Singer Phil Everly -- half of legendary Everly Brothers -- dies -
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Bobby Bare's Outlaw Spirit Remains Undiminished - 21 Jun 2017
He wanted to reshape it sonically as an old-fashioned duet with another artist of distinctive voice and against-the-grain courage. The result is not “Wake Up Little Susie” by Don and Phil Everly, pioneers who bridged the gap between Top 40 and country ...
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Spring fever, 60 years later

Swnews4u - 08 Jun 2017
Craig's CD “Younger Days” includes Kollege Kings and Vicounts songs, a remake of Elvis Presley's “Heartbreak Hotel” (the only song Presley ever wrote) plus three songs recorded with his son, Timothy in Nashville. Tim Craig, who also played Phil Everly ...
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Everly Brothers served at Camp Pendleton

The San Diego Union-Tribune - 17 Sep 2016
Hundreds of obituaries were published Saturday in daily newspapers for Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Phil Everly, who died Friday in Los Angeles at the age of 74. As half of the pioneering harmony vocal duo the Everly Brothers, he created an enduring ...
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Jukebox: Big names, fresh faces for Jazz Fest

The Daily Gazette - 22 Jun 2017
Solid Sound ( stars Wilco, Television, Kurt Vile, Robert Glasper Experiment, the Shaggs, Kevin Morby, Dave & Phil Alvin, Deep Sea Diver, Dawn of Midi and more, including Wilco members' side-bands. Old Songs ( ...
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The Knoxville Mercury

The Knoxville Mercury - 25 Jan 2017
Don and Phil Everly were known for their perfect brother harmonies, but made a global impact on popular music by taking chances with combining their old-time harmonies with a new form called rock 'n' roll. Their influence on later bands like Simon and ...
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Everly Brothers Documentary Gets DVD/Blu-ray Release - 01 Aug 2016
Harmonies From Heaven follows Phil and Don Everly's rise from performing as children on their father's radio show to creating an influential, harmony-defined musical style as adults. The film also delves into their relationship with publishers Acuff ...
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Zmed brothers aim to keep Everly Brothers' music alive

LancasterOnline - 09 Feb 2017
“We just want to keep the music alive, because now that Phil Everly has passed, no one's really out there keeping the music going.” The Zmeds don't pretend to be the Everlys in their performance. They make it clear that they are merely tributing Everly ...
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Bacon Brothers in harmony on and off the stage - 15 Mar 2017
From big-band bigwigs Tommy and Jimmy Dorsey to Don and Phil Everly, from the Kinks' Ray and Dave Davies to Liam and Noel Gallagher of Oasis, familial fighting has been a familiar story line in the pop realm. But for Philly's own The Bacon ...
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Bjurman: Har aldrig upplevt lika fantastisk stämning

Aftonbladet - 05 Jun 2017
Det är i ”Nashville Blues” från 1960 som Don och Phil Everly längtar tillbaka till delstatshuvudstaden i Tennessee – för att det är där ”the good times are” och kickarna ingen annanstans ”up to par”. Då hade det skönsjungande brödraparet inte kunnat ...
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Musicians of Muhlenberg: County opens newmusic artists museum

messenger-inquirer - 22 May 2017
The newly opened Muhlenberg County Music Museum on North First Street in Central City could have been named after Don and Phil Everly, the renowned duo who recognized Muhlenberg County as their own. Instead, the town's tourist commission chose to ...
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People we lost in 2014: Phil Everly, musician

CNN - 24 Dec 2014
When a famous musician dies that loss is usually felt more widely than most. In my case though, the death of one particular musician this year was a moment of keen significance, because I literally owe my life to Phil Everly, and his older brother Don.
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Phil Everly's widow shares the pain of his COPD death

The Tennessean - 27 Oct 2014
Mutual friends set them up on a date more than 20 years ago, and Phil Everly wasn't exactly open to it. "I'm not looking for a girlfriend, I'm never getting married," he told Patti, then a longtime dispatcher for the Los Angeles Police Department ...

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