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petals on the wind

In Chad, the Elephants (So Many Elephants) Are Back

New York Times - 14 May 2018
In an adjacent wetland, several hundred pink pelicans took flight like cherry blossom petals in the wind, making me momentarily forget my nausea and angle for a better view. Ten minutes later, the elephants came into view. Too numerous to count, they ...
petals on the wind

'Snow' in Nanaimo on May 24?

CTV Vancouver Island - 24 May 2018
What looks like snowflakes drifting in the breeze is actually tree bits blowing in the wind. Tree bits. That's what I'm ...
petals on the wind

Clean, Green All-Canadian Beauty Roundup - 24 May 2018
Barber Shoppe soap, including activated charcoal, from Greenly Skin Care; Twisted Citrus soap from Greenly Skin Care; Wild Flower soap bar, including French rose clay, lavender and tangerine essential oil, rose and calendula petals, from Naturally ...
petals on the wind

Plants get a brace to precisely shed flowers and leaves

EurekAlert (press release) - 03 May 2018
As a delicate wind blows, pink cherry blossom petals leave branches by flying in the air. It sounds like the setting of a romantic movie, but it is actually the research topic of a team at Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science and Technology (DGIST) and ...
petals on the wind

The Mast-Head: Dandelions & Muck

East Hampton Star - 17 May 2018
In warmer places, many already have gone to seed. White tufts wait for the wind as younger siblings begin to spread their petals below. Last year at about this time, I wrote about the late Matthew Lester, a young man who was a champion of dandelions ...
petals on the wind

Meet the speedsters of the plant world

Science News - 16 May 2018
When disturbed — by a fat bumblebee or the nose of an inquisitive human — the petals split apart, freeing the stamens. The stamens flip ...
petals on the wind

Movement mantras

The Hindu - 24 May 2018
These seed syllables have powerful potency when chanted inaudibly within oneself. These sounds have been like individual petals that make lotuses, which are strung together as a pure dance vocabulary or Nritta. The movements of the limbs, consisting of ...
petals on the wind

The art of letting go

Dailyuw - 25 Apr 2018
I can recall sitting underneath a tree, trying to focus on my homework, but was distracted by a hushed whisper in the wind saying, “let go” gracefully. I could not tell if it was meant for me, or the petals falling around me, but I think it is time to ...
petals on the wind

WRITE TEAM: Help spread acts of kindness - 15 May 2018
The wind picks up or rain showers blow in, and the petals end up strewn about the yard. I hold my breath when they appear, determined to enjoy them for whatever time we get. Eleven years ago, our first grandson, Hunter, was photographed in our front ...

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