In role-playing games, both for tabletop and computer, permadeath... -

In role-playing games, both for tabletop and computer, permadeath...

wikipedia - 19 Sep 2016
In role-playing games, both for tabletop and computer, permadeath (or permanent death) is a gameplay mechanic in which player characters that die are permanently dead and removed from the game and may no longer be used to play. Less common terms with the same meaning are persona death and player death. Games without permanent death may allow characters who are killed to be resurrected to a playable state, with this action often costing resources or undoing progress the player has made.

Hellish adventure 'Agony' gets new permadeath mode [updated]

Windows Central - 22 May 2018
"Agony Mode" is a permadeath mode where you only get one chance at completing the adventure. Not only do you have to avoid being devoured by the ungodly creatures that inhabit that plane, but you also have to solve quests and uncover other mysteries.

State of Decay 2: Zombies, permadeath, and resource management

Culturess - 24 May 2018
State of Decay 2, an Xbox exclusive, is a zombie survival game that uses permadeath and resource management to create a realistic experience. Developed by Undead Labs, State of Decay 2 released on May 22nd, 2018. Even though it's a sequel to the ...

Hellblade's permadeath bluff is "not as simple as people think"

PCGamesN - 17 May 2018
“The wording for the permadeath message was chosen quite carefully because we didn't want to lie to the player,” Tameem Antoniades, chief creative director at Ninja Theory, says. “It's actually your interpretation of the message that is what threw ...

Tickets On Sale Today For Cerise Jacobs Video Game Opera

Broadway World - 15 May 2018
Tickets go on sale today for the latest brainchild of creator and librettist Cerise Jacobs, the video game opera PermaDeath. Hailed by Opera magazine as "intrepid and artistically ambitious," Jacobs is quickly establishing a body of original operatic ...

A Robot Named Fight: Lovingly Crafted Metroid Tribute Now on Switch

Nintendeal (satire) (press release) (blog) - 24 May 2018
And even with the visual similarities, this game's permadeath element and procedural generation makes it feel considerably different from anything in the Metroid series. Each new run is unique with billions of distinct possibilities, so you'll never ...

State of Decay 2 review: Shambling toward nothing

Ars Technica - 22 May 2018
Links: Microsoft Store | Official website I wanted to be a “State of Decay person” since the first game came to the Xbox 360 in 2013. My friend pretty much forced the issue. I remember a straight month where all they wanted to do was whack zombies from ...

Shadow Of War's New Expansion Should Be Its Own Game

Kotaku - 22 May 2018
When the video game Shadow of Mordor was released in late 2014, its most marvelous trait was its Nemesis System. This superb chunk of design and programming ensured that any evil grunt that killed the player would be elevated in the game's bad guy ...

How do four indie devs make two great games a month?

Polygon - 16 May 2018
Hopefully, this post will stay current for a few more days before Sokpop inevitably publishes some puzzle platformer or “asynchronous online multiplayer pokemon-like dungeon crawling king of the hill game with permadeath and turn-based battles” (which ...

Xbox Game Pass Adds Six New Titles For June - 24 May 2018
Perma-Permadeath: Death is so permanent in Next Up Hero that your “echo” remains for the next player to raise. People die a lot in Next Up Hero, so you can resurrect up to 20 AI followers! Mixer Interactive Enabled: It's Hero vs. Dirge powered by Mixer ...

Hack-and-Slash RPG Die for Valhalla! Launching Later This Month

PlayStation LifeStyle - 15 May 2018
Permadeath is an option in this game as well, so hardcore players looking for a challenge will also be able to sink their teeth into this with no problem. For more information on the upcoming Die for Valhalla!, check out below for a brief overview of ...

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