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petals on the wind

PHOTOS: Vigil for Ruya Kadir

Twin Falls Times-News - 12 Jul 2018
Vigil for Ruya Kadir. Vigil for Ruya Kadir. Buy Now. Camille Flournoy tosses rose petals to the wind as part of a vigil for 3-year-old Ruya Kadir Wednesday at the Visitor Center in Twin Falls. Kadir was stabbed to death at her 3rd birthday party. DREW ...
petals on the wind

Here comes BYOSD (bring your own smart display)

Computerworld - 16 Jun 2018
It's easy to dismiss the smart-display market. A smart display is like an Amazon Echo- or Google Home-style virtual assistant appliance, but with a screen that can show visual results, rather than just spoken ones, and facilitate video calls. Right now ...
petals on the wind

Knock Out® Roses

Journal Advocate - 14 Jul 2018
The rose petals just fall cleanly off and do not produce a seed pod called a rose hip. Do they need pruning at all? Yes, but timing is ...
petals on the wind

Windsor seeks public input on roundabout sculptures

Santa Rosa Press Democrat - 12 Jul 2018
Ide and Russell, partners at an art studio, submitted two designs: an LED-lighted kinetic tree with a wide, multi-colored base dubbed “Harvest” and a similar tree design with a blue base and petals that spin with the wind named “Renew.” Peltzer's “The ...
petals on the wind

Knock Out Roses

High Plains Journal - 12 Jul 2018
By Linda Langelo. Colorado State University Extension. Roses are a good shrub for Colorado. The amount of sun is perfect. However, over other varieties of roses, there are few roses, other than shrub roses that require some kind of daily care. Picking ...
petals on the wind

A gentle warrior

The Sunday Guardian - 14 Jul 2018
He was wearing the long robe of a young warrior, and as he ran, the robe flowed in the wind, and was caught in the thorns of some rose bushes. ...
petals on the wind

11 invasive species to watch out for in Michigan

WDIV ClickOnDetroit - 09 Jul 2018
Local Concern: Black swallow-wort grows rapidly and can cover other vegetation. Seeds are carried on the wind or transported by water. Roots are toxic to mammals, including livestock. Plants are toxic to many insect larvae including monarch caterpillars.
petals on the wind

And we're off! Previewing this season on The Block NZ

The Spinoff - 08 Jul 2018
To discover what lies ahead on our intrepid voyage into reno paradise, I've scoured the depths of The Block NZ promos like an out of control belt sander running rampant over a wooden floor. Life's a garden, so let's chuck some rose petals on our ...
petals on the wind

9 Wholesome, Stress-Free Video Games to Brighten Your Mood

Nerdist - 22 Jun 2018
The world is a dark place. And as much as we love our violent first-person shooters and blood-pumping video horror games, sometimes it's just a bit too much. When things seem bleak, we've had a rough day, or we just need to get out of a funk, we want ...
petals on the wind

The beautiful game tarnished by dives

Trail Times - 21 Jun 2018
Watching grown men (women are generally less prone to diving) float about like petals in the wind – obvious, mostly unpunished, often actually rewarded, cheating – is never likely to seem worth the hard-earned cash of American or Canadian sports fans.
petals on the wind

10 Beautiful Photos of Seeds (And Fun Facts for Each)

Modern Farmer - 06 Jul 2018
What is less known, however, is that each sunflower plant is actually made up of hundreds of tiny flowers: disk flowers, which form the head; and ray flowers, what we commonly petals, which are there to attract pollinators. The sunflower head will ...

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