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Remembering Philip Roth

The New Yorker - 28 May 2018
I walked to the mailbox and pulled out a sheaf of envelopes that included a letter from Philip Roth. I was twenty-nine and pregnant. I had written a book but assumed that no one would read it—and, anyway, I was preoccupied with three older children, a ...
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Philip Roth's 'Plot' Thickens With Marathon Reading

Wall Street Journal - 21 Oct 2018
When the acclaimed author Philip Rothdied in May, he was in the midst of discussions with New York City's 92nd Street Y about a program this fall built around his seminal 2004 novel, “The Plot Against America.” The idea was to have several prominent ...
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Making of a prophet

The Australian - 19 Oct 2018
The last time I heard from Philip Roth was in October of last year. “Because I am a son of Newark,” his email read, “the Newark Public Library has recently instituted a lecture series in my name … It's only 12 minutes to Newark by train and not much ...
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Salman Rushdie: How Philip Roth Became A Political Prophet

Forward - 03 Oct 2018
Editor's note: The following essay was originally delivered by Salman Rushdie on September 27, 2018 as the Newark Public Library's Third Annual Philip Roth Lecture. The Forward spoke to Rushdie about Roth's legacy and the challenge of serving as his ...
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Salman Rushdie, Philip Roth, and British Anti-Semitism

Mosaic - 17 Oct 2018
A year ago, the late Philp Roth invited Salman Rushdie to give the Newark Public Library's annual Philip Roth Lecture. Delivering the lecture in September of this year, as scheduled, Rushdie took the opportunity to eulogize Roth, to speak of Roth's ...
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Salman Rushdie Talks Philip Roth, Mel Brooks And Bagels

Forward - 03 Oct 2018
That was a knowledge he shared with Philip Roth, whose memory he honored last week by giving the Newark Public Library's annual Philip Roth Lecture. The lecture, which the Forward published in full, was the third of its kind. As was the case with ...
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Q & A: Salman Rushdie On Philip Roth, Mel Brooks And Bagels

Forward - 03 Oct 2018
Salman Rushdie is on the phone, and there is much I'd like to ask. For starters: Did Bob Dylan deserve the Nobel? On second thought, maybe better to go with the old Forward standard: What's your favorite bagel? After all, Rushdie is aware that the ...
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Reading Baseball: Philip Roth and Donald Hall

WSIU - 28 Sep 2018
Baseball's familiarity makes it a great subject for American literature. In this edition of Reading Baseball, Pete Peterson tells us about two decorated, baseball-loving writers who passed away earlier this year. Listen. Listening...
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The Enthusiast: How Lisa Halliday 'got' Philip Roth – and me

The Globe and Mail - 22 Sep 2018
Like many Philip Roth fans, I have been sitting shiva ever since the novelist's death last May and have since gone deep on the master, rereading, reading for the first time, or leafing through, his body of work. As a ghoulish little exercise, I wanted ...
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Philip Roth, romanziere spietato

Corriere della Sera - 20 Oct 2018
Il brano che anticipiamo in questa pagina è tratto da La spietata intimità della narrativa, il discorso pronunciato da Philip Roth al Newark Museum il 19 marzo 2013, in occasione del suo ottantesimo compleanno. Questo e altri testi (saggi, discorsi ...
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No Nobel Prize for Literature? Thank Goodness.

The Weekly Standard - 21 Oct 2018
If they had wanted someone to preen in Stockholm, there was always Philip Roth. Looking to rebound in 2017, the committee went for the thoroughly unremarkable British novelist Kazuo Ishiguro. His claim to fame is that his books have proved useful ...
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Roth: «La cronaca lascia sbalorditi e la fantasia è in imbarazzo»

Corriere della Sera - 21 Oct 2018
si domanda Philip Roth nel celebre saggio del 1960 Writing in America today , che ha (in)formato una generazione di scrittori americani, incluso chi lo detesta come Jonathan Franzen. «Semplicemente questa — risponde— che lo scrittore americano che ...
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William Boyd: Roth, Waugh and why he starts his novels at the end

Financial Times - 28 Sep 2018
He says of Philip Roth, who retired from writing at 79: “I think he'd written himself out. He did write a lot of books about Philip Roth, essentially. I think Scott Fitzgerald and Waugh did [the same] as well. Evelyn Waugh said, 'I've got one book left ...

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