Stop celebrating Pi Day, and embrace Tau as the true circle constant -


Paris Post Intelligencer - 16 Jan 2019
A Paris native had been named one of the top officials to help establish a new university in Florida. Dr. Suzanne Looney Richter would become vice president for ...

Visual Airplane Tracker Runs On Pi

Hackaday - 12 Jan 2019
As no doubt is the case with many readers, there is a Raspberry Pi running in the yard near where this is being written that tracks airplanes, listening into the ...

Cool Raspberry Pi retro-game player

Boing Boing - 08 Jan 2019 Love Hultén makes beautiful game devices based on the Raspberry Pi and RertroPie. His latest design, which has a speckly ...

Raspberry Pi DAQ HAT can stack eight high - 10 Jan 2019
MCC's “MCC152” is a stackable Raspberry Pi voltage output and digital I/O HAT with dual 0-5 V analog outputs at up to 5 kS/s and 8x configurable DIO. An open ...

PI resort terminates 19 eatery workers

Bahamas Tribune - 16 Jan 2019
NINETEEN terminated employees at Paradise Island's troubled Club Land'Or resort will only receive due severance pay and other benefits when it is sold, a top ...

Portable Pi Teensy Thumboard

Hackaday - 08 Jan 2019
Even on the go, there is no substitute for a physical keyboard with buttons that move and click. Sure, you could solder a bunch of tactile switches to some ...

Arduino and Pi Share Boardspace

Hackaday - 24 Dec 2018
A Raspberry Pi Zero (W) and Arduino are very different animals, the prior has processing power and connectivity while the latter has some analog to digital ...

Eddie George Guest Stars on CBS's Magnum PI - 16 Jan 2019
Former TN Titan Eddie George talked about his acting career and his guest starring role on the hit CBS drama Magnum P.I. Catch Eddie in a special episode of ...

Magnum Reloaded: Best of 'Magnum PI' for 2018

Honolulu Star-Advertiser - 31 Dec 2018
September marked the debut season of “Magnum P.I.,” and while the new version of the beloved 1980s television show has been met with mixed reviews, many ...

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