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petals on the wind

All that's changed is veiled in flowers

Manila Bulletin - 03 Mar 2018
Even the women in her paintings, veiled in flowers, unreachable in the abyss of their own thoughts, hinting at their creator's autobiographical approach but never quite confirming it, seem to have evolved, less confined to the reality of proportions ...
petals on the wind

Coal mine expansion could swallow family farms in southern Illinois

Energy News Network - 19 Mar 2018
Tuesday: Why TVA coal from the Illinois Basin is still lucrative and in-demand. Wednesday: Illinois mine expands despite safety, environmental concerns. Ever since the land man visited, Pat Kern walks the trails on her family's farm every chance she ...
petals on the wind

Chasing Cherry Blossoms in Japan

The Epoch Times - 15 Mar 2018
The display is breathtaking to behold. “I have yet to see anyone not be completely delighted and amazed by the sight of a park full of cherry trees in full bloom,” Julia Maeda, founder of bespoke tour company Tokyo Personalized, said in an email ...
petals on the wind

Why DC's Cherry Blossoms Are Overrated - 18 Mar 2018
While I, too, have gasped with delight when I've managed to hit the Tidal Basin exactly at peak bloom, let's be honest: The frenzy over these fickle trees is a tad insane. Peak is a scant few days, which is what makes it a rare event, I know, but which ...
petals on the wind

Outdoors: On the hunt for signs of spring in Colorado

The Coloradoan - 18 Mar 2018
Today offers only sunshine and no wind, but the ponderosa pines so essential to both tassel-eared squirrels and pygmy nuthatches surrender as many nuthatches as squirrels. I continue on. Some filaree or any of three or four mustards might be blooming ...
petals on the wind

On Chronic Illness and Clothes

Harvard Crimson - 07 Mar 2018
Tellier's room is not quite cluttered, not quite spare—little white roses garland one side, where her bed and desk are, and her wardrobe is filled with more shades of pinks and creams than I knew existed. On the other side of her room, “Star Wars” and ...
petals on the wind

Where to Shoot Cherry Blossoms in Japan: A Practical Photo Guide

PetaPixel (blog) - 09 Mar 2018
Kyoto/Gion – Keep walking until you reach the Shirakawa river, where you find cherry trees lit up at night. A tip on behavior: Under no circumstances should you shake the cherry trees. I have seen this with my own eyes, where rude tourists hit the ...
petals on the wind

When Mourning Becomes Electronic

Lynchburg News and Advance - 14 Mar 2018
“I weep for Adonais — he is dead!/ Oh, weep for Adonais!” These opening lines of Percy Bysshe Shelley's elegy for the poet John Keats could be a dirge for our times. It's a poem about a young man whose petals were “nipp'd” before the wind blew them ...
petals on the wind

Theatre: Paint Your Wagon at the Everyman Theatre, Liverpool

The Times - 08 Mar 2018
And the misery on the faces of Cherry's dancers when their smiles aren't plastered on for the whooping, leering men is an eloquent, wordless protest. The prevailing mood, however, remains buoyant. In I Talk to the Trees, the taboo-busting, interracial ...
petals on the wind

Colored powder flies as Hindus celebrate Holi - 03 Mar 2018
An Indian widow dances covered in colored powder while holding flower petals during Holi festival celebrations in Vrindavan, India on Feb. 27, 2018. Holi, the popular Hindu spring festival of colors is observed in India at the end of the winter season ...

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