In role-playing games, both for tabletop and computer, permadeath... -

In role-playing games, both for tabletop and computer, permadeath...

wikipedia - 19 Sep 2016
In role-playing games, both for tabletop and computer, permadeath (or permanent death) is a gameplay mechanic in which player characters that die are permanently dead and removed from the game and may no longer be used to play. Less common terms with the same meaning are persona death and player death. Games without permanent death may allow characters who are killed to be resurrected to a playable state, with this action often costing resources or undoing progress the player has made.

This mod adds permadeath mechanics to Fallout 4

DSOGaming - 09 Jan 2018
Modder 'JJ2197' has released a new version of his permadeath mod for Fallout 4. The “You Only Live Once” mod is inspired by the YOLO run-throughs of Many a True Nerd, this mod brings to Bethesda's RPG permadeath mechanics, meaning that the modder has ...

You Only Live Once mod adds permadeath to Fallout 4

Game News Plus - 10 Jan 2018
Well, if you are a restless gamer and not a rage-quitter, this mod might brighten your day. Thanks to modder JJ2197, we can now have permadeath mechanics on Fallout 4. According to the mod notes; all healing, curing addictions, rad removal and limb ...

Shu Review - Switch eShop | Nintendo Life

Nintendo Life - 18 Jan 2018
Shu doesn't reflect many modern 2D platformer trends. It's far too old school for that. Rather perversely, it's this traditional approach that makes the game feel rather fresh. We're not dealing with an explorative Metroidvania here, nor is Shu a ...

Review Scores Must Die (press release) (blog) - 15 Jan 2018
This was troublesome for him because in Hellblade, you can only die so many times before you have a permadeath and your save file is literally deleted. He came across a bug (which I've seen reported elsewhere, though rarely) where he kept dying ...

Hellblade's Save-Erasing Permadeath System Might Not Be Real

Forbes - 08 Aug 2017
But there's one detail that's jumped out of people and caused a stir on the Internet today, and that's that this game seems to feature "Permadeath" not as an option but as a requirement. Die too many times and the game will delete your save file ...

Perma-Permadeath Game Upsilon Circuit Gets Canceled

Kotaku - 19 Dec 2017
The game, announced in 2015, was to be part-multiplayer fantasy RPG, part-game show, and part-Twitch Plays Pokemon. While two teams competed to explore, fight monsters, and collect treasure, an audience would watch and level up players' skill trees. If ...

'Perma-permadeath' game Upsilon Circuit has been cancelled

PC Gamer - 19 Dec 2017
Upsilon Circuit, the fascinating game which limited players to one single life, has been cancelled. Studio Robot Loves Kitty made the announcement today, citing funding as the "primary" issue, though there's quite a bit to it. Indeed, a spokesperson ...

How Hellblade's permadeath works isn't the point

PC Gamer - 11 Aug 2017
Though there are many examples of the ways it does that, from impeccable audiovisual work to actor Melina Juergens' heartrending performance, critics and players have centered conversation about the game on one specific point: Hellblade's use of a ...

Immortal Redneck lands on PS4 and Xbox One next month

Gamereactor UK - 16 Jan 2018
For those who don't know, Immortal Redneck sees you take on pyramids full of enemies with permadeath enabled, but each time you finish a run you can spend currency to unlock upgrades, which means you do a little better each time. For more on the ...

Una mod aggiunge meccaniche permadeath in Fallout 4 - 10 Jan 2018
Sono vari i modder all'opera sul mondo post-apocalittico di Fallout, poco fa vi abbiamo segnalato il lavoro svolto da un team di modder con "Fallout 4: New Vegas", ovvero la trasposizione di Fallout New Vegas all'interno di Fallout 4. Oggi è il turno ...

Choose your own adventure in Just One Line

Gamereactor UK - 19 Jan 2018
Something that should be noted, particularly for newer players, is that permadeath is present. This, of course, means that you could lose all your precious progress following a few poorly made decisions. This was perhaps a choice made by the developers ...

Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice Developers Explain Permadeath Bluff

Only Single Player - 23 Oct 2017
Developer Ninja Theory decided to bluff about permadeath in Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice to make the game's story and gameplay feel more engaging. When Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice launched in August, the game caught controversy and polarized ...

Control the warden in Prison Architect's latest update

PC Gamer - 23 Dec 2017
It will inevitably lead to slower expansion because you'll be constantly wary of getting injured, and you can turn on permadeath mode if you want to ramp up the difficulty even higher. Elsewhere, the update adds floor signage, which is a handy way to ...

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