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Remembering Abdul-Rahman (Peter) Kassig

Butler Newsroom - 30 May 2018
Abdul-Rahman Peter Edward Kassig, who studied political science at Butler University in 2011 and 2012, was remembered during a memorial service held November 23 at Clowes Memorial Hall. More than 800 people attended. (The recorded video of the ...
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French 'Islamic State executioner' killed: sources

The Times of Israel - 15 Mar 2018
Hauchard, who grew up in a village in Normandy before converting from Catholicism to Islam, was just 22 when he was seen holding a knife to the neck of US aid worker Peter Kassig in a gruesome video from November 2014. Get The Times of Israel's Daily ...
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Justice for Our Children, Killed by ISIS

New York Times - 17 Feb 2018
By Diane and John Foley, the parents of James Foley; Marsha and Carl Mueller, the parents of Kayla Mueller; Shirley and Arthur Sotloff, the parents of Steven Sotloff; and Paula and Ed Kassig, the parents of Peter Kassig. One by one, our children ...
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Obama Calls Islamic State's Killing of Peter Kassig 'Pure Evil'

New York Times - 16 Nov 2014
President Obama on Sunday confirmed the death of the aid worker, Peter Kassig, a former Army Ranger who disappeared more than a year ago at a checkpoint in northeastern Syria while delivering medical supplies. Mr. Kassig “was taken from us in an act of ...
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Two members of ISIS group 'Beatles' caught

Press Herald - 09 Feb 2018
The two men are among four members of the IS cell that captured and beheaded more than two dozen hostages including American journalists James Foley and Steven Sotloff, and American aid worker Peter Kassig. The official spoke on condition of ...
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Peter Kassig's 'invisible' family suffered in silence

USA TODAY - 25 Nov 2014
INDIANAPOLIS — From the moment they met Peter Kassig, they were family. On June 1, 2006, the 18-year-old pulled up to the Indianapolis home of his biological mom and two siblings in his beat-up green pickup truck, hopped out — with the car still ...
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The race to save Peter Kassig

The Guardian - 18 Dec 2014
“From nowhere,” Cohen recalled, “he says, 'Would you make a public statement on behalf of Peter Kassig?'” Penley later explained that he had reached out to Cohen because Kassig was a fellow veteran – he served as an army ranger in Iraq in 2007 but was ...
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Peter Kassig 'killed by gunshot before he was decapitated' - 14 Dec 2014
The analysis, carried out by a senior surgeon, lends weight to existing theories that Mr Kassig, a former soldier, may have resisted his captors when they attempted to inflict on him the kind of ritualised beheading carried out on other Isil hostages.
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Peter Kassig in Beirut

The New Yorker - 09 Oct 2014
In 2007, Peter Kassig, a nineteen-year-old from Indianapolis, Indiana, left the Army and embarked on a period of deep searching. His deployment to Iraq, as a member of an élite Ranger battalion, earlier that year, had been cut short for medical reasons ...
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Abdul-Rahman Kassig: US hostage now 'a very dedicated Muslim'

BBC News - 08 Oct 2014
The American hostage Abdul-Rahman Kassig, known as Peter Kassig before he converted to Islam, is now a "dedicated Muslim", according to a former cellmate. The aid worker was kidnapped in Syria by the so-called Islamic State. Abdul-Rahman Kassig, 26, ...
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ISIS Thugs Behead Peter Kassig

Daily Beast - 04 Oct 2014
Editor's note: ISIS released a video on November 16 claiming to have beheaded Peter Kassig. Unlike the previous videos, this one does not show the beheading, and there is no forced speech from the victim. But it does features a masked militant, dressed ...
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Read Peter Kassig's heartbreaking letter to his parents

Vox - 16 Nov 2014
Peter Kassig, the American aid worker whom ISIS claims to have executed, sent this heartbreaking letter home to his parents before his untimely death. Read it here, and get a sense of what it feels like to face death in pursuit of a cause you believe ...

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