Parkinson's disease and depression often go hand in hand -
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Parkinson's disease and depression often go hand in hand

Washington Post - 14 Aug 2014
This story has been updated. Comedian Robin Williams was grappling with severe depression when he committed suicide Monday, and on Thursday we learned that he also was in the early stages of Parkinson's disease. Sadly, the two conditions are often ...
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Valuable Advice for Parkinson's Disease 'Newbies'

Parkinson's News Today - 20 Aug 2018
You have been asked to speak to a group of newbies in the Parkinson's world. You have been asked to share with them wisdom you have gleaned from walking this journey of having Parkinson's disease. What will you tell them? This is what I might say: ...
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Can work stress contribute to Parkinson's disease risk?

EurekAlert (press release) - 22 Aug 2018
Results from a Movement Disorders study suggest that occupational stress is associated with Parkinson's Disease risk, such that having a high-demand occupation is a risk factor and low control is protective. High job demands were associated with ...
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The eyes may have it, an early sign of Parkinson's disease

Science Daily - 16 Aug 2018
The eyes may be a window to the brain for people with early Parkinson's disease. People with the disease gradually lose brain cells that produce dopamine, a substance that helps control movement. Now a new study has found that the thinning of the ...
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Location Probability Learning Unimpaired in Parkinson Disease

Neurology Advisor - 20 Aug 2018
Patients with Parkinson disease do not demonstrate impairment in location probability learning, according to results published in Neuropsychologia. Patients with Parkinson's have previously been shown to have deficits in acquiring probabilistic ...
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Can Eyes Predict Parkinson's Disease?

MedPage Today - 15 Aug 2018
Retinal thinning was linked to dopaminergic neuronal atrophy in a cross-sectional analysis, raising the possibility that it could be a way to detect pathologic changes in early Parkinson's disease (PD) patients, researchers said. Drug-naïve patients ...
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Your dreams could be an early clue to Parkinson's disease

CBS News - 31 Jul 2018
Actor Alan Alda revealed that he has Parkinson's disease — and in an interview Tuesday on "CBS This Morning," the award-winning actor said an unusual dream helped lead to his diagnosis. Alda, best known for his portrayal of Army Capt. "Hawkeye" Pierce ...
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HackensackUMC recognized for treatment of Parkinson's disease - 17 Aug 2018
Hackensack University Medical Center has become the first hospital in the country to receive certification for its management of Parkinson's disease from the Joint Commission, a nonprofit organization that sets standards and certifies health-care ...
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Parkinson's Disease and a Tulip

Parkinson's News Today - 14 Aug 2018
The red tulip, with a fringe of white, became the official symbol of Parkinson's disease at the 9th World Parkinson's Disease Day Conference in Luxembourg on April 11, 2005 (although the flower had been associated with Parkinson's awareness since the ...
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What Is It Like to Live with Parkinson's Disease?

Parkinson's News Today - 15 Aug 2018
I read a post recently in a Facebook group for people with Parkinson's disease. The poster asked fellow group members what their response would be to others when asked what it is like to live with PD. Their answers are incorporated into the column.
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Eyes may be window to the brain for Parkinson's disease diagnosis (press release) - 22 Aug 2018
People with Parkinson's disease gradually lose brain cells that produce dopamine, a substance that helps control movement. A new study has found that the thinning of the retina, the lining of nerve cells in the back of the eye, is linked to the loss of ...
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Parkinson's disease: Breath test for early diagnosis steps closer

Medical News Today - 31 Jul 2018
The team from Technion Israel Institute of Technology had previously shown that the test can detect people with Parkinson's disease who are already receiving treatment. Now, in a paper published in the journal ACS Chemical Neuroscience, they report how ...
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Neil Diamond won't let Parkinson's slow him down

Page Six - 16 Aug 2018
NEW YORK — Neil Diamond may have retired from the road due to Parkinson's disease, but he said he's working hard to get back onstage. “Well, I'm doing pretty well. I'm active. I take my meds. I do my workouts. I'm in pretty good shape. I'm feeling good.

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