Peyton Manning's 'Omaha' calls nets charity $24K -
peyton manning omaha

Peyton Manning's 'Omaha' calls nets charity $24K - 19 Jan 2014
All week long we've constantly heard about Peyton Manning yelling "OMAHA!" at the line of scrimmage in the Broncos victory over the Chargers. It got so big that the city announced it would donate money for every time Manning said the word on Sunday.
peyton manning omaha

Nebraska family featured in Super Bowl ad seen by millions

Omaha World-Herald - 05 Feb 2018
The Kraft commercial wasn't the only one that included a regional tie. A commercial for Cenex, an energy brand that includes gas stations and convenience stores, showcased the western Iowa community of Audubon. The lighthearted ad shows Audubon ...
peyton manning omaha

Peyton Manning stars in Universal's Super Bowl commercial

Broncos Wire - 04 Feb 2018
References to interceptions, postgame water cooling dumpings, being coachable and, of course, an “Omaha!” just for good measure. Yup, that's Peyton. Manning, 41, retired from the NFL in 2016 after winning Super Bowl 50 with the Broncos. He's been ...
peyton manning omaha

Hut! Hut! Hut! What?

New York Times - 31 Jan 2018
Fans watching at home hear a host of seemingly disconnected terms and words, even the names of cities — who can forget Peyton Manning'sOmaha!” — and animals. Much of it is mumbo-jumbo, phony phrases meant to confuse the defense. “My friends outside ...
peyton manning omaha

NFL DRAFT: 2018 Mock Draft (Part 1)

Zone Coverage (blog) - 05 Feb 2018
None of Paxton Lynch, Trevor Siemian or Brock Osweiler panned out as the team planned, and it is time to once again hit the reset button as the team keeps searching for an answer post-Peyton Manning. Luckily for them, Mayfield and his Heisman trophy ...
peyton manning omaha

The XFL will be back soon.

SB Nation - 30 Jan 2018
The original XFL's crowning achievement was bringing fans in closer to the game. You know the “in the helmet” sounds you now hear during games? It gave us QB cadences pre-snap (think about the times you can hear Aaron Rodgers yell “Green 18” or Peyton ...
peyton manning omaha

Hey, football, where the heck did 'hut' come from? (blog) - 03 Feb 2018
A century of football evolution later, quarterbacks throughout college and the NFL regularly call plays not in the huddle, but as they wait at the line of scrimmage. Fans watching at home hear a host of seemingly disconnected terms and words, even the ...
peyton manning omaha

Peyton Manning finally reveals what 'Omaha' meant

SB Nation - 14 Apr 2017
Peyton Manning's calls of “Omaha” at the line of scrimmage became popular towards the end of his career. We've understood the call and why he does it, but The Sheriff himself gave an explanation at the Adobe Summit in March. “Omaha was just a indicator ...
peyton manning omaha

Peyton Manning explains the true meaning of his 'Omaha' call

New York Daily News - 13 Apr 2017
Retired NFL legend Peyton Manning made the name of the city more famous than the steaks when he started using it as a line call with the Denver Broncos. Now he's finally explaining what it means. In a video of Manning speaking at the Adobe Summit, the ...
peyton manning omaha

5 things Peyton Manning made more famous

Indianapolis Star - 05 Oct 2017
The Colts drafted Manning in 1998 — right about the time that generation of high school players was born. "Peyton" first registered on the state's top 100 list for boys names in 2000, Manning's third season with the Colts, at No. 78. It rose as high ...
peyton manning omaha

Scott Frost comes home

Daily Nebraskan - 13 Feb 2018
The appeal came after Frost and the Huskers defeated now two-time Super Bowl champion Peyton Manning and the then third-ranked Tennessee Volunteers in the 1997 Orange Bowl in a stunning 42-17 victory. During the video, in a post-game interview, Frost ...

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