Peyton Manning's 'Omaha' calls nets charity $24K -
peyton manning omaha

Peyton Manning's 'Omaha' calls nets charity $24K - 19 Jan 2014
All week long we've constantly heard about Peyton Manning yelling "OMAHA!" at the line of scrimmage in the Broncos victory over the Chargers. It got so big that the city announced it would donate money for every time Manning said the word on Sunday.
peyton manning omaha

Camp Chatter: Sights and sounds, July 30

Omaha World-Herald (blog) - 30 Jul 2017
SEEN: Peyton Newell manning the nose tackle spot with the second-team defense early in practice. The junior was projected as a defensive end after the spring. HEARD: “The eyes need to be lower than the pads.” — defensive line coach John Parrella to ...
peyton manning omaha

Peyton Manning finally reveals what 'Omaha' meant

SB Nation - 12 Apr 2017
Peyton Manning's calls of “Omaha” at the line of scrimmage became popular towards the end of his career. We've understood the call and why he does it, but The Sheriff himself gave an explanation at the Adobe Summit in March. “Omaha was just a indicator ...
peyton manning omaha

Peyton Manning explains the true meaning of his 'Omaha' call

New York Daily News - 13 Apr 2017
It's a rhythmic three-syllable word, 'O-ma-ha, set hut,” Manning explained. Manning's audible call quickly went viral after it was picked up by sideline microphones. His brother, Giants quarterback Eli Manning, has also used the Omaha call in games as ...
peyton manning omaha

Peyton Manning finally revealed the meaning behind his 'Omaha' calls

Omaha World-Herald (blog) - 14 Apr 2017
With the Husker spring game Saturday and football in the air, a football note for us football nuts — Peyton Manning finally revealed the meaning of his “Omaha” calls at the line of scrimmage. At the Adobe Summit digital marketing conference recently ...
peyton manning omaha

We finally know what Peyton Manning's 'Omaha' means

New York Post - 24 Jan 2016
Peyton Manning's line-of-scrimmage hollerings are a thing of legend. They serve to instruct his offense while confusing the defense — and, consequently, the fans who can hear the screaming, can hear a particular city being shouted again and again: Omaha.
peyton manning omaha

Peyton Gross paces IKM-Manning in win over Treynor

Omaha World-Herald - 16 Jun 2017
“I thought our kids did a great job of executing,” IKM-Manning coach Joy Gross said, “whether they were bunting, whether they were playing some phenomenal defense, like Payton Sporrer at the end. I thought Peyton Gross got off the mound real nice tonight.
peyton manning omaha

Peyton Manning Explains Why He Shouts 'Omaha' All the Time

ABC News - 03 Feb 2016
Long before anyone declares that they're going to Disney World, there's one word that Super Bowl viewers will be sure to hear on Sunday: Omaha. Even though the big game isn't being played in Nebraska and neither of the teams hail from the Cornhusker ...

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