Peter Michael Davidson (born November 16, 1993)[2] is a... -
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Peter Michael Davidson (born November 16, 1993)[2] is a...

wikipedia - 15 Nov 2018
Peter Michael Davidson (born November 16, 1993)[2] is an American comedian and actor. He is a cast member on Saturday Night Live. Davidson has also appeared on the MTV shows Guy Code, Wild 'n Out, and Failosophy.[3][4] He has performed stand-up comedy on Adam DeVine's House Party, Jimmy Kimmel Live!, and Comedy Underground with Dave Attell, and guest-starred in Brooklyn Nine-Nine.[5]
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Pete Davidson Is Taking Over SNL

Slate Magazine - 13 Nov 2018
If one thing has remained constant across Saturday Night Live's four decades, it's that the ensemble is, by design, greater than the sum of its individual players. Cast members naturally strive to stand out from the pack, but always within the confines ...
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Stanley Tucci reacts to Pete Davidson's 'Tucci Gang' sketch

Mashable - 15 Nov 2018
Earlier this year, SNL's Pete Davidson paid tribute to someone he considered to be an under-appreciated character actor in a "Gucci Gang" parody as brilliant as it was obvious. "Tucci Gang," as the viral sketch was called, was a celebration of The ...
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'Never Forget': The Story of Pete Davidson's Father Killed on 9/11

Daily Beast - 13 Nov 2018
Davidson then went up and put his arm around him. “Chief, I don't know why nobody likes you,” Davidson said. “I think you're a nice guy.” Davidson had joined the fire department around the time his son, Pete, was born, and the future Saturday Night ...
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On 'SNL,' Congressman Crenshaw Accepts Pete Davidson's Apology

NPR - 11 Nov 2018
We're going to take a minute now to talk about something that actually united political opposites this week - Pete Davidson and Dan Crenshaw. Pete Davidson is the "Saturday Night Live" cast member who's been all over the gossip pages because of his ...

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