Remembering Philip Roth -
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Remembering Philip Roth

The New Yorker - 28 May 2018
I walked to the mailbox and pulled out a sheaf of envelopes that included a letter from Philip Roth. I was twenty-nine and pregnant. I had written a book but assumed that no one would read it—and, anyway, I was preoccupied with three older children, a ...
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Stonemason Creates Tombstone for Author Philip Roth

U.S. News & World Report - 13 Aug 2018
The two met in 1999 when Roth called Murdock to build some stone walls on his land in Warren. "I was astonished when I realized who I was talking to," said Murdock, who is a voracious reader and had read several of Roth's books. "I never realized he ...
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Philip Roth in the #MeToo Era

The New Yorker - 23 Jul 2018
Among the examinations of Philip Roth's work that followed his death, in May, were several that levelled a familiar charge at the author and his work: that of misogyny. Long known as a vivid chronicler of male sexual desire, Roth, some argued ...
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Neoliberal Fascism and the Echoes of History

Socialist Project - 20 Aug 2018
America has reached a distinctive crossroads in which the principles and practices of a fascist past and neoliberal present have merged to produce what Philip Roth once called “the terror of the unforeseen.” Since the 1970s, American society has lived ...
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A Critic Who Worships Literature, and Defends His Faith Accordingly

New York Times - 16 Aug 2018
But he reserves his greatest scorn for the cheapening of the culture, what Saul Bellow called the “ongoing noise” and Philip Roth called “American-style philistinism run amok.” The din has amplified, needless to say — it only ever amplifies — into ...
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Saving Judaism from Michael Chabon

Commentary Magazine - 16 Aug 2018
And, while he pretends to be the contrary, so too is Michael Chabon, and so was Philip Roth, and so is every craftsperson. A great writer draws boundaries between good ideas and bad ones, between good sentences and bad ones. Roth decried his critics' ...
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Could an NC novel be the nation's best-loved?

Wilkes Journal Patriot - 17 Aug 2018
Writing in The Wall Street Journal earlier this month, Adam Kirsch noted that none of Philip Roth's highly praised books made the list although they “would feature on many experts' lists of the greatest American fiction.” “But then,” Kirsch continued ...
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“Asymétrie” de Lisa Halliday : une liaison avec Philip Roth

Les Inrocks - 17 Aug 2018
Dans Asymétrie, Lisa Halliday a transformé sa liaison avec Philip Roth en matière à fiction. Une exploration des jeux de pouvoir entre les êtres. Manhattan au début des années 2000. Une Alice contemporaine s'apprête à suivre le Lapin blanc dans une ...
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«Ich werde ewig leben!» Erinnerungen an Philip Roth

Neue Zürcher Zeitung - 09 Aug 2018
Er hätte dem Schöpfer selbst getrotzt – Philip Roth, der grosse amerikanische Autor, der im Mai verstorben ist. Mit dem rumänischen Schriftsteller Norman Manea verband ihn eine dreissig Jahre währende Freundschaft; einige zentrale Momente hat Manea im ...
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What 'The Great American Read' reveals

Las Cruces Sun-News - 16 Aug 2018
Americans, it seems, value a good story over flowery or complex writing; one example The Wall Street Journal cited was the great American novelist, Philip Roth. Roth, who won the Pulitzer Prize for “American Pastoral” — while widely regarded as a ...
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Philip Roth's Best Book

New York Times - 25 May 2018
The death of Philip Roth this week led to near instantaneous debate about which of his books was his best. There was the transgressive Roth; the epic, historical Roth; the personal, memoiristic Roth; the postmodernist playful Roth. His genius has been ...
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Christopher Robin review: A kids' romp this isn't

The Independent - 15 Aug 2018
Ewan McGregor's role as Christopher is strangely similar to the one he played in Philip Roth's adaptation, American Pastoral. He's an overworked businessman who risks becoming estranged from the daughter he dotes on. Whether his battle to overcome his ...
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How Philip Roth Portrayed Women in His Works

New York Times - 03 Jun 2018
When I imagine a woman writing about men with the same tone of rapacious objectification as we were subjected to for 50 years under the mind-bending thrall of Philip Roth, I am left at one place only: I know — and many women who write know — that to ...
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Philip Roth was one of America's greatest novelists

The Economist - 23 May 2018
IF THERE is one detail of Philip Roth's biography that is worth knowing, it is not that he was Jewish or that he had no children or that he was born in New Jersey—it is that he preferred to write standing up at a lectern. There are pages of his work ...

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