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petals on the wind

11 Burning Man art pieces you can see in Reno

Reno Gazette Journal - 15 Aug 2017
Some people don't want to go to Burning Man, some can't afford to go and some just can't get a ticket. That doesn't mean, however, that they can't get a taste of Burning Man. Reno is home to more than $5 million worth of public art, and a smattering of ...
petals on the wind

The Sun Lover

Longmont Observer - 15 Aug 2017
The bright yellow part which, you might refer to as the petals of the sunflower, is actually the ray flowers. These can range in color from ...
petals on the wind

Did the first flower look like this?

BBC News - 01 Aug 2017
The first flower is reconstructed with petal-like structures arranged in a whorl, so each petal appears in the same plane, like a common lily (but with more whorls), rather than in a spiral, where petals overlap in a spiral arrangement around the stem ...
petals on the wind

Column: California King

Duncan Banner - 13 Aug 2017
The wind blows the fabric petals of white roses and I stand looking past them. I had forgotten him this morning and now he's back. That's when I closed my fingers around that thief reality. I hadn't noticed until now, grasping that forlorn truth plumb ...
petals on the wind

Poet Imagines Life Inside A 1910 Institution That Eugenics Built

KUOW News and Information - 15 Aug 2017
Instead, we go to the window and make a game of racing dogwood blossoms knocked down by the wind. Choose your flower as it falls, and see whose is the first to hit the clay. I beat the crippled girl every day for a week. The trick is to pick the ...
petals on the wind

Protect your eyes to see phenomenon

Standard Speaker - 07 Aug 2017
Astronomers turn their telescopes to solar eclipses so they can see the corona, the bursts of gases that travel as solar wind and show up as the Northern Lights on earth, where they can make power grids and communication networks go haywire. When the ...
petals on the wind

TV Review: 'Petals on the Wind'

Variety - 23 May 2014
Hitting the air a mere four months after Lifetime scored a ratings bull's-eye with guilty pleasure literary adaptation “Flowers in the Attic,” sequel “Petals on the Wind” certainly looks and feels like a rush job, but nevertheless improves on its ...
petals on the wind

In the lap of love

Greater Kashmir - 14 Aug 2017
Her eyes as deep as oceans sent me down to the lane of euphoria, her chiseled face shone like a lone moon in the starless sky, the only mole on the right hand side of her nose looked as beautiful as a drop of dew on the petals of red rose, the cherry ...
petals on the wind

Lifetime's 'Petals on the Wind' Official Posters Debut (Exclusive)

Hollywood Reporter - 25 Apr 2014
Lifetime's Flowers in the Attic sequel, Petals on the Wind, has its first official posters. The four main characters -- Cathy (Rose McIver), Christopher (Wyatt Nash), Corrine (Heather Graham) and Olivia (Ellen Burstyn) -- get their own one-sheets, seen ...

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