Paul Taylor Powell (January 21, 1902 – October 10, 1970) served... -
paul powell (politician)

Sensing an upset, Paul Ryan-aligned super PAC attacks Donna Shalala

Miami Herald - 16 Oct 2018
“Donna Shalala is just another politician who puts herself first,” said CLF communications director Courtney Alexander. “As president of the University of Miami, Shalala lived in a $9 million mansion, but only paid university janitors $7 an hour while ...
paul powell (politician)

Bank of England official talks unelected powers in democracy

The Brown Daily Herald - 17 Oct 2018
Paul Tucker, chair of the Systemic Risk Council and former deputy governor of the Bank of England, discussed his newest book “Unelected Power: The Quest for Legitimacy in Central Banking and the Regulatory State” at a talk hosted by the Rhodes Center ...
paul powell (politician)

'We must resist this mess': your views on the People's Vote march

The Guardian - 19 Oct 2018
With respect to the 2016 result, and for the sake of political and social harmony, I would not wish to see remain as an option in a second referendum, but simply a choice of a Brexit proposal agreed by parliament together with the option to maintain ...
paul powell (politician)

Trump Channels Nixon Again: This Time, His Target Is the US Economy

Justia Verdict - 18 Oct 2018
That it is Trump who is leading the attacks on the Fed makes it all the more worrisome, because Trump more than any other politician has made it clear that every government employee and agency—including even the Justice Department and law enforcement ...
paul powell (politician)

The Fight to Protect the Fed From Trump's Rate-Hike Barbs

Bloomberg - 20 Sep 2018
Cultivating Congress, paradoxically, is a cornerstone of Powell's strategy to protect the Fed's freedom to conduct monetary policy without political interference. Economists say that independence, granted to the bank by lawmakers, is key to any modern ...
paul powell (politician)

For the Fed, Ignoring Trump Is Good Policy

Bloomberg - 26 Sep 2018
Today's Federal Reserve decision to raise interest rates was largely a nonevent, given how thoroughly markets had expected it. Nonetheless, it offered a comforting reminder that Fed officials know how to do their job — which these days means ignoring ...
paul powell (politician)

Fed officials discussed hiking rates to 'restrictive' level

Washington Post - 17 Oct 2018
WASHINGTON — Federal Reserve officials last month debated how high they should raise interest rates to achieve their economic goals, with some arguing that they might need to lift rates to a level that would modestly restrain growth. In the end, the ...

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