Activity 4," "The Marked Ones" features a mostly Latino cast and is set in the barrios of Oxnard, Calif. "Paranormal Activity 5" is scheduled for release in October. "The Marked Ones," about a young Latino who is ...
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Times of India - 13 Jul 2018
Trunk is a film based on a true story that happened to a family in North Karnataka. The film begins with paranormal activity team, called TRAPS, that gets stuck while trying to resolve a paranormal mystery, which leaves a scar on one of the team members.
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5 Paranormal Activity Hotbeds in Laramie

laramielive.com - 03 May 2018
Also featured in "5 Wyoming Stories That Should Be Featured on Drunk History", Knight Hall owes its alleged paranormal activity to the gravesite that was discovered at the location during the construction of the building. Although you have probably ...
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Do you suspect paranormal activity? Signs and solutions

NewsChannel5.com - 28 Mar 2018
The survey found those who did believe in paranormal activity of some sort, also including beliefs about aliens, mind control, fortune tellers and Bigfoot, tended to be lower income, female, conservative, single or cohabiting and living in a rural area ...
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Paranormal activity on the Suncoast: how much can we prove?

WWSB ABC 7 - 23 May 2018
One area with a lot of paranormal activity: the Ringling estate which includes the museum and part of New College's campus. "We've got activity on the whole block,” says Reed. “We've caught shadows, we've got John talking to us.” Reed says if you go ...
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A Scenario in Which a Paranormal Activity 7 Could Actually Happen

TVOvermind - 22 Apr 2018
After all, each of the six movies made multiple times their production budgets, meaning that it seems logic for the people behind the franchise to continue making them so as to continue capitalizing on consumer interest. Certainly, Paranormal Activity ...
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Watch Last Man Standing Online: How to Stream Full Episodes

Heavy.com - 21 Jul 2018
Jack Burditt is a well-known writer, actor, and producer who has won 5 Emmy awards; he is the creator and a writer for Last Man Standing. He wrote many episodes for the hit series Mad About You and in recent years has served as a creator or executive ...
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Historic Albemarle establishment searched for paranormal activity

The Daily Progress - 04 Feb 2018
Despite being a believer in the paranormal since childhood, Terry Petrovits, owner and manager of the Silver Thatch Inn in Albemarle County, has never encountered a spirit. However, over the nearly 20 years she has managed the inn, Petrovits has heard ...
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5 of the most haunted places in South Texas

KSAT San Antonio - 22 Jun 2018
It is considered by some as one of the most active spots in the state for paranormal activity. Diabolical laughs have also been captured on audio. Victoria's Black Swan Inn. San Antonio is home to many alleged haunted buildings, including the Victoria ...
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5 reasons why a ghost might attach itself to you

HelloGiggles - 22 Jan 2018
According to The Atlantic Paranormal Society, residual hauntings occur in patterns, meaning that you may notice the paranormal activity happening over and over again. Residual hauntings can also be attached to an object that holds significance. The ...
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Lake County tour takes ghost seekers to find paranormal activity

Chicago Tribune - 04 May 2018
Lake County is a great place to experience the presence of ghosts no matter what time of year, according to paranormal investigator Ursula Bielski. That's because “water serves as a conduit for paranormal activity,” and of course, there are lots of ...

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